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The main causes of pneumonia

Causes pneumonia can be pneumonia often occurs on the background of other viral diseases. Lungs are very sensitive and vulnerable, which they are often exposed to infectious attack. There are several ways of infection, the most common is airborne. Upper respiratory tract most interact with microbes, through them penetrates the infection.

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Than can be caused by pneumonia

One of the causes of pneumonia - weakened immune system, unable to resist in the fight against infection.

Among other reasons - polluted air, high activity of the pathogen. These factors can cause not only pneumonia but also other diseases of the respiratory system. The infectious process is not always localized in the upper respiratory tract, quite often he gets down, because of this develops bronchitis (affected mucosa of the bronchi). Often the inflammatory process in the lung tissue, as a result, she is affected and the person starts to get sick with pneumonia.

legkie pri pnevmoniiPneumonia, primarily caused due to viruses and pathogenic bacteria. When there is pneumonia, in humans, affects the alveoli, the air bubbles and the surrounding tissue. Remember that light is a very fragile organ that performs vital functions. The lungs are able to regulate body temperature, in addition, they are responsible for the exchange of body fluids.

Healthy lungs protect the body from viruses, they is the destruction of fats and proteins that affect blood clotting. If blood accumulates a certain number of harmful substances, the lungs push them via coughing.

The lungs are a real air filter, but they do not every time carry a load of: if the immune system is weakened, to resist the virus will not succeed. In some cases of Contracting pneumonia is very easy: in the period of seasonal exacerbations of any pathogen can cause disease. It is important to know that pneumonia is never a primary disease, it occurs against the background of another disease and often from hypothermia.

As for microorganisms, you should know that any of them can cause pneumonia. Pneumonia is a disease that can be transmitted at home, on the street, in public transport and in any other place. Pneumonia, cause a wide range of microbes.

Diseases that trigger inflammation of the lungs

doctor">Acute pneumonia is a disease that affects children of the first year of life, a particular threat it poses to premature babies. Inflammation of the lungs may be exposed to patients with rickets, heavy smokers and people who drink alcohol.

Often catches pneumonia in patients with diabetes mellitus and people who suffer from disorders of the cardiovascular system. Special danger it poses to individuals whose immune system is suppressed by drugs against cancer.

To ensure speedy recovery, it is necessary to identify the disease and begin treatment (it is strictly forbidden to self-medicate). The correct therapy in a couple of weeks to recover. If left untreated pneumonia in a timely manner, can manifest complications. In this case, the patient need to take to the hospital and to carry out intensive therapy, it lasts about a month.

The epidemic of influenza often causes staphylococcal pneumonia. If a person is sick with any viral disease and notices that he starts to cough with phlegm, unusual for SARS, the urgent need to call the doctor.

issledovanie krovi pri pnevmoniiThe doctor examines the chest in the future will be required to undertake x-rays, in addition, the patient should take a blood test and morning phlegm. With the help of blood examination be able to determine the causative agent. In this way the doctor will be able to confirm or deny pneumonia.

As a rule, the mucus secreted by the mucous membrane of the bronchi. It is composed of substances that support lung tissue, in addition, the mucus contains a special antimicrobial particles. Pneumonia patients worried about colorless viscous mucous sputum, if it is present in the blood, it acquires a brownish or rusty tinge.

After the man catches up with an attack of cough with expectoration, a feeling of relief. To phlegm off rapidly, need to drink warm liquids such as tea, boiled water, milk. When pneumonia does not use drugs that prevent the separation of sputum.

How do people become infected with pneumonia

upotreblenie teplogo moloka pri pnevmoniiPneumonia can occur due to the fact that the patient is in a stuffy conditions in which he found it difficult to breathe. If the air is too dry, it should be remembered that it had more dust and harmful chemical particles. If a person has pneumonia, it is necessary to clean and slightly cool the air as often as possible to ventilate the room. A favorable environment will facilitate the expectoration of sputum.

To createoptimal conditions, it is necessary that the air temperature was within +18 degrees. The patient should be lightly dressed, on the battery it is advisable to hang a damp sheet, which will serve as a good humidifier.

Threat component is the dust residing in the apartment. In this area delayed the process of recovery, the likelihood of drying of the sputum is not that big. It is not recommended to lay carpet in a room where the patient must spend wet cleaning, 2 times a day. Mopping is not recommended to use chemicals, as they adversely affect the respiratory system.

It should be noted that a high body temperature has a drying effect on mucus. In order to recover, it is recommended to drink 3 liters of fluid a day, I will benefit from fruit juices containing vitamin C (cranberry juice, the juice from the rosehips or Rowan).

There are several diseases which you can get pneumonia. If a person has a heart defect and problems with the endocrine system, it is more susceptible to disease. Common cause of pneumonia is Smoking. The disease affects people who are passive smokers. The development of pneumonia depends on the characteristics of the body and lifestyle. If the person moves a little, lungs are not working at full strength, thus in some areas, mucus accumulates, this substance is a good medium for germs.