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Effective treatment of loss of voice in the home

If a person diagnosed with laryngitis or voice loss, home treatment and a quick recovery is quite real. However, to properly cure any disorder, it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis and to choose the right course of treatment.

problema laringitaLaryngitis is a common disorder in which the area of the larynx inflamed mucous membranes. This, in turn, gives the person some discomfort when trying to say anything. Loss of voice is the first symptom of the development of laryngitis. In order not to feel discomfort during a conversation, you need to quickly and timely treatment.

The main causes of loss of voice

Among the reasons why the person may partially or completely disappear voice, we can distinguish two main.

simptomy i formy proyavleniya laringitaThe first is the penetration into the body of a viral infection that is airborne and affects the mucous membranes in the area of the larynx. To get an infection very easy - just a walk in the winter on the street with your mouth open. The treatment of the disease will be long and unpleasant.

To treat voice loss at home with medicines or using the recipes of traditional medicine for a very long time without visible results. In addition, the development of such infection is not always observed increase in body temperature, headache, sweating, as with the common cold or flu. Laryngitis is often characterized by a dry cough and a constant tickle in the throat. The main symptom that occurs in humans with a weakened or a missing voice, that constant desire to cough and clear his throat. The sputum does not depart, and the expectoration more irritating to mucous membranes, causing discomfort and pain.

The second reason is the reluctance of people to care about the health of his body, particularly on his vocal cords. For example, the voice may be lost after long speeches and talking in an elevated tone. Negatively vocal cords affects singing, loud and frequent screams, overly emotional person. All these factors also contribute to the development of human laryngitis.

pereohlazhdenie kak prichina poteri golosaIf you've lost your voice, then you need to quickly get it started treatment and exclude the following:

  • long and loud talking or singing;
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol;
  • eating acidic or spicy foods.

In some cases the loss of voice call aphonia. Aphonia isof the following types: functional, true, paralytic, spasmodic, hysterical. Most often aphonia suffer teachers, speakers, presenters, singers, actors, ie, all of whom are on duty every day have to talk a lot and loud. The first symptom is partial or complete loss of voice is the feeling in the throat a foreign body, hoarseness and slight cough when attempting verbal communication.

Of course, the loss of voice is not just laryngitis. The cause may be a decrease in muscle tone of the larynx with the General weakening of the immune system caused by cardiovascular disease, laryngospasm, disorders of the metabolism. Also cause loss of voice can be a stressful situation or hormonal failure in the body.

Treatment of loss of voice in the home

polza chesnoka pri potere golosaThere are a lot of effective recipes of folk medicine for the treatment of laryngitis. If the voice is not lost, but just husky or veiled, it is advised to eat more garlic. Useful only cooked garlic. Same healing effect has onions. Boil it and eat, before drinking one glass of warm water with honey. These procedures will need to pass the course, then the voice will be ringing and clear, and the wheezing will go away.

For the following drugs will need a piece of shit. Chop the plant on a grater and pour the mass of 100 ml of boiling water. Let the mix steep for about twenty minutes to steam. Drink the infusion with horseradish needs no more than three times a day one teaspoon. Method of application has its own characteristics: drink the medicine, slowly, trying before a breath hold it in the mouth. This therapeutic effect will increase and the vocal cords will recover faster.

When loss of voice come to the aid of iodine. They need to lubricate the larynx, while in iodine, you can add glycerin. In this solution it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab and try as far as possible to lubricate the entire surface of the throat. It should be done carefully and not more than three days, while accurately damaged areas up to three times a day.

polza imbirya pri potere golosaA very quick way to restore the missing voices - a decoction of dates. Take about ten dates, cook in 0,5 l of water as a compote of fruit. Drink it hot to full recovery.

You can make medicine out of ginger root. Recipe tools is very simple. First we need to grate the ginger root, grated, about a third of the glass. Pour a lot of honey to the edge of the glass. After prepareenamel container and the mixed components bring to the boil. Let blend a few minutes the sauce to boil on low heat, after which the container is removed and cooled to room temperature. As a result, you will get ginger honey that will relieve hoarseness and sore throat. It is best to mix it with very hot tea or herbal decoction. Doctors recommend to drink this medicine the night not only for the recovery of the vocal cords, but also for good sleep.

You cough and hoarseness mix the honey with warm vinegar.

Since ancient times there is such a great tool for voice restoration, as raw eggs. Before drinking it, remove from refrigerator and wait until they warm to room temperature. This is a very famous method which is used by singers and artists.

Treatment with decoctions and compresses

prosvirnik lesnoj pri potere golosaFor lovers of herbs and herbal teas also have a recipe. For example, when the loss of voice will help mallow forest. To prepare a decoction, you need to chop the roots and leaves of this plant. Next, pour all the boiling water and boil on low heat about fifteen minutes. As in the previous cases, after boiling the medium must cool down. You can then use it for gargling. This will help to relieve pain, remove discomfort and constant hoarseness in the voice. Similarly, you can use other herbs such as marjoram, mother and stepmother, thyme, thyme. They act as antimicrobials, because it is because of microbial irritation of the mucous membranes of the throat and, as a consequence, hoarseness.

And we have to mention aloe. If you have this plant in almost any disease you can use it for treatment. To prepare the medication you need from the leaves to squeeze the juice and mix it with boiled water in proportion 1:2. The resulting solution need to gargle three times a day.

In addition to folk remedies, treatment of missing or hoarse voices at home needs to complement a warm foot bath and hot compress on the throat.

Most importantly, if you need somewhere to go, and it's cold and rainy, compress at night should not be hot. It is best in such cases to press into the throat with a cloth, dry grated soap. But on the street your throat must be closed with a woolen scarf.

Subject to all of the above recommendations, the vote must quickly return, be even cleaner and louder.