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Causes and treatment of pneumonia right

Right sided pneumonia is a common lung disease. Inflammation of the lungs, called pneumonia, is characterized by the development of pathogenic microorganisms in vital organs. Pneumonia affects the lungs and can be unilateral, that is localized to one lung or bilateral. Most often there is right-sided pneumonia.

problema pravostoronnej pnevmonii

Pneumonia provoke bacteria, viruses and various fungi. In the recent past, the disease was fatal, as treatments were absent. But today, only a small percentage of people facing death. The sooner a doctor diagnoses the disease, the faster will be recovery.

Causes of right-sided pneumonia

Inflammation of the lungs occurs after infection of the organism with a virus and is transmitted by airborne droplets. Banal sneezing of a patient with pneumonia harmful microorganisms are released and enter the lungs of another person. Then they multiply and fill the body, causing inflammation. You must use every precaution to not get infected if someone is sick.

pnevomniya (vospalenie legkih)A weakened immune system, the microorganisms that live on human mucosa, begin to attack the body.

Under normal health problems should not be, but a weakened immune system is unable to overcome them. Thus, the body affects the antibacterial pneumonia.

The cause of the disease can be fungi, which penetrate into the body and begin there “hosting”. These microorganisms may also be present in the house, where the increased dampness.

To cause disease of them is not difficult, it is sufficient that the body was weakened. Being a long time in a room with a harmful fungus, the body may receive negative consequences.

The symptoms of pneumonia

The pneumonia has different symptoms that allow diagnosis. One of the main symptoms of the disease is pain in the chest if you wish to take a deep breath. But there are times when manifested only one of the symptoms, then conduct additional research.

vysokaya temperatura pri pnevmoniiThe main symptoms of pneumonia:

  • high body temperature, which indicates an inflammatory process;
  • cough, from-for which pneumonia may be confused with acute bronchitis;
  • runny nose;
  • shortness of breath, doctors fix tachycardia;
  • chest pain with deepbreath;
  • rales in the lungs.

Because in the early stage of the disease symptoms are almost absent, there is a definite health hazard. In appearance the patient you notice that he gets tired quickly and has no appetite. Symptoms do not always manifest themselves in young children. Parents need to be alert and sound the alarm in case of any discomfort. Children can't always explain what hurts, so the responsibility to monitor their health lies with the parents.

How to diagnose right-sided pneumonia?

The most effective method for diagnosing pneumonia remains the chest x-ray. In the picture you can see how the disease and its localization to the lung, the lesion area of the body. Radiography is the most affordable method of diagnosis.

nasmork pri pnevmoniiThe gaps in the picture indicate the presence of an inflammatory process. Therefore, if you suspect pneumonia, the doctor compulsorily appoint x-ray examination that captures the presence of the disease.

To find out what was the cause of the disease, you need to make the sputum which is expectorated by coughing. If the cough is of the dry type, the analysis can be done. Due to this diagnosis can accurately determine the pathogen of pneumonia and begin to expel from the body.

Mandatory blood was taken for analysis. If an increased number of white cells, in the body there is a failure. Excessive ESR parameter also indicates inflammation. For every ailment you must do a blood test: this will tell you where the problem lies.

Early diagnosis helps to save time and quickly begin effective treatment.

Young children also happens to be pneumonia. Parents should be alerted if the child has a high body temperature and antipyretic drugs are not effective. If the disease an older child you can try to cope on their own, if have a fever baby, immediately call “ambulance”.

Treatment of pneumonia medical drugs

Antibiotics are the most effective drugs in the treatment of pneumonia. As the causes of the disease are different, respectively, and the treatment should be selected depending on the pathogen. More recently, penicillin was a miracle cure for all bacteria, but today, the microorganisms are more stable and do not react to one kind of antibiotics. Increasingly used drugs second and third generation.

osmotr u vrachaPneumonia right sided threat because the bacteria tend to spread rapidly throughout the bronchial tree. It is therefore important at an early stageeliminate discomfort. There is a danger that the inflammation on the right side can move to the left.

Pending the results of the analysis of pneumonia treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics. If such therapy is ineffective, then change the group of antibiotics. It happens that it is impossible to test for sputum, so doctors should be well thought out treatment plan. Right-sided pneumonia treated with levofloxacin, sulfamethoxazole, amoxicillin. This treatment is only effective when antibacterial infection.

If the cause of the disease is a virus inside the body, antibiotics will not bring visible results. It is necessary to start antiviral therapy. Bactericidal pneumonia is easier to treat than viral. The spores of fungi that cause pneumonia, multiply rapidly inside the body, so you need to start treatment means against a certain type of fungus.

With this disease it is better not to joke, there is no place for self. The patient is unable to appoint a drugs, even if it hurts for the first time since the etiology of the disease can be made another. In protracted disease and the wrong treatment can be fatal.

Prevention of pneumonia

The best prevention of any sickness is the immune system. If a person has strong immunity, and disease will not to attack it. The body itself can fight the unexpected guests - organisms only if it is strong enough.

To have good protective function it is necessary to eat right. Food should be balanced and contain both proteins, fats and carbohydrates and vitamins, minerals. From time to time to drink a vitamin complex, especially in the period of beriberi. Drink plenty of water, since liquids have a tendency to wash the body and free from bacteria.

Moderate exercise, will improve work of all organs. Exercise is always going to benefit, and choose the sport that is not contraindicated for you. Hiking and Cycling will not only strengthen the muscles but will also help to cope with stress. The usual daily exercises in the morning prolongs life for a few years.

One other thing we should not forget - this is a dream. No wonder it is called the great healer. It is scientifically proven that if a person suffers from constant lack of sleep, he has a better chance of getting sick than others. Through sleep the body is recovering and gaining strength for active work during the day. Adults need to sleep seven to nine hours a day, then no disease will be terrible.

Be healthy!