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The types and names of inhalers in bronchial asthma

What are the different inhalers for bronchial asthma (names, types)? Bronchial asthma is a very serious illness. Various allergens, stress, cold air – all of these factors are a direct threat to human life.

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Medicine in recent years have made great strides in the treatment of this disease. Drugs have a great effect and allow you to control the disease and avoid serious exacerbations.

It all starts at the moment when they arrive at the Airways, that is, immediately after using a special device – dose inhaler. Injection asthma must be performed observing all precautionary measures. It is worth noting that almost all children are afraid of injections. When conducting inhalation in bronchial asthma, as a rule, such problems do not arise, since the device very easy to use.

Types of devices for inhalation for asthma

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Today in the market you can find several types of inhalers in bronchial asthma, each of which has its pros and cons.

The most effective are powder inhalers. The drug enters the body in the form of dry powder. To use the instrument very easily, but it has one significant disadvantage – high cost.

There is another type of devices – speiserei. They are made of a metal or plastic chambers that attach to the inhaler. Such devices operate on the principle of a valve: the medicine into the lungs at a moment when a person takes a breath. During exhalation the valve closes the inhaler, which allows to save consumption of drugs.

This inhaler is easy to use and provides maximum release of the drug into the respiratory tract. Apply Spicer appropriate in the treatment of the child, since children are not always properly breathe during inhalation, and the device provides the access of drugs to the lungs, regardless of breath.

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The speiserei is a drawback, which is that its size is slightly larger than with a conventional pocket instrument, but the patient should always carry your inhaler.

You can use an inexpensive, reliable and easy to use device is a liquid nebulizer. In this case, the medication comes in the form of an aerosol. However, be aware that the drug gets to its destination only when the synchronous release of the drug and the inhalation. Before you start ituse, the patient must first learn how to breathe. In adults this is usually no problem. It should be noted that the aerosol is slightly heavier than powder, so part of it always settles in my mouth. Manufacturers choose the dose given to this feature.

The most common inhalers

What inhalers are popular? Huge number of medicines sold in pharmacies, some difficult choices when necessary, the treatment of asthma. The most common devices for inhalation:

  • Turbuhaler;
  • Easyhaler;
  • Diskhaler;
  • Diskus and other.

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You should know that this is not all effective medications. Besides, under different names can be sold the same main active ingredient in the composition.

Independently choose one or the other inhalers used to treat asthma, is very difficult. In addition, to choose the most hormonal preparations are contraindicated. Each preparation contained active substances in various combinations and dosages. Only a treating physician can assign the patient to a particular facility, evaluating the results of surveys.

For example, the most common inhaler, which is used for the treatment of asthma, is Symbicort Turbuhaler. It usually is used as a means to prevent attacks and to prevent. In the composition of the medication contains formoterol and budesonide.

Bronchiodialator and anti-inflammatory drugs (names)

Medications to treat asthma can be divided into 2 groups: anti-inflammatory and bronchodilators.

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The latter include the sympathomimetics, which stimulate the receptors in the bronchi and increase their lumen. Such drugs include Salbutamol, Terbutaline and other.

Another type of bronchodilators is a blocker of M-cholinergic receptors. They promote relaxation of the bronchial tubes. In bronchial asthma the patient may only take one drug from this group is Ipratropium (Atrovent). To apply this substance only as inhalation.

Good bronholiticeski the effect of methylxanthines. This group includes the drug Theophylline.

Potent anti-inflammatory effects of glucocorticoids have, but they have a number of side effects, but the inhalers according to the composition only affect the lungs and does not have the same number of negative properties. They are well prevent new attacks in asthmaaverage weight. Drugs included in this group: Budesonide, flunisolide etc.

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Another type of anti-inflammatory drugs – the leukotriene inhibitors. These include Montelukast and Zileuton. They are not allowed to form the white blood cells that cause inflammation and prevent the occurrence of edema of the bronchial mucosa. In the form of inhalers these substances are not used, but is often used in combination with them in the treatment of asthma.

Antiimmunoglobulin E is used if the disease is not amenable to treatment by other methods and drugs. Medications are typically very expensive, and along with this they provide enough long-term effect.

When you use the inhaler it is prohibited to determine the dosing yourself. This can only be done by a doctor. During use of medical device specialist will monitor the patients and if necessary gradually reduce the dose.

Usage instructions

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Each device instruction manual. Before using the drug, the patient should be trained in the proper use of the device. In this case, the Airways will get the optimal amount of medication that will help to achieve maximum effect. It is important to observe the sequence of actions. The use of the drug need to prepare the inhaler by removing the protective cap. For the example given dry powder inhaler.

Red dispenser device should be facing down. Then you turn the spout until it stops in one direction and then in another, repeating these steps twice. When properly performing these steps when you turn you will hear a click. During a turn you should not hold the device over the mouthpiece, otherwise it may break.

When the inhaler is ready to use, you need a deep exhale to the side (not into the mouthpiece). Then placing the mouthpiece between the teeth, the need to tightly clasp his lip for a better seal. Followed by deep and hard to breathe through the mouth. Do you exhale after the mouthpiece is ejected from the mouth.

If the doctor prescribed more than one dose, then inhaling the drug need the number of times specified by the specialist. It is important not to forget before each breath to prepare the inhaler for use, as stated above.

After use, the cap of the device is tightly closed. Mouth should be rinsed with plain water. Important: water can not swallow.

As a rule, a person does not feel the taste of the powder, as itthe number is extremely small. The mouthpiece after each use, wipe with a clean cloth. With the inhaler to take is not worth it.

Usually on the bottle there is a special indicator that indicates how many doses of the drug left in him. When it turns red, you have to buy a new inhaler, because in the old there are only 10 doses. After complete use of drug inhaler utilized.

If the result of taking the prescribed medication will worsen health appear pain, nausea and vomiting, heart problems, you need to immediately contact a doctor.

These symptoms may also appear as side reactions that usually occur very rarely. In this case, your doctor may suggest another drug.