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Causes of asthma in children

Bronchial asthma in children is a chronic inflammation of the bronchi. As a result, there is a blockage of the airway by sputum - this is the cause of edema, which prevent the child to breathe properly. Painful cough during asthma occurs due to spasm in the bronchi. It is not always possible to distinguish asthma from a simple respiratory disease, so the symptoms of this terrible disease, we need to know as early as possible to begin to deal with illness.

problema bronhialnoj astmy u rebenka

How to know that the child has asthma?

This disease is very widespread today, so with this diagnosis faces a fairly large number of parents. The cause is:

  • bad ecology;
  • diseases caused by viruses;
  • household chemicals.

Bronchial asthma in children, unlike adults, often refers specifically to the allergic type. The most common cause of manifestation of this disease is the allergen that causes inflammation in the bronchi. As a consequence, the child is sick with asthma, often suffers from diseases of a viral nature, it becomes sluggish and inactive. This disease can cause complications that are life-threatening baby.

The symptoms of childhood asthma

vidy bronhialnoj astmyAsthma symptoms very similar to viral disease of the upper respiratory tract, and therefore, parents don't always know what they are doing. Most importantly, it is necessary to consult a good specialist if there is the slightest suspicion on this disease. Bronchial asthma occurs without a temperature. Thus it is possible to find the disease in the face, as all viral diseases occur with increased body temperature. If the child has dry cough without sputum symptoms - you should immediately consult pulmonologist.

Symptoms and signs:

  1. In infants the signs of bronchial asthma can be recognized in paroxysmal dry cough at night or in the morning. If during the attack to take the child on hands so that your upper body was raised, it can stop coughing, but in a horizontal position cough will increase. During an attack the baby can be a stuffy nose. It is possible to observe that the breath of the crumbs becomes noisy and hissing, and the duration of inhalation not to the duration of the exhalation as the exhalation is twice less than a breath.
  2. Older kids who already know how to speak, while asthma may complain of impaction chest pain, they do not have enough air. Observed patients and reflex breathing - they try to inhale more air, consequently, the cough becomesstrong.
  3. The cough is always dry and no sputum discharge, seldom it happens that the baby can cough up a small piece of mucus.
  4. In rare cases may occur skin rash, watery eyes or itching.
  5. The attacks can occur during sports, after a walk, play with the animals or during paint colors. This means that the child may be in contact with the allergen. Adults should observe when the child has had a seizure - it will help you understand what affects the health of the baby.
  6. If the child has no temperature during paroxysmal cough is most likely not a simple catarrhal disease, namely allergic.

Diagnosis of pediatric asthma

konsultaciya vracha pri bronhialnoj astme u rebenkaWithout treatment, asthma can cause many complications. The simplest complication is this: often anginas, colds, sinusitis, rhinitis. In the process of frequent cough the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx arise microtrauma, and they can be the gateway to a variety of pathogenic bacteria.

Before to treat asthma, you must determine the source of disease, why it has arisen. Turning to the pediatrician, you should in detail to tell him what's going on with your child. The doctor will listen to heart and lungs, will conduct a blood test to rule out bronchitis and pneumonia, and only if suspicions are confirmed, the child is immediately hospitalized.

Pediatrician should refer the child with the parents for a consultation with a pulmonologist, who in turn will conduct a survey to establish the reasons for the development of the disease. Bronchial asthma may receive the child from an early age, if:

  • woman in pregnancy was sick of viral diseases and took a lot of drugs;
  • child under one year received the incorrect foods;
  • suffer other family members with allergies or asthma.

bronhi pered pristupom astmy i vovremya pristupaTo determine the allergen that caused this disease, spend a number of allergodil. Only then can you figure out what exactly the child has received asthma. All studies are conducted in the period when the child is healthy or when he's not coughing. If this is not possible, then prescribe the special blood tests. After all laboratory tests, the pulmonologist needs to conduct additional studies of the bronchi and lungs.

Depending on the stage of development of asthma, the child is assigned a treatment in the fight against inflammation in the respiratory tract. You need toimmune reconstitution and treatment of acute diseases of the bronchi chronic type.

In any case, with such a complex disease as asthma, it is impossible to self-medicate under the supervision of an experienced physician. Improper care causes serious respiratory failure which is very life threatening.

Methods of prevention of asthma

Asthma in children can occur in many different ways, so you need first to improve the overall health of the little man and prevent possible attacks.

kashel pri bronhialnoj astme u rebenkaIt is very important to follow the child in the family in which someone suffers from allergies or asthma. Prevention of asthma in children should include:

  1. The child should be breastfed, but if this is not possible, then you need to choose solid foods only as directed by your pediatrician.
  2. To impose an artificial lure with six months and do not give foods that can cause allergies.
  3. During the illness in a timely manner to treat the baby with a prescription that was prescribed by a doctor.
  4. Do not give children to contact with household chemical goods.
  5. Pillows and blankets should be made of natural fillers.
  6. Often to clean the apartment and to reduce to a minimum the manifestation of dust.
  7. To remove from home carpets and old furniture where the mites love to live.
  8. Use fewer household chemicals, and it is better to replace it with our hypoallergenic cleaning products and detergents.
  9. Not to have Pets, and even fish that eat dry food.
  10. Need to ventilate the room, where the child is, but be careful with wind in the house is not exposed to plant pollen.

You need to constantly monitor cleanliness in the house and every day do wet cleaning.

Not to expose the child's emotional disorder. Most often suffer bronchial asthma children from disadvantaged families.

Start tempering the child from an early age is will encourage proper development of the immune system which will minimize symptoms of asthma and many other diseases.

Nevertheless, if your baby was diagnosed with bronchial asthma, you need to approach this disease. Treatment should be carried out only on prescription and in any case not to give the child to take the antibiotics because they have a severe allergic action.

Very often, the child develops this disease and in older age does not suffer from clenching cough. To cure the child, you need to spend more time outside the city, to a sick kidmore often breathing the fresh air. Proper diet is also will positively impact on the health status of the growing organism. The vitamins that are in fruits and vegetables positively affect the development of your baby.

Even asthma can be cured in the early stages, if you take seriously to this disease. Only the care and love of parents and the right approach a qualified doctor will cure the child.