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Peculiarities of prophylaxis of bronchial asthma

Prevention of bronchial asthma - action to prevent the occurrence of disease or its symptoms. As is known, the disease brings great inconvenience. But asthma attacks can be alleviated and even prevented.

problema bronhialnoj astmy

Treatment and prevention of bronchial asthma - a complex of measures, directed on elimination of seizures or at least to their relief. There are primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

Primary prevention

Primary prevention require compliance with the following conditions:

plohaya ekologiya - prichina bronhialnoj astmy

  1. Ecological purity of the place of residence. If the region is disadvantaged from the point of view of ecology, it is better to move to a more clean area, e.g., closer to the sea or to the mountains.
  2. Clean and tidy in the house: frequent wet cleaning 2-3 times a day.
  3. Exclusion from the environment of "dust collectors": carpets, upholstered furniture, plush toys, etc.
  4. Getting rid of Pets, including aquarium fish feed which is a powerful allergen, or careful observance of hygiene, frequent combing, cleaning the house or apartment from shedding coat.
  5. Used in the home only hypoallergenic detergents and washing powders, that is, the replacement chemicals for soap and soda.
  6. The rejection of bad habits, primarily Smoking.
  7. Exclusion from the diet alcoholic and even alcoholic beverages.
  8. Adherence to the diet and strict diet: regular meals, exclusion from the menu of all the food that can cause allergies.
  9. Walks in the fresh air and preferably not on the street along the roadway and in parks and plantations.
  10. Implementation of tempering procedures: enhancing immunity allows the body to better resist starting the attack and arrest him.
  11. Maintaining active lifestyles: increased physical activity causes light to "pump" higher standards of air, thus helping to self-clean bronchi.
  12. The restriction of medication and other drugs based on chemical compounds: any chemicals in the most innocuous at first glance tablets can be a powerful allergen.
  13. A waiver of bio - and food additives: as a rule, they operate on the principle of "one cure, another cripple".
  14. Timely treatment of catarrhal diseases of the throat and the upper respiratory tract: these are the diseases most commonly spill over into a chronic form, causing the development of asthma.

alt="Wet cleaning for the prevention of bronchial asthma">All these measures are aimed at eliminating possible asthma symptoms, to prevent them from developing. Adhere to these measures should be mandatory for people with so-called hereditary predisposition, that is, which among loved ones is suffering from asthma. Candidates in the ranks of asthmatics, employees of hazardous industries, the residents of the polluted cities, the staff of the chemical laboratories and workshops. At risk are smokers, both active and passive, bronchi of which are "nicotine attack" and responding to her spasms, constriction and blockage. Asthma risk is in patients diagnosed with atopic dermatitis or other allergic diseases. It is possible the development of the disease in people with narrowing of the Airways (called obstructive syndrome).

In risk, as it may seem strange, there are children and teenagers living in ecologically unfavorable areas and large industrial cities. To reduce the chance of asthma, to be a child to teach them to live clean, to clean his room, to keep in order things, working place, do not forget to wipe the dust and wash the floors, remember to regularly ventilate the room.

The baby did not become asthmatic

The worst thing is that today, even infants are at risk of recruiting asthma sufferers.

otkaz ot kureniya dlya profilaktiki bronhialnoj astmyIn order to avoid this, the mother of a newborn should be remembered that the prevention of asthma for infants are measures that contribute to reduction of allergic rashes and diathesis. To do this, you should not breastfeed for at least the first six months of a baby's life as breast milk contains trace minerals that boost his immune system, formation and development of the intestinal flora. Solid foods should be introduced no earlier six months, while continuing breastfeeding. To exclude from the lure of chocolate, candy, honey, citrus, strawberries, kiwi, nuts, eggs and canned goods. With care to include in the diet baby food: canned purees, juices and meat mixture.

Of course, the requirements for cleanliness, sanitary and hygienic norms in the house where the baby grows, not canceled. In addition, parents should give up Smoking, make children all the carpets, old books and magazines, furniture, not to buy and not to accept the donation of plush and other soft toys for cleaning and washing use only special children's facilities.

The same childshould temper, daily walk with him in the fresh air and better away from highways and avenues with active traffic.

Secondary prevention

progulki na svezhem vozduhe dlya profilaktiki bronhialnoj astmyTreatment and prevention of bronchial asthma attacks do not always have a positive effect. The disease often returns. To avoid this, the specialists suggest the following preventive measures, which are considered secondary.

The main principle of secondary prevention of asthma - timely diagnosis and the most accurate therapy. This will help eliminate asthma attacks and avoid further progression of the disease.

Secondary prevention measures largely repeat the initial steps but you should pay close attention to the course of the disease and its manifestation in the period of spring and summer flowering plants, as well as on insect bites. You need to completely exclude from the diet foods-allergens, which contains a high amount of food additives.

Recommended massage and self-massage, breathing exercises by Strelnikova method or Buteyko, the use of nebulizers for inhalation. Can help acupuncture, phyto - and speleotherapy (treatment with herbs and salt caves), vitamins, tempering procedures, dousing with cold water, for example, by the method of Porfiry Ivanov.

At the stage of secondary prevention to relieve aggravation can choose an individual method of traditional therapy.

Tertiary prevention

No matter how scary and unexpected as it may sound, but tertiary prevention in the period of complications of the disease as a measure against the exclusion of death. This have of doctors. The task of the patient - not to bring yourself to this state.

To do this, all asthma sufferers should be aware that the main method of combating the disease and preventing worsening of the disease is to eliminate contact with the allergen, which causes "clogging" of bronchi and as a consequence asthma. To identify what kind of allergen is "guilty" of the disease, will help of the special tests prescribed by doctors-allergists.

Bronchial asthma, prevention of which is recommended not only sick with this illness, but to all the inhabitants of the cities, the disease is quite insidious. It may "sleep" for years, waiting for the moment of "attack", and attack when the body is weakened, your immune system is compromised, health is poor due to any other disease.

The most primitive cold that overtook a person in this time can become the trigger that starts the mechanism is terribledisease.