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How to treat shortness of breath in bronchial asthma?

In order to understand the origin of dyspnea in bronchial asthma, and what to do, first find out what constitutes such a disease, such as asthma.

problema odyshki pri bronhialnoj astme

Asthma is a serious disease of the entire respiratory system. The disease carries with it an allergic origin. At the time of onset of this disease in the bronchi there is some inflammatory process, which is often accompanied by all sorts of spasms and the gradual manifestation of dyspnea, which occurs in bouts.

The person who carries the disease, can easily inhale air, but to exhale it - this is great work. In development of bronchial asthma shortness of breath may be accompanied by different kinds of pains at the bottom of the breast, which may be due to strain of the diaphragm. Secreted mucus viscous enough, and she stands out at the end of the attack.

What triggers such diseases as bronchial asthma?

There are many factors that contribute to and provoke the development of this disease. They can be divided only into two groups:

astmaticheskoe rasstrojstvoExogenous, which in turn include:

  • the broad and often incorrect use of various drugs;
  • climatic influence;
  • enough polluted habitat suffering from the disease of the person;
  • vsevoldovna household chemicals, various kinds of synthetic food additives and more.

Endogenous, which in turn include:

  • various infectious-inflammatory diseases all respiratory organs: bronchitis, pneumonia and many other this kind of diseases;
  • hormonal disruption and imbalance;
  • some failures of the immune system of the patient;
  • genetics.

What is shortness of breath, what is its symptoms and cause it occurs?
Shortness of breath is called a pathological process, during which the person is simply not enough air.

Based on the fact that the reasons that triggered shortness of breath, very much, initially they need to properly diagnose and then treat this disease.

In medical terminology, shortness of breath is called dyspnea.

It is a process which interferes with the depth and frequency of breathing, accompanied by lack of air.

konsultaciya vracha pri poyavlenii odyshkiThisthe state is able to provoke diseases such as various lung diseases, vascular diseases, malfunctions in the nervous system in asthma when physical reboots, in the process of obesity.

The main symptoms shortness of breath is difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing, a pronounced swish and occur with significant frequency changes rhythm.

Shortness of breath is divided only into eight forms:

  • cardiac shortness of breath;
  • so-called psychogenic;
  • pulmonary shortness of breath;
  • brain shortness of breath;
  • expiratory, which is very difficult to exhale air;
  • inspiratory, at which the air is breathed with difficulty;
  • combined shortness of breath;
  • hematogenous shortness of breath.

What is shortness of breath in bronchial asthma? As mentioned above, shortness of breath in this disease is expiratory in nature, in other words, the patient is very difficult to breathe out. The first and most important cause of this shortness of breath is the so-called reversible bronchial obstruction.

altej dlya lecheniya odyshki pri bronhiteAt the time of contact of a reagent in various respiratory tract mucosa completely swells that can cause spasm of bronchial smooth muscle. It is for this reason breath is done quite easily, freely and quickly, but exhale through bronchial constriction, difficult and problematic.

After a short period of time, this kind of spasm passes, breathing human is completely restored and stabiliziruemost.

If bronchial asthma is long enough, in this case, there are all kinds of irreversible changes of the walls of the bronchial tree. They are able to show specific frequent shortness of breath, which is shown some more, some less.

How to treat shortness of breath?

First, let's talk about a child's shortness of breath. It can be caused by various respiratory, pulmonary or heart disease. It can also occur due to allergies or asthma. The successful treatment of this disease will be obtained only if initially conducted correct and precise diagnosis.

The process of dyspnea in respiratory disease or bronchitis, will take place only when it is carried out by specially designed drug therapy, as well as a number of procedures, which include all sorts of homemade methods for the treatment of this disease.

mat-i-macheha dlya lecheniya odyshki pri bronhiteIf the child has some serious illness that caused shortness of breath, then get rid ofher own is strictly prohibited. In this case, you must immediately seek help from a specialist.

How to treat shortness of breath elderly? Often, the attacks of breathlessness occur in older people who have various cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases.

At this age, to treat shortness of breath at home and independently is certainly possible, but it is worth remembering that before the treatment of the dyspnea, it is first necessary to find out the cause. This, of course, you should seek the help of a specialist, who with the help of various methods and methods of diagnosis are diagnosed. It is very important and compliance with doctor's recommendations.

Traditional medicine

Treatment of dyspnea in bronchitis can be carried out as follows. Take a marshmallow, mother and stepmother and part of the oregano and connect them. Next, you need to take one tablespoon of this composition and fill it with half a liter of boiling water. This mixture needs to steep for 20 minutes. Then, strain.
To take this tincture to three times a day half a Cup after meals.
There is another recipe when dealing with shortness of breath during bronchitis.

This method is well-known from childhood. Boil the potatoes and breathe in the warm vapors. In any case, steam should not be hot, otherwise you can damage your mucous membrane.

To treat the shortness of breath in bronchial asthma by using the following recipe.
Take one head of garlic and peel it. Then wipe it and connect with a nicely cut three lemons (the lemons must be with the skin). Then, the resulting mixture should be placed in some glass jar and pour one liter of boiled water. To insist this composition to within five days.

After this time the broth should strain and take daily before each meal one tablespoon.

Be healthy!