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The symptoms and treatment of allergic asthma

Allergic asthma is a rather common pathology in adults and children. Common phenomenon as a normal form, and allergic bronchial asthma. Allergic to some substances found in many people, the reasons for it can be enough. The danger lies in the lack of visible symptoms in the initial stages of the disease. In the future, it complicates the treatment process.

problema allergicheskoj astmy

Symptoms of pathology

An allergic form of disease is a little different from the ordinary symptoms of asthma. First and foremost is the difficulty breathing. It occurs almost immediately after contact with the allergen. To breathe becomes extremely difficult. Often shortness of breath is manifested during exercise. When spasm of the respiratory tract the air is with a whistling wheeze. It can be heard even at some distance.

shema allergicheskoj astmyWhen the choking man instinctively takes the focus by hand to any surface to help move air through muskulaturnoy efforts.

Prolonged bouts of coughing. In some cases this is the only symptom of the disease, so it is often confused with other pathologies. You should know that coughing is normal after a few minutes, during this time, the Airways have time to clean. In allergic cough can stand a small amount of sputum.

Status asthmaticus - an acute complication of the disease, the symptoms of which are characterized by dyspnea, unresponsive to measures of therapy. In case of failure to provide timely medical care from acute oxygen starvation of the person loses consciousness and falls into a coma. There is a possibility of lethal outcome.

The frequency and duration of manifestations of allergic asthma depends on intensity of contact with the allergen. In some cases, the disease is of a purely seasonal nature. For example, if you are allergic to the vegetable particles, particularly pollen. In this case, the peak of acute pathology will occur in the offseason.

The causes of the disease

Allergic asthma may be due to such provoking factors as:

kurenie - prichina allergicheskoj astmy

  1. Genetic variation - according to statistics, some older relatives of the patient have similar disease. The parents have allergies, the probability of having a child with a similar diagnosis is quite high. If the Allergy is expressed in both parents, the child is more likely to also be born allergic. The disease is not transmitted through the genetic code, just humanhas a tendency to the development of this deviation.
  2. The sensitivity of the bronchial tract can provoke a disease of an infectious nature. Equally can be guilty of bad ecology and harmful costs of professional activities.
  3. Smokers are more susceptible to asthma, including suffer the children, acting as passive smokers. Against this background, they can easily develop asthma.
  4. Food preferences can also influence the development of allergies. An excessive amount of preservatives and food dyes in the diet will only contribute to this.
  5. But the main reason is usually the allergen.

Of the key substances, most commonly acting in the role of allergenic stimuli, it is necessary to highlight: pollen and other vegetable matter, hair and fluff, mould, microorganisms, dust mite living in it), a certain kind of food substances with pungent smell (household chemicals, perfumes), as well as any smoke and just cold air.

The pathogenesis of the disease

Allergic asthma manifests itself in the case of the introduction into the blood of the allergenic agent, it is, in turn, by acting on certain cells, forcing them to throw out the specific components that cause a negative reaction. In view of the predisposition of the airway to decrease and sensitivity to these substances, happen their unwanted spasms. Difficult breathing that manifested a characteristic shortness of breath. The reaction is almost spontaneous, which is a danger to human life when failure to provide him assistance.

Diagnostic measures

issledovanie analizov pri allergicheskoj astmeThe survey begins with a detailed history of existing pathology. For this, the patient needs to describe in detail all symptoms of the disease on the basis of which the doctor will make the initial findings and decide on further diagnostic methods.

Of them in the first place it is worth noting spirometry. This method uses a special machine that determines the basic performance parameters of pulmonary function. An important feature of this equipment is the possibility of fixing the volume of breaths of the patient.

In addition, we study the sputum to determine the specific pathology of the particles. The main challenge in diagnosis, to determine the most effective treatment is identifying the root causes of the disease, in particular, a possible allergen. To do this, in some cases on the skin is a small scratch on which to apply a solution containing a purported allergen. Upon detection of the desiredsubstances at the site of application of the solution will manifest the inflammatory process.

Treatment of pathology

antigistaminnye medikamenty dlya lecheniya allergicheskoj astmy

Therapy is carried out similarly with the treatment upon liquidation of any other Allergy, and of course, there are nuances. Often prescribed anti-histamine medicines that block the respective receptors normally responding to the impact of histamine, which is a substance provocateur. These drugs significantly soften allergic reactions, or completely eliminate them. For prevention, they are recommended for long-term consumption.

In addition, there is an extraordinary practice in which you deliberately introduce the allergen into the blood in small, acceptable amounts. As addiction increase the dose. Due to the negative reaction to the impact is minimized. Because, as you know, people get used even to snake poison, is immune too.

During an acute attack of asthma can help a special inhaler. Now they are sold in almost every pharmacy. To ensure short-term impact - is the best option. At the maximum result, they have minimal side effects, unlike the drugs for internal use. Treatment of children is a very effective group of drug-kromonov, but in adults they do not act.

Prevention of the disease

Priority in the presence of allergic asthma are the preventative measures to avoid all undesired contact with the identified allergen.

Respecting simple rules, you can significantly reduce the number of dangerous attacks.

  1. In residential areas it is necessary more frequent cleaning, getting rid of accumulations of dust, and it is better avoiding them altogether. House dust is a universal allergen due to allergies.
  2. Reduce contact with Pets to a minimum. If they are not, and do not have Pets at all.
  3. To avoid the use of aggressive chemicals and harsh perfumes and household chemicals
  4. If the disease originated on a professional basis, then you should change jobs, no matter what.

All the detailed recommendations can be obtained from the attending physician. Allergic asthma, due to the threat of seizures that require close attention and responsible attitude. Not respecting the instructions given by the specialist, there is a risk of the pathology in chronic, intractable shape for life.