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How is the mild attack of bronchial asthma?

Mild asthma attack is a complex and often a multistage process. It is a sequence of actions aimed at emergency extension of the lumen of the bronchi.

problema bronhialnoj astmy

An attack of bronchial asthma and the asthmatic status: the manifestation and signs

An attack of bronchial asthma is rapidly increasing dyspnea due to bronchospasm and narrowing of the lumen.

The duration of the attack can be measured in hours or minutes. Sometimes the asthma goes away, but most often for the relief it is necessary to provide medical assistance.

bronhi pered pristupom astmy i vovremya pristupaA prolonged state of seizure, which did not manage to stop by conventional means, is called status asthmaticus. If the regular attack of asthma for those who know what to do, you can take drugs that the asthmatic is always at hand, asthmatic status is rarely possible to overcome on their own.

Should distinguish between the relief of the attack and the treatment of asthma. There is a large selection of products, allowing to quickly relieve bronchospasm and to prevent development of status asthmaticus. But these drugs is always an ambulance in case of emergency. They should not be used in remission.

First aid if asthma attack often depends on the skills and literacy of a person suffering from this disease. Knowledgeable asthmatic may time to take action, and then help other people do not need. Man, the first time faced with emerging his disease, always needs not only medical but also psychological help.

How to remove an attack of bronchial asthma

The asthma attack begins with shortness of breath, which quickly turns into suffocation. A characteristic feature of asthma is shortness of breath. Shortness of breath often accompanied by severe wheezing.

ingalyator ot astmyThe removal of the attack is performed by the following algorithm:

  1. The first dose aerosol, expanding the bronchial lumen. The substance is delivered directly to the bronchi, the method is designed for a quick effect. It may occur in five minutes. If in ten minutes the action of the drug is not evident, you must inhale another dose. However, more than two times for half an hour to take such drugs is not recommended because it can lead to overdose and, as a consequence, increased pressure,the acceleration of heart rate, dilation of the pupils.
  2. The person with starting the attack, you must move closer to the fresh air and away from the Allergy source. You need to provide him the opportunity to stay stress-free. In any case the patient should lie down, especially on the back.
  3. If the source of Allergy was the food, it is necessary to take the adsorbents, such as activated carbon, as well as an antihistamine.
  4. If you spray eased the patient's condition, but did not prevent the attack completely, you need to take medications, which include aminophylline. It is better to take prolonged medications. They are long, but the action begins approximately an hour after ingestion.

konsultaciya vracha pri bronhialnoj astmeThis algorithm is applicable to the case, if the attack is weak and missing the dynamics of development in status asthmaticus. Otherwise, to stop an attack without special medical care impossible.

Emergency medical care for status asthmaticus consists of the following operations.

  1. The introduction of humidified oxygen via inhalation through nasal catheter or oxygen mask.
  2. Intravenous administration of adrenaline.
  3. Injection aminophylline and drugs him with prolonged action.
  4. If necessary in severe cases, the use of glucocorticosteroid hormones in high doses (Prednisone, Hydrocortisone, Dexamethasone).
  5. The continued ingestion of aerosols, dilates the bronchi.

Any attack of asthma and asthmatic symptoms especially, is a big stress for the whole organism. In the process of fighting with asthma involving all the organs. Especially strong is the effect on the heart and stomach. The heart has to work harder under conditions of oxygen starvation. In addition, all drugs used in the mild asthma, frequent palpitations. Oxygen starvation affects the brain.

prednizolon ot astmyFor this reason, survivors of a severe attack, you need to take a short course restore normal functioning of the body. In the absence of repeated attacks recovery period takes three to five days.

Often, and especially strong attacks are the basis for a full treatment of the disease. Otherwise, the patient's condition will deteriorate and asthmatic status can take dangerous forms.

In addition, in the absence of treatment and positive person becomes dependent on bronchodilator means. Commontheir use can affect the mucous membrane of the bronchi and provoke a constant choking. This weakens the body's response to drugs emergency care and increases the risk of sudden asthmatic status.

Preparations for the relief and prevention of attack

Any person, long suffering from severe chronic ailment, has in its Arsenal a minimum set of drugs that should always be at hand. For asthma these drugs are canisters of bronchodilator action.

ventolin ot astmyThese drugs are used depending on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the person.

  1. Alupent, Astmopent or - metered aerosol, designed for 1-2 breaths. Has a rapid effect: the action begins in a few minutes and lasts for about three hours.
  2. Salbutamol or Ventolin - metered-dose aerosol with a permissible single dose of 1-2 breaths. In the absence of effect of repeated administration of the drug can be no earlier than 5-10 minutes. During the day, no more than 10 doses of inhalation. Note that the action of the drug begins after 1-5 minutes, the maximum effect he achieves in 30 minutes and its effect lasts up to 3 hours.
  3. The terbutaline, or Bricanyl, is a selective beta2-agonist, Relieves an asthma attack after 5 minutes with 1-2 breaths, the maximum effect occurs within 45-60 minutes, operates for 5 hours.
  4. Inulin refers to the selective beta2-agonists. It is used in the form of sprays and subcutaneous injections.
  5. Ipradol - selective beta2-agonists. It is possible to use it in aerosol form, in the form of intravenous injections.
  6. Berotek (Fenoterol) belongs to the group of selective beta2-agonists. Has a special popularity among the people long suffering from shortness of breath with severe danger of sudden attack. Its feature is the long duration of action (8 hours), allowing it to be used as a preventive means to combat sudden attacks. In addition, the duration of action reduces the likelihood of overdose and does not have a strong impact on the heart. Because of the duration of berotek cannot be used more than five times per day.

All sprays designed to quickly remove the attack, act in a similar way. Spasms of the bronchi is fraught with many side effects, including tachycardia, hand tremor, headache, increased blood pressure, jitters, muscle weakness. That person is engaged in between bouts of his careeractivities, managing car traveling.

Of drugs designed not to mild asthma, and for treatment of bronchial asthma, it is necessary to mention one of the import tool. This Simbicort, which is designed for long-term treatment of pathological processes that occur in the bronchi of a person suffering from bronchial asthma. Symbicort, like many drugs, acute seizures, and is used as inhalation, but not in the form of aerosols, and in the form of inhaled powder. Prolonged use can significantly reduce the frequency and strength of attacks or even get rid of them.