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How to treat bronchitis at home?

You have a cough, do not want to go to the hospital and wondered what is bronchitis and how to treat it at home? Treatment at home is quite possible if the nature of the disease and identified its cause. Only this will allow to do high-quality treatment. Therefore, the treatment in a medical institution is still necessary. If the disease is detected on time, then you can do home treatment of bronchitis, but only after consultation with a specialist and prescriptions.

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Principles of treatment at home

It is important to note that under home treatment involve not only the application of methods of folk medicine. After consultation with the doctor, the patient can begin treatment yourself by following the requirements. As for recipes, they can not be the main, as they have mostly complementary.

It is important to determine the type of the disease. In the acute form of the disease the symptoms manifest rapidly: increased body temperature, sore chest, a severe cough, the phlegm. For the treatment in such cases, you should use a variety of means.

osmotr vrachaTreatment at home involves several tasks. The patient should normalize the body temperature, if necessary, improve protective properties of the organism to eliminate the pathogen infection. To ensure normal breathing, it is important to expand the lumen of the bronchi and bring the phlegm.

Since the chronic type is a consequence of the lack of treatment of acute bronchitis, it is necessary to eliminate adverse conditions that could be the cause of the disease. This may be hypothermia, the accumulation of dust or other factors. Is the professional factor when sick because of their work status is forced to contact with harmful production. In this case, to eliminate the disease cannot be out of the question, not yet resolved the above-mentioned factors.

Use of drugs

Medical technique is basic and necessary in any case. With some training you can even carry out the introduction by intramuscular injection, not only use capsules, tablets and powders. However, if you use injections, the person giving the medication should not cause harm to the patient. It is important to observe good hygienic conditions.

augmentin ot bronhitaFor the treatment are a variety of preparations. You must call the first antibiotics, but the question of whether treatment of their remains relevant: the number of physicians believes that antibioticsdepress the immune system and destroy gut flora. But the antibiotics prevent any infection from the bronchi into the lung tissue or pleura. This allows to avoid the development of pleurisy, pneumonia and other diseases.

Indications for the use of such funds are the presence infections that cause bronchitis, lasting more than 3 days, fever in which the observed dyspnea and strong, exhausting cough. You should choose cephalosporins, semisynthetic penicillins and tools with a wide range of effects: Augmentin, Amoxiclav and Ceftriaxone.

To provide expansion of the lumen in the bronchi, used bronchodilators. You want to stimulate the autonomic system, adrenergic receptors, to block the cholinergic receptors and to eliminate specific enzymes that will allow it to expand bronchi. Known preparations of this group are Astmopent, Theophylline and Aminophylline.

ceftriakson ot bronhitaBronchodilators do not exist only in the form of tablets, there are also sprays that you can use when complications such as asthma or chronic type of the disease. However, do not use aerosols, as this may cause a spasm.

To eliminate sputum needed expectorants drugs. They contribute to stimulating the secretion of sputum, provide dilution. In the end of the bronchial tree it is best cleaned from pathogenic microorganisms and accumulated mucus. Examples are the tools Mudalvan, Mucosolvan, Ambroxol and Bromhexine.

Do not confuse this type of medicines with antitussive drugs. The latter is not suitable for the treatment of bronchitis, their use does not make sense, since this disease should have their symptoms of coughing, and not to cause its stimulation. This provides sputum.

Bronchodilator corticosteroid action have money. Their application is carried out during obstructive types of the disease of a chronic nature. Representatives of this class of agents include Dexamethasone and Prednisolone. You need to pay attention that the medication from the specified group may appoint a doctor with extremely severe manifestations of the disease, since they have a large number of side effects.

eufillin ot bronhitaTo reduce the degree of inflammatory activity should be block-specific fabric substance histamine, which antihistamines are used. To this group belong Suprastin, Diphenhydramine, Tavegil, Pipolfen.

To normalize the temperature and to interrupt the sequence of inflammatory reactions of tissuewill help anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal type, such as the Movalis, Nise, Paracetamol, Aspirin, Diclofenac.

An important goal for bronchitis treatment at home is the strengthening of the body and its defense mechanisms. This category presents an extensive list of funds, so it's worth to name just a few. Examples of adjuvants are Methyluracil, Pentoxy, Taktivin and Levamisole.

Other methods of treatment

Treat bronchitis at home with the help of special devices. Such devices are portable, so the possibility of physical therapy at home is no longer something fantastic. The broad capabilities of this technique allow to have diverse effects on the patient. Using magnetic fields, lasers, electrical current or electrophoresis.

lazolvan ot kashlyaThey enhance the effect of the medication. However, the devices can be used in the absence of manifest inflammatory process and temperature. In addition, such methods are used in the final stage of the acute form of bronchitis or in chronic disease.

You can cure the disease quickly in the home and using a nebulizer therapy. The essence of this method is to use a device that turns medicine into a vapor. The implementation of the inhalation of medicinal vapors allows faster and more efficient to deliver the drug to the location, carrying out local treatment. The nebulizer allows the use of different tools: bronchodilators, expectorant drugs, antibiotics.

Since these devices are noticeably different from inhalers, their use is possible and bronchitis. The fact is that while inhalation is the inhalation of hot steam. It is illegal for the treatment of bronchitis as it can cause swelling. The action of the nebulizer is based on a number of complex processes, not heat related.

Folk remedies for the treatment

aspirin pri bronhiteOften for treatment of bronchitis at home and use the recipes of traditional medicine. And let the use of folk remedies is of an auxiliary nature, it allows you to achieve getting rid of the symptoms of bronchitis.

One of the most popular remedies to cure bronchitis at home are rubbing. You can use castor oil and turpentine: a tablespoon of oil, pre-heating, mix with a tablespoon of turpentine. The tool then is applied to the chest and back (avoiding the heart area), rubbed their feet, after which the patient should wear warm, preferably woollen, sweater or wrapblanket, feet wearing socks.

To remove the mucus, you can use melted lard, grind the back and chest. After grinding must be carefully wrap the chest and back. For best results, the tool can add a little camphor alcohol or tincture of propolis.

To help in the treatment of bronchitis, the patient need as much hot drink. Good effect has a decoction made from nasturtium. To prepare the broth you will need stems 1 tbsp Bay nasturtium Cup of boiling water, put it to cook on low heat. The vehicle should be on fire not more than 15 minutes, after which the broth is removed and consumed before a meal 3 times a day.

Useful for bronchitis cranberries, which contains a lot of vitamins. Used for cooking means all components of the plant. Get a drink, rich in nutrients. But before use it should be warm and only drink warm. As for the leaves, it's made from the broth. You will need 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, put on low heat, warm 5 minutes. Cranberry decoction should infuse for one hour, then strain and take a teaspoon every 3 hours.

Thus, the treatment of bronchitis at home is feasible if you follow some rules.

But only a doctor will verify the presence of bronchitis, and not other, more dangerous diseases. It is important to confirm the absence of complications and severe forms of the disease.