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Symptoms causes and treatment of dry rhinitis

Dry rhinitis klassificeret as a chronic disease of the nasal mucosa with uncharacteristic for this disease symptoms. If the runny nose is accompanied by profuse discharge, which bring inconvenience and discomfort, when dry rhinitis there are none. Under certain conditions there is abnormal drying of the inner lining of the nose. Most often this state is accompanied by the constant presence of a person in a dusty, polluted and saturated with chemicals premises. Prolonged exposure to harmful substances causes a dry nose, which can be removed only by contacting a specialist.

problema suhogo rinita

The causes of dry rhinitis

The main causative agents of many diseases are infections. Their great variety. People with weakened immune systems cannot fight them. Therefore, there are the most unexpected forms of disease, which is rhinitis and dry. If the treatment is performed at home, thinking that you can handle yourself, you can get a chronic form of the disease, which gradually develop into sinusitis. And this is a direct way of infection to the brain.

opredelenie rinitaThe last time weather conditions were very unpredictable. During the day, low temperatures may be high and Vice versa. Sudden changes from heat to cold have a negative impact on human health and affect primarily the respiratory system. Inhaling a sudden surge of cold air can easily get dry rhinitis, which is very difficult to get rid of.

Common colds are among the causes of this disease, which is accompanied by multiple infectious diseases (influenza, tonsillitis, respiratory catarrh).

The various surgical procedures that are performed in the nose, can have a negative impact on the state of the mucosa and cause dry rhinitis.

The symptoms that characterize dry a runny nose

Disease begins acutely, with sensation in the nose. Patient feel that he breathes not just the air and hot steam. Thus the back wall of the throat becomes painful when swallowing, and the transition from the nose to the throat so dry that there is a feeling of cramps and burning. These symptoms bring great discomfort to the patient.

osmotr u lor vrachaIn dry rhinitis there is a feeling of accumulation of mucus that cannot be vismarkt to the end. Appears a false sense of a foreign body inside the nose. In this case the difficult breathing. This provokes a headache. A person ceases to perceive the smells, sometimes there are short-term bleeding.

All these symptomssupported by high fever, itching, changes in the timbre of the voice.

Very dangerous and unpleasant is dry rhinitis for children under the age of three years. After all, it is still very hard to learn how to clear the nose from secretions. And in this case they still can not be fully vismarkt. The child has a tantrum, he is constantly crying, lost sleep and appetite. In such cases it helps to drink plenty of liquids and regular droplets Nosol. They are buried in the nose by the doctor to whom to contact immediately.

Dry rhinitis: treatment

The danger of the disease is the promotion of the pathological process along the nasopharynx to the throat or to the maxillary sinus. Therefore it is better to prevent the disease at its early stages. After all, dry rhinitis, which progresses near the nasal septum can lead to perforations due to erosion of the cartilage.

To prevent this disease, it is best to contact the clinic. An experienced medical audiologist will conduct a complete examination and prescribe the proper treatment.

lechenie suhogo rinitaThe first condition of treatment, which will facilitate the patient's condition is moisturizing of the nasal mucosa. This can be done using the washing solution of sodium chloride or sea salt. To do this in a glass of warm boiled water dissolve a tablespoon of this product and rinse their nose. Doing this procedure 4-5 times a day. You can also use saline solution.

The room must be normal humidity. For this you need to purchase a special device and take advantage of its unique properties. A humidifier helps to cope with discomfort in the nose.

The most common causes of dry rhinitis are viruses. Therefore the fight against them must begin with Interferon, Grippferon, Derinat in the form of drops. Take them on prescription along with other immunomodulatory drops. The high temperature will relieve our body Acetylsalicylic acid and Paracetamol. These components are part of antipyretics syrups, or to be taken in its pure form.

Nasal breathing can be facilitated if drops with vasoconstrictor effect. These include:

  • a solution of Ephedrine;
  • the solution of Adrenaline;
  • Naphazoline.

These funds will be removed Siplast voice, will relieve the patient from pain.

Drug therapy often reinforce people's. This used decoction of chamomile, nettle, calendula. These herbs take 1 tablespoon, mixed, then pour 2 cups of boiling water and insist within hours. Then rinse the nose 4-5 times a day forweeks.

Dry rhinitis can win, if you start timely diagnosis and therapy.

Because a healthy breath without obstacles and barriers is the key to harmonious work of all organs and systems of man.