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Autumn cold: how to treat correctly

It is necessary to understand what a cold, how to treat it to avoid consequences. The medical name for the common cold - rhinitis. This is one of the common infectious diseases that affects people of all ages. Rhinitis is an acute and chronic. That is a frivolous attitude to the treatment of rhinitis leads to its transition into a chronic or serious complications (sinusitis, otitis and sinusitis).

poyavlenie nasmorka osenu

Rules that must be followed:

  1. Blow your nose properly to avoid damage to the mucous membranes and avoid contact with viruses and bacteria in the Eustachian tube. To do this, carefully vismirnovite separately each nostril.
  2. During illness avoid contact with the nasal cavity of cold air, odors, dust, chemicals, tobacco smoke. All of these factors irritate, causing strong sneeze.
  3. Treatment of the common cold in adults should be conducted only by those drops prescribed by the doctor. Should strictly observe the instructions concerning the duration of the treatment.
  4. Effectively rinsing the nose with salt water. Best thing to do is pharmacy drugs. Such treatment of a cold helps to remove from the mucous membrane of dust, germs, allergens, excess mucus and crusts. Washed his nose at least 3 times a day.

vidy nasmorkaWhat should I do if I have children? Here, too, there are several practical recommendations. First and foremost, follow the level of humidity in the apartment. In winter, when actively working radiators, it is better to use humidifiers. The binding is regular airing of the premises.

In young children it is important to remove in the treatment process, mucus from the nose. After all, kids need to blow her own nose still do not know how. To do this, use a special suction device sold in pharmacies. Treatment of rhinitis in children is carried out by drugs on oily basis, which include only natural ingredients. These include “Except”, not drying and not irritating the nasal mucosa.

Frequent and long time passing runny nose in a child should alert parents and cause checks to adenoids.

Because they are the breeding ground for many bacteria.

allergicheskij rinitIn order to alleviate allergic rhinitis and begin a successful treatment, observe the following rules:

  1. Avoid the allergen that triggers the disease. If the cause is pollen, try not to leave the house in the period of flowering plants. In allergic reactions to house dust, remove fromthe apartment is all carpets, books. Replace feather pillows and blankets on safe. Regularly in the house wet cleaning.
  2. Rinse 1% solution of sea salt nose. This will help to remove allergens. Mandatory do this before bed.
  3. Don't try to wait out the disease in the hope that she held herself. Take Allergy medications. If you still don't know how to cure a runny nose that occurs when allergies, consult your doctor.

A chronic form of rhinitis

If rhinitis is started, consult an otolaryngologist and specify the cause of the disease. An accurate diagnosis will help you navigate how to treat a cold. Avoid places in which the manifestation of the disease increases (dusty or smoky places). Rinse the nasal cavity with salt water, especially when a cold just starts. Spend careful treatment, strictly observing all the instructions of the doctor. A good aid will have a “Pinosol.” It has no vasoconstrictor action, and is a good antiseptic and reduces inflammation.

Common mistakes in treatment

Everyone thinks that well-versed in the question of how to deal with a runny nose. But in the treatment of the common cold, some make mistakes. Consider the most common.

Coming to the pharmacy, patients often ask any nasal drops and do not think that the choice of drug depends on the cause of the disease, its duration and General condition of the patient. For each type of cold treatment special. So use the drugs prescribed by your doctor.

sosudosuzhivaushie kapli v nos A runny nose is not treated as a serious disease. So I prefer not to go to the hospital. If you still don't know how to get rid of a cold for a few days, remember: the main secret is the heat. Stay for 2-3 days at home and the disease will retreat. Those who neglect this advice, at risk of serious complications.

In adults there is a perception that to cure rhinitis can, laying in the nostrils of the garlic cloves or pieces of soap. A positive effect can be achieved, but at the same time affected the mucosa of the nose, and you deprive yourself of a protective barrier. Better to use the juice of garlic, diluted with soda, vegetable oil or carrot juice.

Caution should be taken to a common treatment of any cold - warm feet. Do it by sprinkling mustard in socks, oiling the feet with iodine before going to bed or putting on socks at night, soaked in warm water warmed over plastic bags and wool socks. This procedure may help but can harm. In any case, you cannot use this method ifelevated temperature.

Vasoconstrictor drops have almost instant help in the cold. In a few minutes the patient begins to breathe by nose. This is the reason that there is a dependence of the body to get rid of that very difficult. So try to use these drops only for the night.

And the biggest problem - self. Do not give yourself treatment for themselves. Do not get antibiotics at the first signs of the common cold. In the case of the common cold are useless. But their frequent and unnecessary use may result in addiction. And then when there is a real need for antibiotics, the treatment effect is attenuated or disappears altogether.

Treat runny nose how to the disease requiring immediate treatment. Strictly, keep all doctor appointments and be always healthy.