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COPD treatments: medications

What are the basics of treating COPD, drugs for this purpose are assigned to what? This question worries many people suffering from this pathology. Under understand COPD lung disease characterized by shortness of breath. The main cause of this syndrome is a long-term lung damage that is often caused by Smoking.

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In COPD, in most cases combined from 2 disease - a chronic form of bronchitis and emphysema. The first is characterized by a constant flow of inflammatory process of the Airways (bronchi), which is accompanied by mucus. Usually when this occurs, the thickening of the walls of the bronchi, this process provokes obstruction (i.e., lumen airway narrows). As a result the person begins to experience difficulty breathing.

For emphysema is characterized by damage to the walls of the alveoli, resulting in loss of their elasticity. The process provokes a decrease in the area of the lungs where gas exchange occurs. In connection with the lack of oxygen in the blood of the person to have attacks of breathlessness, which manifest a lack of air.

Without proper treatment COPD becomes more severe. Stop the started process of destruction of the lung tissue becomes impossible. Time starting to take the drugs for the treatment of COPD, a person can delay the destruction of the alveoli of the lung. In addition, timely treatment of the disease is described to improve the overall health of the patient.

What triggers the disease?

vred kureniya pri zabolevanii hoblThe most common cause of this disease is Smoking. With age this habit begins to cause respiratory irritation and breakdown of the fibers that provide elasticity of the alveoli of the lungs. Often the pathological process begins in the so-called passive Smoking.

COPD can cause other factors. Thus, pathology can be caused by polluted air, chemical vapors, dust, that person struggle every day to breathe in connection with professional activities.

The destruction of the tissues is characterized by its slow flow. For this reason, the first manifestation of the disease in most patients occur after age 50. Not to mention that the risk of developing COPD get people who often had to deal with serious infectious diseases associated with the respiratory system.

A little about the manifestations of pathology

In addition to the main symptom, which are attacks of breathlessness, the disease may be lingering cough is chronic, whichusually accompanied by expectoration. Shortness of breath can be caused by physical activity, including light.

About the consequences of the disease

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Without proper treatment, the pathology continues to progress, leading to increased severity of symptoms. The person begins to experience difficulty while eating and do not perform complex physical exercises. Patients diagnosed with COPD often complain of quite a significant loss of body weight, respectively, be and physical capabilities.

Periodically manifestations of obstructive pulmonary disease chronic form, acute. In such periods the patient may experience malaise and fatigue. It should be noted that the degree of exacerbation of the disease may be minor in nature, and pronounced. With years of pathology flash periods of exacerbation significantly more frequently.

People affected with COPD should be carefully monitor their diet, in fact, one of the common symptoms of this disease is weight loss. To correctly carry out the correction of the diet will help a registered dietitian. The clinical course of COPD in any case can not be ignored. To determine this pathology can be at very characteristic symptoms. Not enough serious attitude to the treatment of the disease can lead to more frequent asthma attacks.

Bases of diagnostics

medikamentoznoe lechenieFor installation of the preliminary diagnosis of “COPD” the specialist pulmonologist sufficient examination of the patient. Great importance in this case, factors such as the way of life of the patient, presence of harmful habits, illness earlier.

If listening to lungs called the specialist's suspicions, the patient is administered the passage of additional research, for example, spirometry. This test allows the functional assessment of external respiration.

The above symptoms are typical for many respiratory diseases. To be excluded, the patient can be assigned to chest x-ray. The treatment described pathology requires an individual approach, so the drugs should be prescribed only by a qualified technician.

All about treatment

To obstructive pulmonary disease chronic forms have ceased to progress, it is necessary not only to provide competent treatment, but also to get rid of such bad habit as Smoking.

The course of treatment prescribed by the attending physician medicines will remove symptoms, which is beneficial to the overallthe health of the patient:

  1. Receiving bronchodilators (Salbutamol, Atrovent, Fenoterol, etc.) has a bronchi widening effect.
  2. Due to mucolytic agents (Ambroxol, Bromhexine) liquefies the mucus better, thanks to its evacuation becomes much easier.
  3. Treatment with antibiotics is particularly necessary in the period of exacerbation (receiving Cephalosporin, Penicillin, etc.).
  4. Funds that have anti-inflammatory effect, does not allow you to activate the substances that are responsible for inflammation in the body.
  5. Treatment with corticosteroids (e.g., Prednisone) allows you to stop attacks of shortness of breath. Most often, they are administered in the period of exacerbation.

Inhaled bronchodilators form a different efficiency. It should be understood that assign them only by a qualified specialist.

On the other methods of treatment

In addition to medical method for the treatment of COPD use a special program that managed to develop professionals. The technique is to teach the patient to control the attacks of shortage of air. Also teach the patient special physical exercises.

In some cases, when the described pathology there is a need to visit for procedures such as oxygen therapy. A particular danger for a person affected with COPD, are respiratory diseases with an infectious character. To protect yourself from getting the flu with an annual vaccination.

Compliance with all recommendations of the attending physician and a serious attitude to preventive measures to avoid periods of exacerbation and halt further destruction of the lungs. The patient will have to avoid smoke, air pollution, exhaust fumes and other irritants. The cause of the attack may be and stay on the cold or dry air. One of the main components of the complex treatment of diseases associated with the respiratory organs, is physical therapy. This method allows for enhanced separation of sputum, accelerate the pace of the processes of resorption of inflammations, to prevent attacks of breathlessness. It is important that lessons were regular. To choose the right property can help specialist.

At the first signs of disease, you must consult with a specialist. Only a doctor can assess the condition of the respiratory system of the patient and, if necessary, prescribe a course of medication.