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How is the recovery after pneumonia?

Recovery after pneumonia requires a serious approach. If you remember incidents from the history of mankind, it can be noted that pneumonia is always considered a fatal disease. At the moment the conditions of modern medicine allow to remove pneumonia from the list of high risk. The deceit is that the wrong behavior in the period of partial recovery carries dire consequences for the whole organism.

problema pnevmoniiYou should think about changing his lifestyle after suffering illness.

The main areas of recovery are:

  • physiotherapy;
  • medications;
  • diet;
  • therapeutic exercises with a set of breathing exercises;
  • rehabilitation in a health resort area.

Good health in the first stage a few days turns into fatigue, drowsiness, weakness. This is further evidence of incomplete treatment. The recovery from pneumonia takes a long time. Strict rehabilitation after pneumonia need to adhere to a minimum of 10 to 15 days by following the instructions of the attending physician.

Inhalation of the respiratory tract

legkie pri pnevmoniiThe first stage is the inhalation of the respiratory tract. The main organ affected by the disease are the lungs. Toxins accumulated in the sputum require removal. To perform the function of gas exchange involves the alveoli (small SAC located at the end of bronchioles in the structure of the bronchi).They are the main entity conducting the in blood oxygen and takes in this carbon dioxide. The accumulation of phlegm obstructing the work of the alveoli and promotes the growth of connective tissue (similar to scar).

For conducting inhalation use different types of essential oils (frankincense, fir or thyme). At home broad use purchased baking soda. When using essential oils, which have double the effect as an expectorant and reduces inflammation.

In the application of the UHF unit in the recovery process of the affected organ statistics recorded a high level of recovery.

Physical therapy and oxygenation

dyhatelnaya gimnastika pri vosstanovlenii dyhatelnogo apparataThe second stage is saturation of arterial blood with oxygen. When restoring breathing apparatus to fully exercise help physiotherapy (physical therapy). In the complex therapy connected breathing exercises andburdensome exercise. Versatile bending and twisting to prevent pleural adhesions. Physical exercises of dynamic character involves several groups of small and medium muscles.

If you experience a cough at the time of exercise specialist exercise physiologist compresses the rib cage, thus creating an increase in pressure in the thoracic and thereby greatly increasing the possibility of removing phlegm. In this patient, it is recommended to perform a deep breath jerkily. Respiratory training includes the types of isometric, isotonic and localized breathing.

After physical therapy and Wellness of breath it is recommended to massage the chest and extremities, especially in need of the elderly. Regular therapeutic exercise with proper distribution of load has a beneficial effect on the respiratory Department. Fresh air is also necessary to include in the daily routine.

Microflora restoration

The third stage is the restoration of microflora. After a large quantity of antibiotics is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the internal organs, which entails: a dysbacteriosis of different degree, shaking hands, possibility of changes in the heartbeat, convulsions, muscle weakness of the limbs, the appearance of thrush in women. Rehabilitation involves restoring the balance of microflora, the doctor prescribes some medicines, probiotics.


dieta posle vospaleniya legkihThe fourth stage can be called the primary phase of recovery after pneumonia. Rehabilitation after pneumonia when proper regime and diet will increase the chances of reducing the consequences in the form of additional lesions of other organs.

Unbalanced menu eliminates the ability to recover in a shorter time. The basis of proper nutrition should include foods that increase the level of immunodeficiency and the complex of vitamins of the category A, and group B. you want to exclude from the ration canned, smoked, spicy and salty foods, strong tea, coffee, as well as a strict ban exposed to alcohol. To speed up recovery will help products with a high content of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, Niacin and ascorbic acid. You should increase the amount of fluids you drink for a more effective conclusion microbial toxins that have accumulated during the period of the disease. Good properties of herbal extracts of thyme, mint, lemon balm, chamomile - they help flush bacteria and the elements of disintegration of the affected tissues. They will help to recover a slight further improvement in General conditionbody.

In the daily diet after pneumonia you need to include milk products: yogurt, fermented baked milk, cheese, yogurt. The pharmacy need to buy bifidobacteria and lactobacterial leaven. Cooked food should not irritate the gastrointestinal tract, so culinary preference is given to steaming or by boiling in water.

Forbidden to fry, simmer and even bake in the oven for any meat and fish products, with the exception may be used only cottage cheese casserole without crust.

Do not forget the methods of traditional medicine. Thanks to the popular recipes recovery from pneumonia is much easier.

The main product for adults and even children is honey. It is added to the decoctions, are used to compress, is used in pure form to boost immunity. The main assistant honey support body is Echinacea, one of the best stimulants in the restoration of immunodeficiency. Invisible plantain gives you the opportunity to recover the familiar garlic in the form of tinctures kill many of the germs. Milk with baking soda in the form of heat will help to soften the cough, which will give the opportunity to sleep peacefully. For further prevention, especially in the winter, use the decoction, made with black raisins.

Folk remedies for many years has brought many benefits, but to choose the appropriate method for each patient, only a qualified doctor. A good specialist homeopath in conjunction with medical drugs, will choose an individual method of prevention is to maintain the body in the period of rehabilitation after pneumonia.

Visit the resort

poseshenie sanatoriya dlya vosstanovleniya posle pnevmoniiThe fifth stage includes a Spa treatment. Rehabilitation for pneumonia in the health conditions, it is recommended for adults and children. For successful recovery, so as not to endanger the health, still immature patients after pneumonia, the Commission shall transmit to the local dispensaries. In the case of climate change adaptation weak body is about a week and can bring additional problems.

One of the problems of adult patients with inflammation of the lungs, acts as a cardiovascular disorder. For them to have chosen a specific resort, combines several of the possible types of treatment.

For adults there are a number of conditions for referral to prevention clinic for rehabilitation after pneumonia. Chronic diseases of other organs, and blood diseases in the acute stage, pregnancy, malignant tumors and venerealthe disease can become a serious cause of denial of the permit.

Fruitful treatment in health resorts gives excellent results, rehabilitation after pneumonia is successful. With the right rehabilitation and the passage of the entire complex of treatment you can return to a normal rhythm and to enjoy every day, not forgetting a healthy lifestyle.