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The disease of bronchial asthma and its treatment

Bronchial asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract. Due to hypersensitivity of the Airways become inflamed, they narrow. Ways mucus accumulates, increasing swelling, the patient worsens gas exchange, so the breathing becomes heavier. This leads to shortness of breath, dyspnea, severe dry cough. There are symptoms depending on the stage of asthma is usually early in the morning or night.

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The causes of asthma

Symptoms of asthma are usually associated with irritants-allergens. These are, for example, citrus, chocolate, dairy products. To allergens in bronchial asthma includes certain medications, perfumes and household chemicals, dust, wool of Pets. Worse breathing cold air. There is and asthma of physical effort associated with exertion during exercise.Seizures can develop quite slowly, but the human condition is deteriorating with each passing hour. In children seizures may occur in the form of itching of the neck or chest pain. During an attack you need to sit down, resting his hands on the table, so you can ease breathing. The symptoms in all patients with asthma are different, but all are associated with difficulty breathing.

Classification of the disease

bronhi pri bronhialnoj astmeWe can consider some forms of asthma:

  1. Allergic asthma can be observed in the atopic form. It occurs in children (may even be hereditary) and is associated with allergies to household products.
  2. Autopijaca has nothing to do with allergens. The reason for the emergence attack can be a respiratory infection, stress, physical overload. Usually this kind of asthma occurs in patients with chronic form of bronchitis.
  3. Non-allergic asthma is associated with all factors that are not allergic in nature (for example, women during menstruation). A variation of this form is aspirin induced asthma. The patient has intolerance to aspirin and other drugs that have the color yellow. Complications of bronchial asthma lead to chronic rinita, which are accompanied by formation of polyps.
  4. Asthma is much rarer. The reason for its occurrence are substances that a person inhales in the workplace.
  5. Cough form of bronchial asthma. Among the symptoms of the disease is only a cough.

prichiny bronhialnoj astmyVarieties of the disease according to the severity of the leakdisease

  1. Intermittent course of the disease refers to a mild degree of the disease and is characterized by occasional bouts. Night attacks are not torturing the patient.
  2. Persistent variety can be mild, moderate and severe. Mild is characterized by attacks occurring several times a week, but not more than once a day. To moderate severity is characterized by more frequent seizures that impair human performance. Can occur both during the night and in the morning. Severe persistent asthma is characterized by constant attacks at any time of the day. This form of asthma seriously violates work.

Bronchial asthma in adults and children are divided according to the severity of symptoms in some forms.

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  1. Controlled. The symptoms appear only during the day and several times per week (in some cases less). Performance is not limited. Patient-controlled disease do not need medication which alleviates the attack.
  2. Partially controlled. Seizures appear more than 2 times per week and nighttime and in the daytime. Despite occasional attacks, the patient requires the use of bronchodilators.
  3. Uncontrolled is expressed in the presence of attacks or symptoms more than 3 times a week. The most severe form is worsening. All symptoms are on an upward trajectory. Such bronchial asthma observed in most cases in the elderly.

Factors influencing the development of asthma

Occupational bronchial asthma is also a chronic form of the disease of the respiratory tract. Contribute to the development of the disease can be caused by different reasons. Risk factors of asthma can be internal, that is, developing the disease, as well as external, that is causing the symptoms.

kurenie kak prichina bronhialnoj astmyInternal factors include, for example, genetic predisposition, obesity. The external factors that provoke the symptoms of asthma are strong allergens (certain foods, pollen, and animal dander).

The endogenous form of the disease develops due to external factors and exogenous bronchial asthma occurs due to reasons caused by the condition within the body. Exercise and improper climate can also cause the development of asthma.Asthma and Smoking - are incompatible things, as tobacco smoke provokes spasms of the bronchi.

During the attack it is very important to the provision of first aid. You should bring the patient to fresh air,free from tight clothing and put in the most convenient position. Breathing should recover quickly enough. The patient with bronchial asthma, especially during attacks, this stress, it is necessary to ensure peace. Patients with asthma should always carry a pocket inhaler. Due to its action on the bronchi dilate, breathing comes back to normal.

Should know how to properly use the inhaler. If the inhaler is not helping after eight or nine breaths, it is urgent to call a doctor, in order not to aggravate the patient's condition. Respiratory failure leads to death, so calling an ambulance is required. The answer to the question how to live with asthma, it is quite simple. You need to follow the recommendations of doctors-experts, monitor health status, to avoid all allergens.

Asthma in children

Sometimes because of improper or untimely treatment of infectious and respiratory diseases in children is the inflammation of the Airways, the bronchi, develops asthma. Children allocate atopic and non-allergic form of bronchial asthma. Infectious dependent bronchial disease this type often occurs particularly sensitive to infections of children.

If the disease is protracted and severe, it is impossible to do without hormonal drugs.

medikamentoznoe lechenie bronhialnoj astmyHormone form of asthma must be accompanied by hormonal therapy only under the supervision of doctors, it is impossible to independently start and stop hormonal means. Seizures in children are in the same form as in adults. Very often in children and adolescents susceptible to the disease bronchial asthma boys. Regardless of gender and age, treatment of asthma should be carried out promptly and correctly.

On consultation, the doctor can determine the disease already at the first signs, but an accurate diagnosis is of spiremedia. It shows whether the narrowed airway. Clinical recommendations a doctor, you must perform fully. Only a doctor can prescribe medication that will ease the progress of the disease. Attacks relieve antihistamines or bronchodilator drugs. In order to identify the cause of the disease, you should consult with an allergist, who will conduct all necessary tests and advise you on what prevention are needed to reduce the risk of complications and the occurrence of seizures. Only after identifying the major irritants will be determined by the clinical picture of the disease.

It is very important to remember about preventiondisease in children and adults. From an early age to strengthen the immune system, harden the body, to treat various internal diseases. Common bronchial asthma in the elderly, so should be especially carefully treat their health in the elderly. Sports without unnecessary stress and prevent diseases of the respiratory tract. Time to treat in order to avoid complications and severe consequences.