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How long treatment for pneumonia?

Many are interested in the actual question: how treatable pneumonia? Such diseases as pneumonia, otherwise known as pneumonia. This disease has an infectious nature, and the lesion is in relation to the lung tissue.

problema pnevmonii

It can be noted that the disease is really serious and dangerous. According to statistics, killed about 5-6% of people who become ill with pneumonia.

What are the symptoms characterized by this disease

Problem symptoms pneumonia is similarity in the symptoms of pneumonia with other diseases, such as acute respiratory infections or bronchitis. Therefore, knowledge of the basic symptoms to determine the onset of pneumonia is necessary. Such symptoms include:

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    • the appearance of shortness of breath (is a constant symptom of pneumonia);
    • elevated body temperature (which indicates that inflammation and the body sick with pneumonia exposed to intoxication);
    • the appearance of cough with phlegm (this feature appears when pneumonia almost always);
    • pain in the chest area (especially laterally);
    • deterioration of the General condition of the patient, which may be severe or moderate.

    According to the signs you can note the symptoms of pneumonia, however, in order to properly diagnose and begin to treat the disease, you need to go to the clinic, where for accurate determination of inflammation of the chest prostukivaniya doctor x-rayed to view the status of the lungs, are assigned to the same special tests.

The treatment of pneumonia symptomatic and pathogenetic ways

Symptomatic treatment of pneumonia use to eliminate and alleviate the main symptoms of the disease. In this type of treatment usually prescribed the means necessary to reduce the heat, and possible use of mucolytics. Sick with pneumonia need to reduce the temperature only in the case when really there is an urgent need, that is, when the temperature rose above 39 degrees (in adults), or when the patient is in a serious condition.

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To bring sputum from the bronchi, usually use mucolytic drugs. In addition, some mucolytics have the ability to increase the activity taken antibiotics, which is important in the treatment of pneumonia. The reception of type mucolytics Ambroxol, ACC or Carbocisteine hassupport action against pneumonia, the dosage and the time of the adoption of these drugs prescribed by your doctor.

The mainstay of therapy for pneumonia is the treatment of pneumonia with antibiotics. The performance of gas exchange function in the body is given the lung tissue. The introduction of air into tissues and organs occurs through a complex system of tubes of different diameters and overcoming alveolararterial barrier.

Bacteria and viruses affect and affect alveolar tissue in the case where lung tissue becomes inflamed. Therefore, the accumulation of fluid infiltration in the lumen of the acini. Thus impeding gas exchange process, resulting in comes the loss of part of the tissue of the respiratory process.

Called pathogenetic treatment aimed to eliminate the changes in the Airways, which provoked pneumonia.

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There are several types of diseases that are classified in connection with the size of lesions:

  • focal (the process occurs in one or several touches of the alveoli);
  • segmental (there is a loss of a segment, which consists of a large number of alveolar fraction);
  • equity (in this there is inflammation of an entire pulmonary lobe);
  • lobar (fully affected lung fields on both sides).

All these forms imply specific changes in lung tissue.

How long treat pneumonia

Treatment of pneumonia can be carried out in medical institutions and at home. In this disease it is necessary to assess the severity of pneumonia. This is determinant in order to predict the duration of treatment, prescribe the right drugs. Therefore, the period during which sick with pneumonia will be treated in a hospital, is determined by the severity of his illness.

There are many factors that can be grounds for hospitalization. For example, hospitalitynet patients who for any reason are not able to take medications as required by the scheme and schedule of treatment of pneumonia. Before to hospitalize a patient, usually establish the severity of pneumonia, which is a chest x-ray of a patient suffering from pneumonia.

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Immediately after radiography discuss the differences in the physiological readings, that is, the blood pressure, the condition of the pulse and frequencythe breathing of the patient. If there is acute impairment of consciousness, hypoxemia, there is an infection that accompanies the illness (such infection can be symptoms of meningitis or endocarditis), or if there is a suspicion of concomitant diseases of the heart, liver, compulsory hospitalization of the patient. Tumor formation also apply to the listed factors.

For the duration of the total period of hospitalization is affected by the form of the disease, the fidelity of a chosen drug and how the body reacts a patient with pneumonia on the prescribed medication. On average, in the normal course of the disease, if treatment is given due attention and therapy that helps recovery, the length of time that the patient spends in the hospital, is two to four days. But, nevertheless, in some circumstances the attending physician may not terminate the hospitalization in order to continue monitoring the course of the disease and for the treatment of pneumonia more intensive course.

In milder forms of pneumonia, the patient usually is in hospital for more than two days then on the third day are discharged home and can continue to be treated yourself. With regard to the forms of pneumonia that are considered to be complicated, the treatment may be much longer, about nine to ten days.

The disease is treated based on the type of pneumonia and the initial reasons for the formation of the disease.

Prevention of pneumonia

In therapy mainly used drugs antibacterial purposes, which are issued in accordance with the age of treated and his condition. If pneumonia does not take complicated forms, and the treatment was carried out competently and the most appropriate drugs, the prognosis of treatment of pneumonia is usually quite favorable. Most often in patients carrying pneumonia, full recovery occurs within three weeks, sometimes within months.

To prevent such diseases as pneumonia, or more simply, for the prevention of pneumonia the medical experts usually recommend to strengthen the body in various ways, to abandon admission of alcohol and stop Smoking tobacco products.

In addition, it is desirable to ventilate the room often, which is a lot of time, that is, the office and rooms in the house. You must carefully follow the diet, which should be balanced and lead a healthy lifestyle. Sports is also a good preventive measure to strengthen the immune system and prevent pneumonia.