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Characteristic symptoms and treatment of acute sinusitis

Acute sinusitis, symptoms and treatment of which are directly dependent on the severity of the disease, is inflammation in the acute form, localized in the nasal and paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis may be viral, bacterial, fungal and allergic. Bacterial sinusitis otherwise known as acute sinusitis. The symptoms and treatment of this disease, in some cases, coincide with the symptoms and treatment of sinusitis. Types of acute sinus infection according to severity can be divided into three parts: easy, medium and hard.As a special case of sinusitis, you can highlight etmoidit. It is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which is located in the ethmoid bone. Etmoidit quite rare, but has life-threatening complications.

problema ostrogo sinusita

The causes of pathology

Causes of acute sinusitis may be: Allergy, fungal infection, immunosuppression, trauma of the mucous membrane of the sinuses, allergic rhinitis, various diseases of the teeth of the upper jaw. All these factors can trigger swelling of the nasal mucosa. Also, acute sinusitis can be the consequence of colds that occur during the lowering of the immune system.


povyshenie temperatury - simptom ostrogo sinusitaThe typical symptoms of sinusitis:

  1. The increase in temperature.
  2. Headache. The greatest source of pain - the temporal and the frontal lobe. During tilting and turning of the head the pain becomes stronger. At night is enhanced. At night pain are observed in occipital and Central parts of the head.
  3. The lack of olfactory reflexes.
  4. Shortness of breath occurs due to swelling of the mucous membrane of the sinuses.
  5. Purulent or mucous discharge from the nose.
  6. Changes in the composition of the blood, which suggests that occurs in the body inflammatory processes.
  7. Malaise, constant fatigue.

golovnaya bol pri ostrom sinusiteThe symptoms of inflammation with different degrees of severity of the disease differ.

If sinusitis is mild, the symptoms of the disease may be mild or does not occur. Pain in the affected areas of the sinuses is practically imperceptible, in the same way as headache. Body temperature almost never rises, if the increased, very low.

If the disease is moderate, it is determined strongly expressed headache, mainly in the area of the sinuses. Towards the evening the pain is usually stronger.The average severity of acute sinusitis swollen eyelids, nasal sinus, fever.

During severe forms of sinusitis felt severe headaches, swelling and pain in the area of the sinuses, body temperature increased, chills. The third degree of the severity of acute sinusitis is the most severe form of this disease. With this degree often have serious complications.

Preventive measures

zakalivanie dlya profilaktiki ostrogo sinusitaThe acute form of sinusitis was exacerbated by a viral infection, so prevention needs:

  1. Not to SuperCool.
  2. Time to treat all colds.
  3. Constantly strengthen the immune system.
  4. To harden.
  5. To carry out proper and timely food.

Treatment of acute sinusitis

shema sinusitaThe main thing in the treatment of sinusitis - not to delay treatment in a timely manner to carry out preventive maintenance and follow all the doctor's instructions: to try as much as possible to go out to drink more warm liquids and warm, to use antipyretics in case of fever, take extra vitamins, improve immunity. Also very effective lavage of the nose, causing the nasal passages are cleared of dust, mucus and germs. In some cases it is possible to carry out warming up of the sinuses, but the use of this method should be cautious, in advance in consultation with experts. In the case of disease progression should immediately start medication. If drug therapy, special attention should be given to: removal of temperature, elimination of nasal congestion and reduce swelling of the sinuses.

For removing the swelling in the mucosa of the sinus applied vasoconstrictor preparations: sprays, drops (xylitol), aerosols (naphazoline, Oxymetazoline). In acute sinusitis may experience dryness in the nasal sinuses, so you should use a drop of oil-based. To avoid habituation to these tools, you should use them not more than five days. Vasoconstrictor drops is usually fast money. But these tools can only remove puffiness, but does not cure the disease itself. After using them requires the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce pathogens.

bioparoks pri lechenii ostrogo sinusitaDosage of antipyretics prescribed by a doctor. Severe pain head and pain in the sinuses specialists prescribed analgesics.

In acutesinusitis you need to apply antibiotics. The best of them in the treatment of sinusitis is considered Bioparox. This drug is recommended to enter in the sinuses.

If medical treatment fails, surgical intervention is required. To surgical methods of treatment of acute sinusitis include: puncture and cleansing of the sinuses. Using a special needle to puncture is a puncture in the nasal sinus and the injected irrigation solution. Then, we introduce a special antiseptic or anti-inflammatory solution. When using a method such as needling, it is necessary to carry out the treatment. In the case of incomplete treatment in the exposed nasal sinus again could be infection. Pregnant women and children for the treatment of sinusitis should be treated with great caution. Better to use funds from the common cold that contain Xylometazoline. This substance is safe and more suited to treat these groups of patients.

Folk remedies

The treatment of sinusitis folk remedies should only be conducted in conjunction with drugs, and to start such a therapy is desirable only after using drugs filmed all of the major inflammatory processes.

An important role in therapy of acute sinusitis is the inhalation of medicinal herbs such as calendula, chamomile, plantain, sage. These herbs have antiseptic and vasoconstrictor action. And overall beneficial to the entire body.

For inhalation also fit some foods: carrots, potatoes, onions. For heating, you can apply hot boiled eggs.

In the lavage of the sinuses use infusion of herbs: chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula and plantain. They contribute to reduce swelling, restore breathing. The application fees will decrease the development of infection.

Complications of acute sinusitis

  1. Meningitis. May occur if acute sinusitis is not cured for a long time, due to which affected the brain.
  2. Asthma. Asthma attacks can be provoked in people suffering from chronic bronchitis.
  3. Blindness or vision impairment. Occurs, if the infection is acute sinusitis spread to the eye organs. Blindness may be temporary and may be lifelong. Sometimes the risk of infection in the eye socket in addition to vision impairment and blindness can lead to more health problems, sometimes fatal.
  4. Stroke. The infection may be located too close to blood vessels: it impedes the movement of blood to the brain.
  5. Ear infection. The infection spread to the organs of hearing. In severe cases can lead to total or partial deafness.

Pathology canto have very unpleasant consequences, if not treated properly.

Therefore, the treatment should be correct, that is assigned to a technician, and timely.