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From one person to another is transmitted angina?

About how is a sore throat, few know.

problema anginyHer symptoms are quite recognizable and do not differ in children and adults:

  • fever;
  • sore throat;
  • loss of voice;
  • the tongue coating;
  • weakness;
  • cough;
  • sneezing;
  • runny nose.

When used correctly and, most importantly, timely treatment of all the above symptoms will pass after a week. But for this week, people will feel very bad: reduced his ability to work, complicated meal, in addition, the disease is accompanied by headache. In order to avoid weaknesses, it is important to protect you against disease. It is very important to know how strep throat is transmitted to all possible ways to avoid infection.

Ways of infection sore throat

vozdushno-kapelnyj put peredachi anginyDespite the rapid development of medicine in our time, about the nature of the sore throat and to this day the debate continues. Modern medicine has identified several possible routes of infection sore throat:

  • droplet path;
  • alimentary route;
  • self-infection.

Airborne tonsillitis is transmitted most often. Specifically if, tonsillitis is transmitted by social contacts of the sick person with healthy people. The bacteria are transmitted by kissing and through sharing household items, e.g. utensils. There is a mass infection of people in the late fall and early winter is the time people often cough and sneeze, which significantly increases the risk of spreading the disease. In offices, kindergartens and schools infection for a few days is capable of hitting huge numbers of people and create a real disease outbreak requiring quarantine.

Alimentary route of infection is a foods, which have on their surface the causative agent - Staphylococcus. Patients often people neglect hygiene and unwashed hands touch food or perhaps accidentally sneeze on the food. It is important to remember: if your environment is sick with flu people, always thoroughly flush products, because the tonsillitis is a contagious disease.

priznaki anginyTo better understand the third way of infection sore throat, you need to start with the anatomical structure of man. In the throat, just above language, each have small growths, called tonsils. They represent a very important component of the human immune system and significantly help in the fight against all sorts of viruses. If they get the bacteria the tonsils are red andinflamed. In the tonsils of a healthy person are always bacteria, but at safe levels. When a person is supercooled or gets the stress, i.e. external factors that provoke a decrease in immunity, the bacteria aktiviziruyutsya and tonsils swell causing tonsillitis. This way of infecting is called infection, i.e. the infection itself.

Parents of preschool age children are often interested in the question: is there any angina after child will eat snow? It is impossible, but after eating snow to catch a cold. It should also be remembered that in children a sore throat is developing much faster than adults, and delay in medication is impossible. The common cold in a child can last several days to develop into a purulent sore throat, to cure which at home will be impossible, and hospitalization will be required.

It is important to note the fact that the migrated sore throat can be devastating and cause the development of pathologies in the human body, particularly in the cardiovascular system. The consequences of advanced disease can manifest itself several years after the disease, which is why you need to treat a sore throat.

Factors influencing infection of sore throat

polza vitamina s pri lechenii anginyOften there are situations where when dealing with a sick person some people also get sick and others do not become infected at all. This is due to the resistance of the immune system of a person. People with weak immune system gets infected immediately, but men are more resistant, hardened, and unable to successfully resist disease.

Once the bacteria gets into a healthy organism, they can be activated immediately, but to wait a provoking factor. In the spring and early winter weather is characterized by unstable temperature regimes.

Such conditions are favorable for reproduction of bacteria. During this period, it is important to remember warm clothing, hygiene products (after each trip on the street or in places where people wash hands and gargle), and not to neglect adding in fruits that contain vitamin C.

Sore throat may be viral or bacterial in nature.

Viral sore throats accompany a variety of diseases such as influenza, measles and enterovirus, but the bacterial form is called Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. In the body most people living fungi of the genus Candida, they can cause of fungal sore throat. It is less contagious than bacterial and viral but to treat her as necessary. Fungal angina often occur in people with respiratory diseases.

Preventionof infection sore throat

If you have the patient, and the possibility of his hospitalization, it is necessary to observe the following measures:

  • isolate the patient in a separate room;
  • keep a kitchenware and hygiene products;
  • constantly sterilize utensils with boiling water;
  • regularly air all rooms;
  • wet cleaning at least once a day;
  • contacting patients to be in a protective mask.

If you follow the above precautions, you'll not only avoid the spread of the disease, but also contribute to the speedy recovery of a sick person will be able to quickly return it to normal life.