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How to get disability in bronchial asthma?

Quite common cases when patients give a disability in asthma bronchial. This disease can take various forms and severity of occurrence, and cause complications and comorbidities – all of this draws attention MSEK, each aspect can affect her decision.

problema bronhialnoj astmy

The main characterizing moments

For registration of disability in bronchial asthma it is necessary to observe several conditions, requires careful preparation.

The analysis of the changes in the body from the moment of diagnosis. To get disability, it is not enough only the presence of disease. Of great importance disruption of body systems to which it led. This is especially true of asthma, which is not an indication of disability and it is not. Such violations include frequent complications that accompany it: the asthma, the attacks may be frequent and prolonged; cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency; inflammation in the lung, have chronic form; the dependence of the patient from steroid therapy.

Diagnosis is usually done in the clinic by place of residence, with the development of the disease is fairly slow, but complete recovery is rare.

konsultaciya vracha

In the initial stages, the patient quite successfully help of modern medicines can control asthma symptoms so that the person gets the opportunity quite a long time to maintain good health. From time to time you need hospital treatment. Years later, the patient usually feels unwell, reduced ability to work and active lifestyle.

After deciding on obtaining disability the first step is to consult your doctor. It needs to give direction to the passage of internal medical Board and help designed for medico-social examination, even if the doctor finds no reason for granting disability. In any case, he will be able to change the treatment strategy if the current is not sufficiently effective to aim to consult separately from related professionals.

Internal medical Commission, which can give the pulmonologist or physician, includes a number of laboratory studies, x-rays, electrocardiography and shorthand, inspection of narrow specialists. Depending on the severity of the disease and existing complications may require additionaldiagnostic events. For example, long-term use of drugs hormonal nature requires the conclusion on the functioning of the adrenal glands.

issledovanie analizov pri bronhialnoj astme

After completing the visit to all the experts to whom a direction, having passed all tests and received their results, it should go back to your doctor. Based on the results they will be made the necessary data in the patient map, then he can issue a direction to the passage of the ITU. If a patient has a disagreement and the doctor sees no reason for examination, he will make the mark “At the request of the patient”.

Next, you need to enroll in Bureau of ITU at the place of residence to the reception. A day to be appointed, will need to be on Commission for direct examination. When you yourself obtained medical certificates and referrals, you need to have the document proving the identity, and health insurance.

When passing the examination, the experts inquire the state of health, living conditions, characteristics of employment and other details that, together with provided medical information, will help to create a complete picture of the patient's condition and to make the necessary decision. As a result of passing the ITU will be assigned a group of disability or denied this. Every patient has the right to challenge the resulting decision in the Main regional offices. If the result does not satisfy, then you need to go to court.

A disability group in bronchial asthma

besplatnye lekarstvennye sredstva pri bronhialnoj astme

If the patient has the disease has mild or moderate severity, which leads to the limitation of the ability of self-service human movement and work, then usually give the third group of disability. At the same time on the conditions of employment there are some limitations. Such people are forbidden to work in hazardous industries, in a dusty, polluted areas, where fresh air is limited. If the employee is forced to work in conditions that are contraindicated to him, then his qualification should be reduced, and the volume of daily production activities reduced.

Sick, the disease which has medium and high severity and is accompanied by a pronounced disruption of the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, and endocrine systems, can be disabled of the second group. The underlying disease often accompanied by diabetes, renal failure. Thisit's hard for people to serve themselves, to learn something new and to work. Production for these disabilities must be specially equipped work places. If you allow your professional skills, it is possible to work at home.

Severe disease that only progresses and is irreversible complications, gives reason to assign the patient of the first group of disability. Work activity at the same time if possible, that significant limitations.


Already at diagnosis the patient with bronchial asthma are entitled to free medicines.

Children usually get a lot simpler: it is enough, being on the account, consult a doctor, allergist or pulmonologist. Adults will need a certificate from the Pension Fund that the right to free medicines is not lost.

Patients with asthma require rehabilitation treatment. It's pretty hard to do in urban areas, therefore, these people placed and permits on SANATORNO-resort treatment. Such a rehabilitation program in pneumology is aimed at providing control over the course of the disease in its mild phase using the least amount of drugs.

People with the disease can expect to receive additional living area.

The current legislation provides a number of benefits of relevance to children and their guardians.

besplatnyj proezd v obshestvennom transporte pri astme

These include the following:

  • free travel on public transport;
  • privileges for payment of housing and communal services;
  • children under 15 years of age are entitled to preventive products, which applies in this case, the milk;
  • the patient with a disability has the right once a year free travel to the place of treatment;
  • for children with asthma and their parents can purchase treatment vouchers at a reduced price;
  • mothers whose children have a disability, based on additional leave and work schedule that does not involve night shifts and work overtime.

Service in the army in bronchial asthma

It should also be noted that service in the army with this diagnosis to not put. Even if there is a positive dynamics of treatment of the disease when mild, it is likely that the recruit will give a reprieve. Also, when mild course of the disease in the absence of seizures have an altered reactivity of the bronchi. If it persists for five years or more, then the recruit will be consideredpartially fit.

If you notice signs of bronchial asthma during the medical examination if the diagnosis is not compromised, the young man should be sent for examination to the hospital.