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The disease of bronchial asthma in children – symptoms and treatment

Bronchial asthma in children, symptoms and treatment similar to adults. The only difference is that the first is harder to diagnose. The symptoms of asthma in children is difficult to identify due to the fact that the child is not able to accurately describe what was happening to him. Often the first signs of this disease are confused about croup, and Vice versa. Because the two diseases have similar symptoms - dyspnea and shortness of wheezing. Therefore, it is important to parents whose children have problems with the bronchi, more to observe the behavior of your baby.

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Bronchial asthma is a disease of a chronic nature, the cause of which is still uncertain. Most experts in traditional medicine tend to believe that asthma causes allergies. But this is a controversial opinion, as many people with a particular Allergy, not get asthma. According to statistics this disease affects more than 10% of children worldwide. And that number does not limit the number of patients is increasing constantly, especially in the most developed cities.

The symptoms of asthma

Due to the fact that in children under 5 years have bronchi the lumen is narrower than in the adult, the signs of bronchial asthma will be slightly different. For an adult the main characteristic of asthma is bronchospasm, which leads to suffocation. The same pattern is observed in children older than 5 years. In children under 5 years the main signs of asthma are the presence of edema of the mucous membranes of the bronchi and separated the abundant thick mucus. That is the same symptoms as with the common cold. Along with this allocated and other first signs of asthma in children:

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  • wheezing;
  • dry cough is usually paroxysmal, which starts at night or when waking;
  • periodically, the patient may complain of constrained breathing;
  • attacks of shortness of breath and cough starts naturally in certain circumstances when in contact with certain allergens.

Another noted that asthma attacks in children may start not only with the cough, but the runny nose and even hives. While there are always whistling and wheezing, the child is like trying to catch a mouth air. Against this background, changes and General condition of the child, he becomes lethargic, her lips a bluish tint, and the skin becomes pale. In such situation it is necessary to provide first aid and remove the attack. And if this is the first time, you need to urgently call an ambulance.

How to help child withasthma?

neobhodimost astmatika v svezhem vozduheIf the child is put a diagnosis of asthma, parents should be required to consult with your doctor what medications should be present in the home medicine Cabinet. In addition, you need to consider first aid asthmatics during attacks. When this happens, it is necessary in a ventilated but warm room, tilt the baby forward into a sitting position, the elbows should rest on the knees. Next you need to do inhalation with medication, which relieves bronchospasm.

It is very important not to panic that the baby has not experienced the feeling of fear. To distract him, read him a story or watch him favorite cartoon. In the house where lives the person who suffers from asthma, you must observe the rules of hygiene more carefully. More to do the cleaning and avoid to accumulate dust, often ventilate all the rooms. It is important to minimize contact with allergens, which include dust, six animals, molds, and feathers in pillows and some food.

Treatment of bronchial asthma

Treatment of asthma can be not only symptomatic, that is, when it removed its only attack. Despite the fact that this disease is chronic, it can be treated in other ways.

Helps allergen-specific immunotherapy, where the body is specially adapted to various allergens.

In addition, it is important to be in therapy, improves the General condition of the upper respiratory tract. Usually, this therapy is carried out in the period of remission, when the disease does not manifest itself.

In addition, the child is asthmatic you need to yourself is always to have a special tool that has a bronchodilator action, for example, Flomax, berotek, Atrovent, Salgam and others. Such drugs produced in the form of metered aerosols and powder inhalers. About the disease should be shared with all educators and teachers. This is necessary primarily in order to protect such children from unnecessary stresses and strains. During periods when the child is ill SARS or influenza, it is important to treat carefully: right to respect dosages and consult a physician about possible allergic reactions to them.