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The symptoms and treatment of fungal pneumonia

When lung tissue is inflamed, it most likely suggests that the patient has pneumonia fungal. This disease, usually caused by fungi, and it refers to pnevmatikos or mycotic pneumonia. Why is there this disease what symptoms it manifests itself, what should be the treatment of fungal pneumonia?

problema gribkovoj pnevmonii

Causes of fungal pneumonia and its symptoms

This disease mainly can occur due to three types of fungi that are caused by histoplasmosis, blastomycosis, and candidiasis. Infected people often do not notice symptoms since in most cases they manifest slightly. For this reason, patients often are not even aware that they are infected. But severe disease has development is quite rare.

Therefore, fungal pneumonia is a dangerous pneumonia, a causative agent in this case can be the so-called strains (opportunistic or pathogenic). When their influence weakens the protective functions of the human body.

legkie pri pnevmoniiIn addition, because the pathogen is specific, to see the clinical picture of a fungal variant of pneumonia is very difficult because it appears bad enough.

There are also difficulties during a diagnosis of the patient, even if he promptly seek medical help. Because of this delayed time which is necessary for proper treatment. For the same reason, compounded by the process of the disease.

Experts find it difficult to put the correct diagnosis because the inflammation in the pulmonary tissue is very similar to the specificity of pneumonia antitypical. However, when the clinical symptoms become aggravated, the disease changes its character and forms a cavity.

Because of these significant difficulties, it is important pay special attention to examination and treatment of child pnevmatikos. Quite often children suffer from this disease while taking antibiotics or due to inadequate treatment of any disease.

As this disease can be caused by so-called pathogenic fungi, these microorganisms are beneficial you feel when the body is weakened. Moreover, they begin to grow after experiencing a certain diseases which weakens the immune system, but due to the usual hypothermia. In this case, the inflammation starts to progress without pronounced symptoms.

treatment of fungal pneumonia">special mention Should be made about the occurrence of a fungal pneumonia after treatment, which includes antibiotics. Why is this happening? We all know that almost all antibiotics do not only eliminate pathogens, any disease, but also adversely act on the microflora of the human body. For this reason, can develop a lot of comorbidities. So, one of them is that antibiotic drugs can cause dysbiosis, which affects the intestine of the patient.

However, the disadvantages of these medications are not over. When they destroy the microorganisms useful actions, at the same time there is an imbalance in the body. Fungi and other harmful organisms while aktiviziruyutsya and rapidly multiply. As a result, the pathogen that resides in the oropharynx, moves to the lung tissue. There starts to progress a dangerous disease.

Often in this case, the human body develops pathogen that is caused by candidiasis. Rarely the disease begins to progress due to other fungi, which are considered to be opportunistic, but the reasons named above, make them pathogenic, so they can cause pneumonia.

These fungi are very common, so they often lead to death of those people who have AIDS. And attempts to eliminate the disease do not lead to the desired result. Besides, there are quite a number of pathogens that affect the lungs. Depending on the type of pathogens change and the clinical picture, however the testing and treatment of pneumonia, which is caused by a particular fungus are common in all cases.

Troubleshoot and diagnose fungal pneumonia

rentgen dlya diagnostiki pnevmoniiAs already noted, the disease has indistinct clinical picture. So, first the patient is suffering from such General symptoms like chills or fever, weakness and fatigue, there are cough and shortness of breath. Depending on individual factors, in some cases, the symptoms of the disease resemble pneumonia (atypical pneumonia). However, after some time the patient begins to overcome cough that emits pus and microorganisms. If you go to the doctor, he is seeing these symptoms, put the correct diagnosis and prescribes treatment.

Why discharge has a purulent character? The pus while coughing occurs due to rupture of the so-called abscesses, which form the microorganisms in the lung tissues. Sometimes pneumonia develops intopleurisy, because the fungus can pass into the pleura. Often in this situation is the development of pleural effusion exudative nature (in some cases, it develops fibrinous pleurisy).

If the treatment is defective, as in children and adults starts the chronic form of the disease. Moreover, children's pnevmatikos has a very severe complications related to respiratory failure. The skin of the patient begins to fade, develops acrocyanosis. For the disease characterized by such symptom as loss of consciousness.

diagnosticheskij analiz kroviAs for diagnosis, it is very important with this disease. Before the specialist to start is a goal to collect a complete medical history. If the identified previous treatment involving antibiotics, I immediately assumed pneumonia fungal.

After the General analysis of blood the doctor already see those factors which confirm the presence of the disease. A radiograph suggests that the lung tissue was subject to change. It can see the patient, because when there is inflammation of the pulmonary drawing is obscured.

With the development of exudative pleural effusion is increased fluid in the region of the pleural cavity, shift of the mediastinal organs, breathing becomes shallow, the pain is felt in the affected side.

At the time of diagnosis of the pathogen is important to identify, therefore, analyzes sputum, it seems a blood test.

The treatment of the disease

itrakonazol dlya lecheniya pnevmonii gribkovojTreatment of fungal pneumonia does not imply any antibiotics in contrast to the treatment of other types of pneumonia. On the contrary, in this disease the intake of antibiotic medicines, particularly if we are talking about pnevmatikos can aggravate the process.

The most adequate method to eliminate the disease is the administration of drugs aimed to antifungal therapy (it can be Itraconazole). But at the same time, the treatment should be complex, i.e. include more and multivitamin medicines, adjuvants, and agents that are able to detoxify. Compliance with bed rest is also welcome.

Since the disease has very serious consequences, you should not attempt to eliminate it by yourself or using folk remedies, you need to seek help from a specialist and stick to his assignments.

If the disease is detected quickly, the prognosis becomes favorable in nature. In this case, the disease is easily treatable. And the possibility ofwhat complications arise, and is excluded.