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Symptoms of chronic pneumonia and its treatment

Chronic pneumonia is the most severe and specific disease in children. The difficulty in the treatment of this disease is that quite often it is not amenable to the action of various therapeutic agents and medicines. In this regard, professionals sometimes have to use extreme measures - surgery. Therefore, early diagnosis, timely recognition of symptoms and effective treatment methods are complex factors that affect the entire healing process.

opasnost hronicheskoj pnevmonii

Features of the disease

The process of chronic inflammation with non-specific reactions affecting the functions of the bronchi and of the lungs, called pneumonia. This pathology can affect individual segments of the lungs and affect the whole region. The basis of the inflammatory process are various disorders and irreversible changes that lead to deformation of bronchi and destruction of tissue in some segments of the lungs.

legkie v norme i pri pnevmoniiWhen the acute inflammatory reaction being treated late or to eliminate a wrong appoint the complex of therapeutic measures, they will turn to pneumonia. Chronic process think this state of the child, which long period were not treated for various reasons.

Chronic pneumonia in children can affect the blood and lymphatic system, the bronchial tissues, the fibers of the nervous system. Such an extensive process, as pneumonia, chronic form with serious complications and consequences, especially for children.

With long-term neglect and chronic pneumonia his next stage becomes pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, which is of the segmental type, as well as bronchiectasis or enlargement of the bronchial tissues. The emergence of recent evidence of the irreversibility of the ongoing violations, as destructive changes in the walls of the bronchi impair the air permeability. Because of this, they increased the pressure, leading to serious consequences.

All of these processes and manifestations are the main distinctive signs of chronic pneumonia. If you are diagnosed with it, the child will need surgery, as appeared violations of the drug cannot be recovered.

How to identify the disease?

silnyj kashel s hripami kak simptom pnevmoniiSymptomatic picture of chronic pneumonia in children may have a fickle nature. The disease is able to appear in the course of the yearseveral times and take the form of pneumonia. Signs of pneumonia may be:

  1. Intoxication, manifested as General malaise and decrease appetite.
  2. On the face of the child appears expressive pale, grow dark circles under the eyes.
  3. May appear on the nails visible changes in the shape, color, deformity of the fingertips.
  4. Visible changes in the chest - considerable, the ceasing or unnatural protrusion.
  5. Severe cough with the characteristic wheezing in the lungs and the release of copious sputum.
  6. Chills, fever.

The symptoms of chronic type of pneumonia is quite bright and distinctive. The most basic symptom of disease is cough. It may be rare, but in the period of exacerbation are very strong and dry, especially in the morning. When there is massive damage to the lungs that a cough appears with mucous sputum. Than the neglect of the process of inflammation, the more abundant sputum, which has a pronounced purulent.

Over time, the sputum is added the wheezing that intensifies with the escalation of the inflammatory process. The severity of symptoms during this period, while the chronic form of pneumonia in children proportionate to their age.

zagryaznenie vozduha - odna iz prichin razvitiya hronicheskoj pnevmoniiAccordingly, the older the child becomes, the less pronounced the symptoms during the exacerbation. During the recession of inflammation, all signs of the illness may have more adult children virtually disappear. But over time, the ailment returns again. The renewal of the inflammatory process may be repeated during the year to 3-4 times. There are two types of inflammatory processes:

  1. Bronholiticeski - inflammatory process covers the area of the bronchi, and the symptomatic picture is very characteristic of bronchitis acute type.
  2. Pneumatic - inflammatory process involves the alveolar type. In young children this form has pronounced signs of severe intoxication of the whole organism.

The reasons for the development of pneumonia

In the first years of a child's life any inflammation and colds due to the fragile immune system can quickly develop into serious illness with chronic processes. One of the main reasons for this is late or incorrect treatment. Poor therapy may not only be due to late contact, but because of wrong diagnosis. Due to the fact that children like to put harmful radiation, x-rays, prescribed rare, so confused usual catarrhal process from chronic inflammation of the lungs, developing into pneumonia,can any doctor.

Chronic pneumonia in children develops not at once, therefore, to warn and to prevent its occurrence is quite possible. All of the factors and the causes of this disease are divided into external and internal. To last include:
lesnye progulki kak metod lecheniya hronicheskoj pnevmonii

  • disorders of the bronchi and lungs;
  • a weak protective response of the immune system;
  • high allergic background;
  • congenital abnormalities of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The external causes that influence the development of chronic pneumonia include:

  • Smoking parents, especially mothers during pregnancy;
  • a high level of environmental pollution, industrial urban centers, high concentrations of harmful elements;
  • substandard and unnatural products, poor nutrition;
  • high concentrations of allergens are of a social nature in the air;
  • wrong mode of the day, a violation of the system of hardening the child's body.

One of the major factors in the development of chronic inflammation may be aspirated into the lungs foreign object. Such cause may occur in active young children who are often left without adult supervision. Ingestion and inhalation of small parts of toys, various plants in the practice of thoracic surgeons - specialists, focusing exclusively on the respiratory system are very common.

How to get rid of disease?

Treatment of chronic pneumonia based on an integrated approach. When the body already runs a chronic process, treatment in the early stages should be carried out only in stationary conditions, because the sick child needs special care, bed rest and specific medication.

If there is difficulty breathing, the child establish a special drainage and placed in a special position on the bed. Other surgical interventions before the expiry of the therapeutic treatment is not carried out.

In the course of therapy depending on the child's age and severity of disease include sprays with proteolytic enzymes in nature and antibacterial properties. Also appointed by the dropper with the other groups of antibiotics. For inhalation treatments use a combination of the solutions of ascorbic acid, Pancreatin, glycerin, furatsilina, aminophylline and selected health indicators of a particular group of antibiotics.

If there are signs of difficult breathing caused by a blockage of the bronchi and accumulation Mikrotik discharge, the child schedule the bronchoscopy. This procedure is quite unpleasant for adultsand for the kids. But it allows you to resolve various violations and facilitate the breathing process.

Alternative methods include air therapy, special massages, medical gymnastics and walking, preferably in the woodland or the coast.

Radical surgical treatment method is to remove damaged areas or entire lung as a whole. After this surgical treatment the child is undergoing rehabilitation in sanatoriums for the treatment of children with respiratory problems.