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The symptoms and treatment of latent pneumonia

Latent pneumonia, the symptoms of which slabovrajenna - a disease manifested not only in adults but also in children. When man is ill, and his body begins to combat the virus, at this time he feels discomfort - fever, cough, shortness of breath, weakness.

osmotr vracha pri priznakah zabolevaniya

All of the above symptoms occur with inflammation of the lungs and may be harbingers of trouble. But such cases are known, when the disease does not manifest itself, and people can identify it already in the late stages of development. One of these serious diseases is a hidden pneumonia.

The etiology of the disease

This sort of pneumonia can be called a silent or "hidden" because it is asymptomatic and can be a real threat to humans. This disease is dangerous due to the fact that the person is unaware of his illness and therefore does not conduct any treatment.

temperatura u rebenka pri pnevmoniiBut it is most dangerous for babies who can't talk about changes in your health. And even when the child has fever, the parents begin to think that his SARS.

This disease develops in people with lowered immunity or those who for a long time in the doldrums, but it we are talking only about adults. It can occur due to some chronic diseases or taking drugs.

Such cases are known, when people contracted pneumonia after taking cough pills. Because these drugs can mute the cough reflex, and therefore the person can not defend themselves from such a serious disease and not performs important functions of your body.

The symptoms and signs of disease

Due to the fact that symptoms are absent any illness and deviations from the body can be evaluated as the development of that disease. But still he has some common characteristics:

  • whistling during inspiration or expiration;
  • pale the integument of the face;
  • tachycardia;
  • blush in the form of spots;
  • decreased performance and severe fatigue;
  • shortness of breath while performing simple exercises.

odyshka - simptom pnevmoniiBut it was a described the symptoms for an adult. Such disease may develop in children. Symptoms are the following features:

  • loss of appetite;
  • restless sleep;
  • increased tearfulness;
  • a decrease in the activity.

They all belong to the category General, therefore, difficult to detect pneumonia at an early stage.That is why doctors recommend for any disease to seek help, maybe hidden beneath something more serious. To determine the presence of infection can only be due to the diagnosis.

When the doctor will examine the patient, he can hear strange sounds in the region of the lung. If you listen closely you can hear the whistles and wheezing. Definitely need to take a blood test, which will confirm the diagnosis and fears of the doctor.

How to treat the disease

Latent pneumonia is a serious disease, although that manifests almost no symptoms. But if some of them are similar to pneumonia, then you need to contact the doctor to set the correct diagnosis and find the right treatment. Self-medication can lead to serious consequences.

If the doctor confirmed the diagnosis, it is necessary, first, to identify the causative agent. Most often pathogens are of two types:

tahikardiya - simptom pnevmonii

  • allergies;
  • bacteria.

If the disease has arisen on the background of the use of certain drugs, then they need to stop taking or replace with other drugs. And if these drugs caused such a serious disease, never to accept them is not necessary, as the disease may recur.

How to treat latent pneumonia depends on its type and current process. The treatment is based on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Why pneumonia can develop without symptoms

To avoid hidden pneumonia, you need to take care of prevention. It should be noted that this prevention is simple for execution. For this you need to understand what can develop the disease and how to prevent it. The most common causes of the disease are the following:

  • tolerance to the drug;
  • self-treatment of disease;
  • violation of the process of sputum discharge;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • the decline in protection of the body.

postoyannaya ustalost pri pnevmoniiYou should not take antibiotics as they do not act on the virus, thus, buried the immune system and the human body. In addition, such drugs may develop an addictive person. And these people may SARS develop into pneumonia, which is manifested asymptomatic.

You need to constantly monitor their health and pay attention to the treatment. Even a simple dental caries can develop into cancer or other serious diagnoses. All medicines which you are being treated, must be prescribed by a doctor, only a specialist can properly diagnose and find treatment. Need to do chest x-rays, and recommendedto conduct this survey at least once per month.

Can manifest as pneumonia without a cough

To identify pneumonia from a man who does not cough, sometimes, just look at its appearance. The person who is sick with pneumonia, has pale skin and rosy cheeks, like stains. Signs of pneumonia include the following:

  • rapid pulse;
  • the inability to breathe deeply;
  • pain when turning body;
  • breathing difficulties while walking;
  • frequent thirst;
  • palpitations in slight exertion;
  • when you inhale and exhale only moves one half of the chest;
  • sweating.

But these symptoms can not confirm the diagnosis, he may be justified after inspection of the surface of the lungs.

How to identify the disease in a child

kapriznost - simptom pnevmonii u rebenkaStatistics show that each year kills about a thousand children because of a hidden pneumonia, and the reason that the attitude of doctors and parents. Indeed, while the diagnosis is not confirmed, the children attend pre-school and school institutions and subjected to loads, which is undesirable in this disease.

The hidden symptoms of childhood pneumonia:

  • drowsiness;
  • moodiness;
  • pain in different parts of the body;
  • sweating.

If your child has these symptoms, then you need to donate blood and to go to the doctor. First and foremost, you need to contact the pediatrician and if need be he will refer you to specialists for additional testing. If there are no forces of their own to go to the doctor, and the symptoms showed suddenly, then you need to call the doctor at home.

If symptoms described above, it is not recommended to do the following things:

  • to warm up the body, especially the chest;
  • to perform heavy physical load;
  • self-treatment;
  • to take antibiotics;
  • to take fever-reducing medicines;
  • drink expectorants and antitussive drugs;
  • to do normal things.

At the first suspicion of pneumonia, even if there is no symptoms, you need to pass the tests, and conduct a survey.

For diagnosis you need to pass the following tests: sputum, UAC, research on lung capacity and chest x-ray from different angles.

You also need to visit a TB. This symptom must be treated carefully, as the disease can lead to sudden death. It is necessary to understand for themselves what the disease itself does not pass, it is necessary to treat.