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Timely diagnosis of pneumonia: why it is needed

Diagnosis of pneumonia – this is a mandatory procedure that will help you recognize a dangerous disease and to choose the right path of treatment. Daily from inflammation of the lung tissue facing lots of people, but not all of them decide to see a specialist. To determine the pneumonia will help good doctors, quality equipment and timely trip to the hospital. Only in this case the patient is fully cured and forget about the dangerous disease.

shema pnevmonii

What is pneumonia?

Is inflammation of the lung or pulmonary tissue. With such a dangerous disease faced by patients of any age and situation, regardless of place of residence or gender. Initially, the disease may resemble the common cold, but over time the patient's condition will only worsen.

In most cases, pneumonia occurs as a result of infection, which not only affects the alveoli of the lungs, but also on the entire body. It is not surprising that before the discovery of penicillin-third of patients suddenly died: the immune system is not able to fight viruses on their own. Therefore, timely diagnosis is actually saving. And practice detection of disease is necessary from the first hours.

princip zarazheniya pnevmoniej

Ill in several ways, but the main – droplet. The sick person should just sneeze and people nearby automatically fall into the risk zone. In other cases, the inflammation starts because of the activity of specific bacteria that reside in the nasopharynx.

There are many types of this serious disease. Here are some of them:

  1. Croupous.
  2. Chronic.
  3. Staph.
  4. Toxic.
  5. Aspiration.

Of course, to establish the form of inflammation the patient cannot self: this requires the urgent consultation of the doctor. For treatment developed his method, so do not worry and worry is quite treatable.

How to diagnose pneumonia?

To diagnose pneumonia you need very quickly - this will help you not to lose time during the development of the disease is actually priceless.

rentgen dlya diagnostiki pnevmonii

Pneumonia is a dangerous disease, capable of taking a life. Therefore, finding the slightest symptoms, contact your doctor immediately or call ambulance.

After a medical examination, the patient is prescribed x-rays. This is the key that can open doors to treatment of the disease. The procedure is completely painless and is performed as foradults and children (after the consultation).

In the picture the doctor sees outbreaks of the disease and prescribes treatment.

Additionally, you may need bronhofoniya. During it the doctor listens to the voice of the patient through a special device, holding it to his chest.

Additional tests of urine and sputum. They are examined in a special laboratory, and then provides a conclusion. The sore if the patient and the degree of blood of certain substances. An increased number of white blood cells reports of viral, bacterial form of inflammation. It must be remembered that it is a complex event, which should be treated very carefully.

It is important to remember that the sputum of the patient should as soon as possible to get to the analysis, so the laboratory can identify the disease. Otherwise, diagnosis will be impossible or inaccurate, and it only hurt the patient and will slow down the healing process. To identify the disease, but to cure your running form is not easy.

Where diagnose?

osmotr vrachom pri pnevmonii

It is carried out in special medical institutions, both public and private. You can go to the hospital located in their home region, or to find a specialist that you recommend. Of course, it is advisable to contact a doctor. Abroad sends the patient to the pulmonologist family doctor who knows about concomitant diseases.

If you live in the village, the urban village or other small settlement, try to get to the regional or district centre, where experienced specialists will help to solve the problem. Poor diagnosis is also aggravated by the process, may lead to complications.

What to do after the diagnosis?

After inspection and receipt of all necessary tests, samples and ultrasound results, the doctor prescribes special treatment required for full recovery. Usually the patient is prescribed the hospital, so he has to stay in the hospital. It is very convenient because medical staff is always ready to help, and the doctor was constantly monitoring the patient. However, some are treated at home.

Treatment is prescribed after received the survey.

antibiotiki dlya lecheniya pnevmonii

Usually the inflammation is treated with strong antibiotics the second and third generations, which destroy viruses and help the body to recover. Such drugs include, for example, clavulanate and cephalosporin.

However, if the patient's inflammation is caused by a fungal attack, the doctor prescribes specialdrugs that kill the specific type of parasite. Timely detection of such "mushrooms" helps to protect the patient.

Should you adhere to these recommendations and not to self-medicate. And even diet. Diagnosis of pneumonia will tell you all the ways of overcoming serious illness.

What would happen if not for a timely diagnosis?

If you don't make it in time, the patient will not only deterioration of the General condition, but also fatal. Diagnosis of pneumonia allows to preserve human life, because every year 5% of patients die because they just did not apply to the doctor did not stop the inflammation.

In Russia pneumonia is the sixth of the mortality of the disease. Every year more than a million people carry this disease. And in the USA the figure reached three million.

How to avoid pneumonia?

To avoid this insidious disease, it is necessary to observe not only the General rules of hygiene, but also regularly tested by a doctor. Try to avoid contact with the sick, not eat on the street and pay more attention to warm clothing, especially in winter. If you notice any symptoms, call a physician immediately.

Special attention is given to HIV-infected because of the weakening of the protective functions of the organism, such people are more at risk to get sick. Children who are diagnosed with this virus, give the drug cotrimoxazole.

Try to spend more time outdoors and ventilate the room wet cleaning at least once a week. Environmental factors are also important, because they cause many inflammatory processes in the human body. If you have no opportunity to go to nature, walk before sleep or take an easy run. Stable mental condition that would improve with moderate exercise and saturation of the body with oxygen is the key to health.