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What are antiviral drugs?

Antiviral drugs designed to kill viruses that enter the human body. Antiviral drugs are not only to treat disease but to prevent it.

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Group of antiviral drugs

All medicines of this type, the experts are divided into several groups depending on the origin of products and their features:

  1. Interferon and derived from him, Neovir, Poludan, Reaferon, Laferon, Interlock, intron a, Betaseron.
  2. Nucleosides: Idoxuridine, Trifluridine, Ganciclovir, Vidarabine.
  3. Drugs, which is composed of lipids: Saquinavir.
  4. Derivatives of the substance adamantane: Bonafton, Adapromin, Metisazon, Midantan, Arbidol.
  5. Ladybarbara acid: Foscarnet.
  6. Derivatives of thiosemicarbazone: Metisazon.
  7. Drugs to natural plant-based: Holpin, Legoshin, Flakozid, Alpizarin.

This list of antiviral drugs most often used in the pharmaceutical industry, in medicine, the list is a little different. Doctors divide drugs into groups based on what viruses they have. For the treatment of viruses that have DNA, use the following effective antiviral drugs:

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  1. Herpes simplex: Valaciclovir, Acyclovir, Foscarnet.
  2. Cytomeglavirus: Foscarnet and Ganciclovir.
  3. Chickenpox: Acyclovir and Foscarnet.
  4. Smallpox: Metisazon.
  5. Hepatitis b and C: derived from the interferon.

To cure a virus with RNA-containing, need to use the following antiviral drugs:

  1. Against problems with the immune system: Zalcitabine, Didanosine.
  2. Against influenza, which belongs to the type a, Remantadin, Midantan.
  3. For influenza types A and B, Arbidol.
  4. For respiratory syncytial disease: Ribamidil.

It's not all antiviral drugs used for treatment of viral diseases to date, however, these drugs are used most often. Besides, there are several groups of drugs for the treatment of diseases caused by different types of viruses, namely:

  1. The homeopathic group.
  2. Assets that have an antibiotic effect.
  3. Derived from the Interferon.
  4. Drugs that not only kill viruses but also stimulate the immune system.

Antiviral medications are homeopathic in nature

This group of drugs is currently the most popular and very often used for the treatment of viral diseases in both adults and children. Often specialists can schedule an appointment Aflubin, Vibracula orThe Oscillococcinum. A little less used to treat the Flu-heel.

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To date, not been fully elucidated how exactly are the medications from this group, but they quickly strengthen the body and activate a protective function. The result is stimulation of the human immune system. As shown by numerous practice, their efficiency is particularly high, if started before the development of the disease caused by viruses. Homeopathic medicine is a great means for the prevention of viral infections. However, they must be used solely for the purpose of specialists.

If the medication in this group no positive result, then you need to abandon it and to replace it with another drug that must be from another group. Doctors most often with the ineffectiveness of homeopathic antiviral medications are prescribed to those that are in their basis contain chemicals.

Drugs of chemical origin

This group of drugs is used very often and shows a very good result in the fight against viral diseases. The most used media today considered: Tamiflu, Acyclovir, Arbidol and others. Acyclovir is considered to be the most secure, it is often used to treat diseases that were caused by the virus Epstein-Barr. More often used Remantadin. It produced as tablets and in syrup, but under a different name - Orver. It should be noted that this medication has a narrow range of applications. It is used only for the treatment of influenza and only at the initial stage of the disease.

ribavirin dlya lecheniya respiratorno-sincitialnyh virusovRibavarin made use of to treat different kinds of respiratory syncytial virus and influenza. These viruses are very often can cause development of severe pneumonia in children under one year. The drug is used not only in the initial stage of the disease.

Very popular for the treatment of flu and many viral diseases is the drug Tamiflu. Its main advantage in comparison with many other remedies is that the effect on the organism and protection from viruses occurs throughout the treatment process. Using Tamiflu can shorten the recovery period in half, this reduces by about half the risk of developing serious complications. But Tamiflu has quite a few side effects, therefore it cannot be used for the treatment of children under12.

Interferon and its derivatives drugs

The most effective and safe drugs is considered to be preparations of Interferon. They can quickly cure a huge number of viral diseases, the damage to the body of a sick person or child will be minimal. Interferon has an active effect on all viruses that penetrate the human body. Since this substance is also produced in the human body, but in a small amount, the only side effect that can occur when use is Allergy to foreign protein or giperchuvstvitelnost to him.

This group of drugs is so effective that after a few days of treatment disappear all of the symptoms of the disease.

When this occurs, the treatment of viral problems, and colds. Use of antiviral drugs this group is not only on the initial stage of the disease, but also during the acute illness.

For children you can use a variety of drugs-derivatives of Interferon, namely:

  1. Viferon, which proizvodi in the form of rectal suppositories.
  2. Kipferon, available in candlelight.
  3. Grippferon is a special nasal drops.

Professionals prescribe these drugs to children as to years and older for treatment of various colds and acute respiratory viral infections at all stages of development. They do not cause any side effects and is completely safe for small children. Grippferon can cause minor discomfort or burning sensation in the nose of the child in the first few days of treatment, then it disappears. However, this drug has a vasoconstrictive effect that allows you to use it long enough.

Along with Interferon can be used antiviral agents that stimulate the immune system. Typically, these medications may appoint only an immunologist, after he will conduct a thorough examination of the patient man. These drugs are not only used directly to treat viral diseases, but also for its prevention.

Antiviral drugs during pregnancy and lactation

Of course, during pregnancy it is desirable to use as little drugs of medical origin. But if a woman contracted the virus, in this case, the administration of specific drugs is mandatory. If not to conduct treatment there can be a quite a large risk of health complications not only the mother but also her unborn child. Quite often, the flu that started to heal the wrong time, or was treated incorrectly, can cause serious consequences.

Experts recommend the use of antiviraldrugs in pregnancy, once a woman feels the first symptoms of the disease. It is not necessary to wait until the results of laboratory tests. Normally assigned to a modern drug Tamiflu. Recommended to use it at the initial stage of development of influenza and other viral diseases, and in a time when there are serious complications or heavy enough manifestations of the disease.

If a woman does not have the possibility to buy Tamiflu, it is possible to use other means of antiviral character, which are intended for the treatment of pregnant women, for example, Zanamivir. Its application is to hold the inhalation for about 10 milligram funds two times a day, but not more than five days in a row. Women in period of lactation in the treatment of viral diseases, it is desirable to stop breastfeeding. At the same time, after the consultation with an expert you can choose the medicine that is safe during nursing.

Pregnant and lactating women should be very careful while choosing the medication, because it affects not only their health but also the health of the child, the body which is still very weak. Related to the selection of antiviral medications very seriously and pre-be sure to consult with a specialist. It is not necessary in this case to self-medicate, because it can lead to unwanted complications.