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Effective treatment of bronchial asthma in the home

Bronchial asthma is a tricky disease. It sneaks up on you, attack suddenly, reluctantly retreats. Treatment of bronchial asthma in the home - a necessity, not a rejection of hospital therapy. Also do you doctors strongly recommend patients with asthma not to postpone the treatment of the disease in a drawer, carefully, keeping the scheme to take drugs prescribed by your doctor, do not shy away appeal to the means and methods of folk medicine.
problema bronhialnoj astmy

"Home" does not mean only at home

The basis of treatment of asthma in the home lies with drug therapy, selected a pulmonologist, depending on the degree (severity) of the disease as well as other methods and techniques. Taking medications and using inhalers is a prerequisite for the treatment of a disease not only during hospitalization, but almost the entire remaining life after a diagnosis of "bronchial asthma". The expression "at home" does not mean to adhere to all the recommendations the patient should only be done when he is at home. No, and no again! "Home" in this context just means "not sick", "beyond the clinic", i.e., everywhere and always: at home, at work, on a business trip, during a holiday, vacation at sea, duties in the theatre or the premiere of a movie, fitness or knitting socks, listening to lectures or skopcol garden.

otvar iz krapivy pri bronhialnoj astmeIt should be remembered that the disease can trigger anything from allergies of any kind, frequent colds (including bronchitis), airway narrowing (obstructive syndrome), genetic predisposition. But whatever was the cause of the disease, its treatment is in any case impossible to run. Thus it is necessary to carefully observe the dosage of the medication, not to self-medicate, avoid allergens, colds, not to overwork and not to worry.

Moreover, the doctors prescribing the complex of medicinal preparations, it is recommended to individually select and fit each patient a complex of traditional medicine that help to relieve asthma attacks and even stop them. It is important to remember that to cure this disease until the end is almost impossible. But to live with it!

Asthma is accompanied by the "problem" exhalation: asthma, making a full breath chest, can't do the same exhalation: air is not able to leave the lungs due to the fact that sputum and mucus, who scored the top (and in severe cases and secondary) bronchi prevent this. Therapy aims to liquefaction of sputum and its expectoration forclean the respiratory tract.

That should help traditional medicine that makes the patient's condition natural, environmentally friendly means (and not "chemistry" as it happens when using the medicines).

"Popular" does not mean only grass

zelenyj chaj pri bronhialnoj astmeThe most important for patients with bronchial asthma medicinal plants - those that thin the mucus, help to move away phlegm, cleanse the body. These include chamomile, mother and stepmother, thyme, hyssop, nettle, comfrey, rosemary, mullein, red clover, anise, Veronica, marjoram, peppermint, elecampane root, marshmallow, licorice, plantain.

Well help with attacks and herbal ingredients which can be purchased in pharmacies where they are sold in a ready-packaged form, which greatly facilitates their brewing and maturation. To pick the right collection will help herbalists and experts "Green pharmacy".

Other folk remedies proposed for the treatment of asthma, it is possible to pay attention to the advice to drink plenty of water. In addition, you should drink:

  • green tea;
  • a decoction of nettle leaves (1 tsp in 1 Cup water);
  • the infusion of hawthorn berries (1 tbsp of fruit in 1 Cup water) to drink three times a day.

Here are just a small part of the useful recipes of our ancestors that help to cure the disease:
nastojka iz boyaryshnika pri bronhialnoj astme

  1. Alcohol tincture of propolis (20 g propolis pour 80 ml of alcohol, insist week, strain) - to drink for three months 20 drops of water or milk three times a day half an hour before meals.
  2. Alcoholic tincture of ginger (400 g of grated ginger pour 1 liter of alcohol, insist 2 weeks, shaking occasionally, drain) - drink 1 tsp twice a day.
  3. Alcohol tincture of the pollen of rye (pollen should be collected in the flowering period before sunrise; 1 tbsp. pollen pour 0.5 liters of alcohol, to insist 20 days in the dark) is to drink a teaspoon half an hour before Breakfast and dinner.

Recommends traditional medicine to treat asthma are also onions, garlic, ginger, viburnum. These products have a beneficial effect on the reduction and elimination of inflammatory processes in the body that reduces the risk of attacks and when they occur facilitates the flow, making it much less serious.

Asthma - not only means peace

Many believe that during an attack the asthmatic need is complete rest. However, one of the main ways to help him is massage and self-massage.

konsultaciya vracha pri bronhialnoj astmeHomecan independently conduct the procedure (especially a child), which consists of rubbing the chest and back in the lung area, pokolachivanii and "pinched" the chest, "indentation" intercostal grooves to "shake" light, to cause the phlegm to move away from the walls of the bronchi.After that get rid of it (spitting, expectoration much easier.

Recommended physical activity: therapeutic exercises, walks in the fresh air, in a recession - fitness, light Jogging, walking, skiing.

With the disease of pulmonary tract especially wholesome air of coniferous and mixed forests. Winter replacement for Hiking in the woods can be a bath with natural pine extracts for breathing.

An asthma attack does not mean the absence of breathing

Great homemade way of treating asthma is the exercise of breathing exercises, which are enriching the blood with oxygen, thus "air" and light. In addition, these exercises help to maximize lung volume, giving them "clogged", train the muscles of the chest and abdomen, responsible for the maintenance of physiological activity of respiration.

Doctors recommend patients with asthma respiratory gymnastics by Strelnikova and Buteyko. Before you opt for one or the other technique, be sure to consult with your doctor.

In addition, you need to carefully ensure that the air in the room of the asthma has always been fresh and clean. The vents shouldn't be covered (in cold season, just have to dress warmly).

Will help to ease the choking and inhalation "grandmother's method" - under a blanket over a saucepan with boiled in their skins potatoes.

The bronchial trouble does not mean to live in the warmth

A great way to alleviate the occurrence of asthma attacks and reduce the risk of its development is hardening, including cold water according to the method of Porfiry Ivanov. These procedures will strengthen immunity: strengthen body's resistance to colds, not to manifest an unwanted inheritance, to help to withstand the attacks of allergies. However, to begin the process of hardening (especially children) should be in the warm time of the year with douches or wiping (with a wet towel) with warm water, gradually reducing the room temperature and below.

Home remedy impact on asthma can be considered a diet exclusion from the diet alcoholic beverages, performing morning exercises (including breathing), maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoidance of conflict situations, with the exception of "communication" with the allergens. Thorough and strict adherence to the recommendations of doctors, medications of the said scheme, appeal to the mediatraditional medicine to avoid asthma attacks, reduce their frequency and severity by disease status, though unpleasant, but very few manifestations of this chronic disease.