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How to use badger fat for pneumonia?

Before you take badger fat in pneumonia, you need to understand that pneumonia is a serious disease of an inflammatory nature, affecting primarily the alveoli and interstitial lung tissue. It is particularly important to identify a pneumonia early on, as the disease may carry serious consequences (including death). Especially dangerous children's pneumonia, as due to weak immunity, the disease progresses faster than in adults. Since this disease primarily bacterial, the main causative agents can be Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Haemophilus influenzae, Bacillus and a number of atypical infections. Risk factor in this case is low immunity that protects the body from bacteria and infections.

problema pnevmonii

There are a number of risk factors of pneumonia:

  • immune deficiency;
  • lung cancer, breast;
  • diseases of the Central nervous system;
  • retirement age;
  • chronic lung disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • alcoholism;
  • the state of General anesthesia;
  • the state of ventilation of lungs.

It is important to remember that even a common cold can cause a sharp decrease in immunity and serve as a catalyst for the development of pneumonia.

Detection of pneumonia

shema pnevmoniiPneumonia can be identified by characteristic features: fever, cough with phlegm, the presence of dyspnea at rest and during exercise, General weakness and fatigue. The disease may manifest with pain in the chest. If these signs showed the patient that he needs urgent treatment. For an accurate diagnosis you need an x-ray of the chest, auscultation of lungs, General and biochemical blood tests.

Pneumonia klassificeret on several grounds:

  • bronchial pneumonia affects the private part of the lung;
  • total pneumonia affects the entire pulmonary system;
  • in segmental pneumonia affects one or more pulmonary segments;
  • lobar pneumonia covers a lobe of the lung.

For the duration of the disease divided into acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is characterized by an abrupt beginning of the disease with fever up to 40° C, loss of appetite, chills, cough and weakness. In severe cases, a symptom of acute pneumonia is shortness of breath and complaints of lack of oxygen. With timely treatment improvement occurs within the first days of treatment.

Chronic inflammation arises from acute pneumonia. It can be the consequence of bronchitis. In chronic pneumonia patients have increased weight, totalmalaise and poor physical development. The disease is accompanied by persistent cough with sputum, characteristic odor from the mouth, enlarged lymph nodes and liver. Unlike acute effects, chronic pneumonia, treated for much longer, and full recovery is not guaranteed.

How to treat pneumonia?

preparaty dlya lecheniya pnevmoniiOften pneumonia, hospitalization is required for treatment in a hospital setting. This will allow your doctor to control your symptoms and avoid various complications such as pleurisy, acute respiratory failure, lung failure and so on.

Treatment of pneumonia is a complex of measures including:

  • antibiotics;
  • taking anti-inflammatory means;
  • welcome expectorants;
  • inhalation.

You need to drink the liquid, to follow the exact dosage prescribed by a doctor.

For severe course of pneumonia drugs are introduced with the help of droppers. An important role in the treatment are physical therapy, including warming up the lungs and chest compressions. The treatment process will go much faster when following bed rest and complete physical and mental rest.

It is possible home treatment for pneumonia. In this case it is recommended to perform daily cleaning of the room, and contact with outsiders, exclude. Monitor the temperature of the air in the room so she was within 20-22° C. during the treatment the patient should drink as much water as possible.

In the absence of the patient's high temperature and the observation of the improvement of the condition with a doctor's permission you can take a short walk on the street.

Drug treatment of pneumonia

analiz mochi dlya diagnostiki pnevmoniiAfter diagnosis the doctor appointed by the required medications in precise dosages. It is very important to strictly follow a set recipe and don't skip your medication in the future, this will reduce the risk of complications and development of chronic pneumonia.

Drug treatment of pneumonia is to use antibacterial agents that are assigned depending on the severity of the occurrence of pneumonia, presence of complications, a factor of the pathogen. While guided by the analysis of blood, urine and sputum.

It must be remembered that the self-selection of antibiotics could aggravate the situation and cause drug resistance. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor and not to take medication, selected independently.

With the improvementstatus may also be assigned to treatments with the use of ultrahigh frequencies.

In order to avoid overflow of the acute form of chronic pneumonia in the treatment process is long and combined, apply preventive physiotherapy.

The use of badger fat in the treatment of pneumonia

barsuchij zhir dlya lecheniya pnevmoniiApart from drug treatment of pneumonia, there are also unconventional ways of dealing with this disease.

These include:

  • a poultice of cottage cheese;
  • herbal medicine;
  • the broth of lime blossom;
  • a decoction of the petals of mallow;
  • sweet almond oil;
  • motherwort tincture;
  • the resin of spruce or pine.

Although all non-traditional recipes are effective and tested by many generations, is still not recommended self-treatment of pneumonia. The necessary control of the attending physician, because of risk of complications and even death. However, in conjunction with the medicines use unconventional ways to combat illness can have a positive impact, improving the General condition of the patient, speeding up the healing process.

Another unconventional tool to fight pneumonia is badger fat, rich in various vitamins, fatty acids and beneficial trace elements, so its medicinal properties cannot be overemphasized. Badger fat is used for a variety of injuries and illnesses:

nastojka pustyrnika pri lechenii pnevmonii

  • if you have problems with the digestive system;
  • in diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • for injuries of the respiratory system;
  • in case of problems with musculoskeletal disorders;
  • in pulmonary and inflammatory diseases.

A long time ago people knew about the beneficial properties of badger fat and used it to treat many diseases. There is a huge mass of recipes for indoor and outdoor use.

In the treatment of pneumonia badger fat is recommended to take internally 3 times a day a tablespoon. When treating children the dosage should be reduced to a teaspoon. To give a more pleasant taste it can be thinned with milk or honey. The reception of the fat badger lasts a month, then needed two-week break.

External application is not recommended for early stage reducing the temperature so as not to aggravate the inflammatory process at the initial stages of course of pneumonia. It is recommended to RUB badger fat in the back and chest, which helps to improve blood circulation.

Drink or RUB into skin badger fat pneumonia takemedications - this will contribute to a speedy and smooth recovery.

With proper and comprehensive approach to the treatment of pneumonia with the use of both medicines and non-traditional means (such as badger fat) the risk of complications is minimized and the healing process becomes more comfortable and painless.