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Causes of asthma in children and methods of its diagnostics and treatment

There are many childhood diseases. Most of them are treatable.The theme of our discussion is the treatment of bronchial asthma in children.

problema bronhialnoj astmy u detej

This inflammatory disease accompanied by airway obstruction, which often leads to asthma, so asthma is a serious danger to children. Suffocation occurs due to the narrowing of the Airways leading to the lungs. Airway narrowed due to inflammation, edema, and formation of phlegm.

Today, medicine has made great progress, thanks to new approaches to diagnosis, therapy and prevention in many cases completely cure the disease.

Let's consider everything in order.

The causes of asthma

stress kak prichina astmyAsthma is the most common disease, common in children. Unfortunately, it is very difficult treated. You have to do in order to treatment, whether by doctors, and the patients themselves.

The identification of the causes of asthma to significantly improve the quality of treatment and reduce recovery time. Therefore, in every case, should give this aspect particular attention.

The disease can occur because of increased sensitivity to external stimuli. Also asthma is often associated with heredity. Often and frequent infections provoke asthma. Among the reasons should be noted and the effect of medicines, e.g., aspirin.

The next group of causes is stress (fear, anxiety), prolonged physical exertion, prolonged exposure to the cold. And, of course, aggravates the situation is the combination of these reasons.

Should be given consideration and domestic reasons, aggravating the risk of developing the disease. For example, the child even in months of age may experience difficulty breathing, if the parents or other relatives in the family smoke. The severity of the disease directly depends on the number of cigarettes smoked.

We should note the influence of the environment, namely air pollution. In the industrial cities with significant emissions of chemical compounds shows the greatest growth of children's morbidity from asthma.

Then move on to the most difficult section diagnosis.

Diagnosis of illness in children

As you know, correct and timely diagnosis is half the traversed path to recovery. Therefore, the correct diagnosis is not necessary to save time.

Symptoms of asthma caninclude shortness of breath, and in some cases wheezing, cough accompanied by sputum, temporary feeling of lack of oxygen and in severe cases, asphyxiation.

vzaimosvyaz allergii s astmojAllergy is often accompanied by bronchial asthma in children. Allergies, aggravating your asthma may be seasonal, in this case it is caused by the flowering of certain plants that cause allergies. Year-round allergies can be caused by pet hair.

However, the correct diagnosis is not always easy. The fact that during the examination may not be remarkable changes. During quiet breathing in the intervals between attacks - almost impossible to listen to rales in lungs.

Forms of bronchial asthma can be classified as follows:

  • easy;
  • medium;
  • heavy.

The severity forms of the disease can be assessed, relying on a number of symptoms:

  • as often attacks;
  • does the patient need calming drugs;
  • how passable the respiratory tract on the basis of an objective assessment.

For example, if the attacks do not appear more than 1 time per month, and night attacks are absent or very rare, it is a mild form of the disease.

The average shape should be classified for repeated asthma attacks from 3-4 times a month, and night attacks 2-3 times a week.

Anything above these parameters are related to severe form. That is severe attacks are felt several times a week, and often repeated nocturnal symptoms.

A preliminary diagnosis can be made based on the information in the last year, obtained from a sick child and / or parents.

kashel pri bronhialnoj astmeThis information should be of such a nature as episodes of coughing, dyspnea, wheezing - including whistling. How long will the symptoms during the common cold. Whether the occurrence of dyspnea, cough or wheezing with the onset of a certain time of year or the presence of Pets, tobacco smoke, any odors. Is it possible to facilitate the course of an attack of cough medicines. Awakened does the child cough at night or in the morning. If symptoms appear during exercise.

The following method of diagnosis - laboratory studies. This method is appropriate not for everyone, but only for children older than 5 years. This is due to the fact that the patient is experiencing, for example, physical activity in order to find out his reaction and, ultimately, to deliver more accurate diagnosis.

This method of diagnosis involvesanalysis of blood and sputum, chest x-ray, a sample of the impact on patients and medicines.

In addition, there is a so-called complex differential diagnosis. In most cases, this type of diagnosis is based on the information provided to the patient or his family and on the physical research.

The main directions are the x-ray and sweat test. To exclude complications can be carried out x-ray study using contrast fluid.

If the syndrome occurs in children of early age (till 2 years), then to 5-6 years under the influence of therapy, it usually disappears.

Depending on diagnosis and severity of the disease is prescribed a particular set of measures aimed at the treatment of the patient.

The treatment of the disease

In the second century Galen rightly suggested to alleviate the condition of patients, diluting the mucus that clogs the bronchi.

Approaches to the treatment of asthma in children is always complex. They are based on data obtained at the stage of diagnosis, and aims to achieve the best results in the shortest time.

Consider the same basic principles of treatment.

dieta pri bronhialnoj astmeThe overall programme is, above all, education of children and their parents methods of achieving treatment goals. Next, you need to identify and correct adverse conditions (factors) that influence the course of the disease. Assigned a diet that excludes the manifestation of an Allergy. Optimal use of medication to ease the patient's condition. The use of Spa treatment. And, of course, constant supervision of a physician with the purpose of amending the therapy.

The use of anti-inflammatory drugs, of course, is the basis.

In severe asthma is often prescribed ingaljatorii procedure because they quickly relieve the symptoms of the disease.

In mild and moderate forms of the disease prescribe immunotherapy - in this case, the method is also basic.

It is conducted under the supervision of an allergist, between asthma attacks.

Bronchodilator agents used mainly as a preventative and to relieve acute conditions of patients. It is recommended to be limited to anti-inflammatory drugs, especially when it is about patients with mild disease.

Use combination medications, making treatment more effective.

Based on the above, experienced doctors developed a special treatment regimen individually for each patient. And, as you progress through treatment, made the necessary adjustments in order to improve the result.

Parentswe conclude

It can be concluded that the treatment of this complex disease cannot be reduced to any one pattern.

Diagnosis and treatment quite complex and largely depend on experience and skills.

However, it should be noted that in children with mild to moderate form of bronchial asthma, in most cases there is a complete disappearance of symptoms by early adolescence, of course with proper treatment.

Essential for a favorable outcome is early diagnosis and adequate systematic treatment under the supervision of skilled professionals.