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The symptoms and treatment of catarrhal rhinitis

Catarrhal rhinitis is complicated by a form of rhinitis in which the airway appear inflammatory processes, disturbed breathing, from the nose are oozing with slime. The result of catarrhal rhinitis can cause laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis media.

problema kataralnogo rinita

Adults and children very often have catarrhal diseases. The most common inflammatory process is considered to be rhinitis. If it is not time began to heal and he is in the running state, then it starts catarrhal rhinitis which requires a more complex therapy.

Factors influencing the development of the disease:

  • lack of vitamins, microelements in children's, adult organisms;
  • diathesis in a child;
  • working with substances harmful to health;
  • man smokes, drinks, does drugs.

Diagnosis of the disease in children

kashel pri kataralnom riniteCatarrhal rhinitis in children, the following occurs:

  1. There are constant allocation in large numbers, they make the skin under the noses softer.
  2. Difficulty breathing through the nose, wheezing voice.
  3. Often cold, the child is constantly coughing.
  4. The body becomes lethargic, loses appetite, does not pass a cold.
  5. Too lose weight facial region of the skull, disturbed occlusion, there is a risk of improper development of the chest (in chronic disease).
  6. Children can fall behind in development (mental and physical).
  7. Can decrease hearing.
  8. When the doctor examines the nasal cavity, it can detect the allocation of pus. The top layer of skin, which is located near the entrance to the nasal cavity and upper lip, amazed, there is a puffiness and redness.
  9. Increase turbinate, a lot of secretions with pus. It is a sign of acute and chronic sinusitis.
  10. May contain an unpleasant odor that appears due to the fact that the secretions stagnate in the nasal cavity.

Based on the listed symptoms, the doctor makes a diagnosis, prescribes treatment. But remember: chronic disease has certain similarities with different diseases of the nasal cavity. It is important to distinguish between.

Complications resulting from catarrhal rhinitis

poterya appetita pri kataralnom riniteCatarrhal rhinitis can cause certain complications. For example, you may open bleeding, nose polyps appear, in the nasal sinuses start inflammation, middle ear or auditory tube inflamed.

Against this background, the disease can cause other diseases: acute bronchitis,tracheitis, laryngitis, chronic tonsillitis. Possible on the background of catarrhal rhinitis even pulmonary tuberculosis.

Children usually can't vismarkt pus, so they swallow them. And this contributes to the appearance of the infection in the digestive tract. If the digestive tract child is infected, then there is the risk of various diseases: acute appendicitis, gastroduodenitis, colitis, gastritis.

Due to the fact that in the organism of children and plenty of bacteria, germs, they may feel sick, vomit, begins to swell the abdomen, there is diarrhea with a bad smell.

Why sick adult?

Chronic catarrhal rhinitis can occur in adults if they are at an early age had been ill with this disease or have anatomical features of the nasal cavity. Illness can occur when the inflamed lymph nodes. This disease may be accompanied by diseases related to cardiovascular, endocrine or digestive system.

pereohlazhdenie - prichina kataralnogo rinitaSometimes the cause of catarrhal rhinitis can be a long stay in the cold, dust inhalation, working with chemicals that are harmful to health. The disease occurs and develops in the nasal cavity is not enough oxygen.

If a person has deformed organs inside the nose, there have been changes of the nasal septum, narrow nasal passages, it also contributes to the disease.

At risk for catarrhal rhinitis people living in areas where there is humid climate.

The manifestation of disease in adults

The symptoms of catarrhal rhinitis are divided into two types: objective and subjective. When the subjective symptoms in adults for a long time there is a runny nose. For example, it can begin in the fall, become more powerful in the winter, decrease in spring, summer and even the abyss. It becomes very difficult to breath through the nose. In addition, there are constant selection, they can be slimy and with pus. Such allocation of flow through the nasopharynx, namely in its rear wall. Reduced sensitivity of smell. Headaches, a person gets tired quickly. Possible syndromes gastrointestinal or cardiovascular diseases. Intensifies the feeling of cold, sick sweat and feel cold in the extremities.

konsultaciya vrachaAmong the objective symptoms should be allocated to different symptoms of dermatitis, the appearance of boils. The skin cracks and softening of the skin. When the doctor examines the nasal cavity, it can detect a greyish crusts that are attached to areas of the nasal cavity. In this disease the mucousinflamed, hyperemic, the mucosa may sometimes have a blue tint.

When doing posterior rhinoscopy, you can identify the symptoms that indicate other diseases: inflammation of the tonsils, pharyngitis, or adenoids chronic, acute tonsillitis, different processes of an inflammatory nature.

Diagnosis and treatment of this disease

In order for treatment to be effective, it is necessary to distinguish catarrhal rhinitis from such a disorder as ozena. In the early stages is very difficult to do, since this disease is expressed very weakly. Rhinitis from Oseni can be separated, taking into account the following signs: atrophy of the surface inside the nose, fetid smell, reduced sense of smell. Sense of smell sometimes is not just reduced, it may even abyss.

How correctly were the causes of the disease, determine the effectiveness of treatment. If you eliminate these causes, the patient begins to feel much better and his treatment is faster. But if to speak about treatment in General, it is certainly a long process, during which different methods of treatment.

Symptomatic treatment

When such treatment can only eliminate the symptoms of the disease. When a person uses drugs that constrict the blood vessels, it becomes easier, but this relief is temporary. If you apply these drugs for a long time, the disease will only grow worse. Drugs lead to hypertrophy, sclerosing turbinates.

Deal with each patient should be individually, because each person catarrhal rhinitis occurs in different ways.

For recovery can have a positive impact homeopathic medicines. They are known for their properties (reparative, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic).

Produced a lot of drops, which are based on essential oils. For example, in the basis of such drops can be eucalyptus, peppermint, or fir. They will help to normalize vascular tone, to restore the glandular apparatus.

There are physiotherapeutic methods of treatment of this disease: different rinsing solutions, laser, UFO.

In the treatment of this disease to normalize the metabolism, improve blood quality and improve immunity. To accomplish this, it is impossible to smoke and to use tobacco, alcohol. In addition, the assigned diet and vitamins.

The disease in most patients becomes more complex shape, so the patient is recommended a visit to the sanatorium, where they spend the necessary treatment. During therapy strengthens the Central nervous system, normalizes metabolism, blood enriched with oxygen.