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How it is expressed and treated right upper lobe pneumonia?

As the name implies disease, right upper lobe pneumonia develops in the upper part of the right lung. Flows this disease is hard. The victim is overcome by shortness of breath, fever with a possible transition to a state of delirium.

problema pravostoronnej pnevmonii

Pneumonia affects the right lung more often than the left. This is due to the anatomical structure of the body: the right bronchus shorter and wider, so infection is easier to spread on it.

Pneumonia another name for pneumonia. The disease was very dangerous until the discovery of penicillin. At this time, the disease is treatable, especially if diagnosed early in its development. But about 5 percent of the patients die to this day. So to pneumonia must be taken seriously.

How does upper lobe pneumonia

shema dolevoj pnevmonii

Diseases infectious-inflammatory nature, it is difficult to distinguish from each other, so the sick doesn't always know if he has a cold or is already beginning to develop more serious disease.

When right-sided pneumonia, the inflammatory process develops in the right lung. Accordingly, the left hand touches the left.

To blame for the development of the disease the bacteria pneumococci and Klebsiella. The human body, in which they fall, for example, by airborne droplets, immediately reacts to their presence. Agents for some time, linger on the mucous membranes, e.g. the nose or larynx. Disease even begins to beat the man, but his immune system understands that there is foreign organisms, and it is time to prepare to fight with them.

If for some reason the immune system weakens, the bacteria from the mucous moves into the lungs. Here is their active reproduction. The reason of low immunity may be hypothermia, cold, repeated contact with the ill person.

Upper lobe pneumonia is different from other severe illnesses. The health of the patient deteriorates very sharply. He feels a long fever. Possibly offensive nonsense. Is the poisoning of the whole organism, the health of other systems disrupted.

This disease is most prone to the elderly and those who have problems with the immune system.

Symptoms reminiscent of a fever:

suhoj kashel - simptom verhnedolevoj pnevmonii

  • the patient is constantly chilly;
  • he is experiencing muscle aches;
  • his torment severe headaches.

Upper lobepneumonia is manifested suddenly. If the patient in the evening and felt some discomfort, so insignificant, that did not linked it with possible disease. And in the morning come breathing difficulties: it becomes superficial. People are even afraid to take a deep breath, as experiencing this pain. Starts painful cough, dry and exhausting.

The temperature does not go astray, and if they manage to do it, it is only for a short time. Gradually joined by the following symptoms:

  • digestive issues, nausea;
  • the whites of the eyes turn yellow due to the destruction of blood cells;
  • on the lips rashes appear;
  • at rest shortness of breath does not stop.

Sometimes there comes a condition similar to what happens with meningitis. Sometimes patient are haunted by hallucinations.

Diagnosis and treatment of right-sided pneumonia

laboratornyj analiz krovi dlya diagnostiki zabolevaniya

Define the presence of pneumonia with x-rays.

At the appointment the doctor examines the patient and asks him. Do listening for rales in the lungs, because this method remains the best in identifying pathology. Even with modern technology, experienced doctor will be able to correctly hear and understand what the nature of the noise in the respiratory organs.

The radiograph shows the proportion of lung affected by inflammation. This is a very objective method. It is good and that in the absence of the experienced doctor will always help to make the right diagnosis.

Other methods of diagnosis and laboratory analysis blood, bacterial sputum culture. Blood to determine the changes in leukocytes, ESR and so on. And the sputum shows the type of pathogen. But this analysis is ready in just a few days after the fence biomaterial. Doctors are not waiting for the results and prescribe treatment immediately, using the standard schema. And after receiving data from the lab are assigned additional drugs.

Right-sided pneumonia of the upper lobe is fraught with dangerous complications if left untreated. It happens that pathology leads to disability of the patient and even death.

lechenie pnevmonii v usloviyah stacionara

Treatment of the disease is by using antibiotic therapy. Used penicillin, ampicillin and many more depending on the type of pathogen. The patient takes them strictly on prescription. The entire treatment process is monitored by radiographs and laboratory tests.

It happens that the patient comes to the hospital in serious condition. In this case, treatment starts withnormalization of the patient's condition. It could be the ventilation of the lungs by artificial means, the adjustment of the balance of water and salts recovery of AD and other measures.

Your doctor may prescribe antipyretic drugs, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic.

Mandatory patient takes tools that help enhance or improve the immune system.

All medical drugs can add therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, physiotherapy.

Pneumonia – a serious disease, so all treatments appoint a doctor. Often the patient need proper care and special treatments. So upper lobe pneumonia is often treated in a hospital.

Right upper lobe pneumonia in children

vysokaya temperatura u rebenka pri zabolevanii pnevmoniej

The disease most often develops in those children who have recently had influenza, colds or inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. The main cause of the disease is a weakened immune system.

Children's right-sided pneumonia refers to focal diseases. Develops after diseases of the bronchial system. Several lesions of varying degrees of inflammation develop in the upper lobe of the right lung. The bacteria can't get into one vast area, and are striking different foci. Subsequently, they can be combined into one. This complicates further treatment.

The symptoms of this disease in a child is similar with milder ailments. A cough, fever, excessive sweating. The doctor can listen to lungs of the child with persistent wheezing gurgle. The baby can't breathe, so he has difficulty breathing: it is intermittent and hard. Child health cannot be put at risk. Harmful bacteria have a devastating effect on the immune system of the child. Delay in treatment is unacceptable.

The treatment of the sick child is assigned depending on the stage of the disease. The most effective is antibiotic therapy.

Right-sided inflammation in a child require hospital treatment, requiring proper care and constant monitoring of the patient's condition due to the action of antibiotics.

When properly organized treatment improvement of the child comes on the 6th day. At the end of the treatment course necessarily conducted x-rays, as this is the best way to diagnose pneumonia.

Upper lobe pneumonia with right side in children is not as common. The prevention of this diseasepossible in the form of vaccination. They hold special vaccines, pneumococcal and influenza. But not all children are shown. There are risk groups who do not.