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What medications from a sore throat and most effective?

Remedy for sore throat in pill form local action, alcoholic tinctures for gargling, and in more severe cases, antibiotics are used to treat the disease in children and adults. Thanks to modern developments of medical scientists in the pharmacy presents a huge selection of products for different age groups with different value.

razlichnye preparaty ot anginy

What is angina?

Inflammation of the tonsils, which is accompanied by severe pain in the throat, sometimes increased body temperature, called angina. Often sick children of preschool age, as they have a weak immune system. Besides, the disease is usually occurs in an acute form. According to statistics, out of 1,000 adults angina ill 100, which is quite a lot.

What triggers it a common disease? Why is the throat so prone to infections?

There are several causes of sore throat:

  1. A weak immune system. Reducing the protective functions leads to the fact that the body gets infection. Harmful bacteria invade the tonsils and trigger inflammation. The problem with a weakened immune system is more likely to occur in the autumn and winter seasons, when the body does not get sufficient amounts of vitamins.
  2. Develops on the background of chronic disease. If there are other problems with the larynx, most often they provoke angina, such as chronic tonsillitis. The presence of other diseases opens the way for new infections. Colds reduce the protective function and provoke angina. Also the immune system can weaken after the previous illness.
  3. The external factor. Prolonged hypothermia and lack of use of the product give the opportunity for harmful microorganisms to enter the human body and settle there, actively multiplying and evolving.
  4. Transmission by airborne droplets from an infected person.

What are the symptoms of angina?

silnaya bol v gorle pri angineThe main symptom that indicates the disease is pain in the throat, which is acute and does not allow the person to breathe normally and swallow. Painful, cause a lot of discomfort and disrupt normal life.

Headache, fever, nausea - the main symptoms of angina. To begin effective treatment, you must see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. You will also need to pass the required tests. Only the doctor-the otolaryngologist can accurately determine the cause of the disease and to select appropriate methods of treatment.

Treatment can be symptomatic, that isaimed at removing signs of the disease and decrease discomfort in the throat. Given oral anti-inflammatory, analgesics and antipyretic drugs in combination with bed routine. So treat a common inflammation of the tonsils.

If the doctor diagnoses a purulent sore throat, then prescribe a course of antibiotics to kill the infection in the body. Be sure to stay in bed and drink plenty of fluids.

Treatment of viral sore throat

poloskanie gorla pri angineMost people diagnosed with a viral sore throat, to fight which is much easier than with the bactericidal. For full recovery can take up to ten days of hard treatment. It is recommended to stay in bed.

Antibacterial infection amenable to treatment with local antiseptics, which include: Fleming, Strepsils, Septolete, Septefril. Drugs are not only effectively fight bacteria, but also have analgesic effect. These drugs are used only as symptomatic treatment. Do not forget about the gargling, as this method is effective and simple.

Adults is easy to take medication, but the children to convince them of the need difficult. Therefore, antiseptics are not often used in pills and spray. They irrigate the throat a lot faster and relieve pain symptoms. Applying any remedy for a sore throat, it is recommended to strictly adhere the instructions and do not use the drug without a doctor's prescription because there is the risk of developing allergic reactions to certain components of the drug, up to anaphylactic shock.

Bactericidal treatment of angina

paracetamol kak zharoponizhaushee pri angineIf the viral sore throat can be cured relatively quickly and without complications, with a bactericide to fight much harder. Required taking antibiotics, which kill the pathogen. Treatment long lasting. Usually, antibiotic therapy is prescribed for a period of ten days. With the rapid recovery treatment can reduce up to five days.

The result of taking antibiotics will only appear after a course of treatment. The easiest and cheapest antibiotic is Penicillin, the drug is widely action. In no case do not give yourself the treatment themselves, can be adverse reactions. Only the doctor knows which drug will produce the desired effect and will not harm the patient.

The medication is strictly required at the appointed time, as otherwise the drug will not have the desired effect.

If after two or three days there is no improvement, change the antibiotic group. Not all bacteria react to any one drug, soyou will need to choose the medicine that will help to cope with this type of pathogen. In order not to waste a lot of time and funds administered sputum, which immediately establishes a kind of bacteria.

Streptococci and staphylococci - pathogens, a wrong which can harm the health. If it is wrong to treat streptococcal sore throat, may be a purulent abscess or sepsis that spreads throughout the body.

oslozhneniya na serdceStaphylococcal tonsillitis can give complications on heart, musculoskeletal system and kidneys. It is therefore necessary to adhere not only to the regular use of antibiotics, but still in bed. Remember that such infections are transmitted by airborne droplets. Be careful not to infect others. In addition to the antibiotics, take painkillers and antipyretic drugs.

Reliable and effective remedy for sore throat is a simple gargling. Don't underestimate this method of treatment. If you regularly do this procedure, what the recovery will come much faster. Several recipes of preparing a solution for rinsing are presented below.

In order to prepare a solution, you will need to dissolve the baking soda and salt in warm water. In any case, it is not recommended to use boiling water, as possible to burn the sore throat.

Tablets Furatsilina dissolve in warm water. The resulting solution should gargle several times a day.

The alcohol infusion Hlorofillipt - effective way fast enough to forget about the symptoms of angina.

If you take up the treatment at the first sign of sore throat, there are great chances to recover within a few days. But when the disease started, it will take more time and effort. So consult a doctor, to save time and money. Health comes first, so it should continue to be supported.