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The main symptoms and treatment of bronchitis of the smoker

Many people do not know what a smoker's bronchitis, the symptoms and treatment of which can determine only an experienced doctor. This disease occurs due to the fact that too often people inhale tobacco smoke. By the way, this disease can occur not only active but also passive smokers. Cough, which is caused by bronchitis, Smoking is not as safe as it seems at first glance.

problema bronhita kurilshika

The chronic form of bronchitis smokers

Chronic bronchitis of the smoker in medical science stands out as a separate category of diseases. In this case, it is a kind of chronic bronchial disease. The more a person smokes, the higher the risk of developing this disease. And bronchitis in humans with continuous Smoking will cause other diseases of the organs and pathways of the respiratory system, including can develop infectious diseases.

Like other chronic diseases, a bronchitis, a smoker cannot completely cure. Signs of disease that are evident, then gradually will disappear.

sravnenie bronhov zdorovogo i bolnogo chelovekaThe development of bronchitis in this case has a very simple scheme. From the bronchi on the walls there is a special cilia. They are very snug to the walls. Cilia can move. If the walls of the bronchial tubes fall into a variety of alien objects, including various infections, cilia motion when these objects are gradually being pushed out. This epithelium is the main role for the protection of the bronchi. Such a barrier can be damaged, but it will recover if there are no more negative impact on him. In this case, the patient experiences a slight malaise, which can become chronic.

When a person inhales cigarette smoke, which is not only corrosive, but also very hot, by this method it damages the protective ciliated epithelium. To cilia came back to normal, it will take more than a day. So, if you constantly smoke cigarettes, that's about the restoration of the inner epithelium of the bronchi can completely forget.

Moreover, cigarette smoke contains a large number of not just harmful and dangerous substances for the human body, including there are carcinogens that are bad for the receptors located in the bronchi. In their walls can accumulate the chemicals, previously contained in cigarettes.

When the cilia are destroyed, on their surface accumulate microorganisms. If this weakens the immune defense of the person, they will quickly begin to grow and multiply, leading to inflammatoryprocesses.

kurenie - prichina bronhitaIf you do not stop Smoking, the cilia will not be restored, so that the person will not recover. Even if a person has a mild cough, any factor, even minor stress, can cause inflammation and worsening of the disease.

In chronic bronchitis the bronchial walls start to grow connective tissue instead of cilia. As a result, fibers are formed, much more rude than he ever was cilia. In the bronchi the lumen is sometimes narrowed. As a result, the air is difficult to penetrate into the body.

The chronic form of the disease develops very slowly, so symptoms develop gradually. The longer a person enjoys Smoking, the worse he will be health.

The symptoms of bronchitis smokers

Symptoms of chronic bronchitis in smokers can be varied, but the main symptom of this disease is cough. First, he is very weak and rarely appears, so he almost doesn't bother people. But with subsequent Smoking, the cough becomes more pronounced. Those people who smoke for more than 2 years, constantly coughing in the morning. They are always after the first inhalation of cigarette smoke is an expectorant. Mild cough gradually becomes more intense and permanent. This releases the mucus is white, yellow or green. In the more severe forms may even stand out bloody fluid. By the way, if people change the type or brand of cigarettes, the cough can begin again. It only says that the patient has a chronic stage of the disease.

kashel - simptom bronhita kurilshikaWhen a person coughs, he begins to feel pain in the breast area. Moreover, at later stages, when the coughing spells become severe and sustained, the pain will be very strong. Do not put off going to the doctor when having chest pain. It is an alarming symptom.

In addition, the patient's shortness of breath. This is the second symptom of the disease, which appears, if not curing the disease. At first shortness of breath occurs very rarely, but then she becomes the companion of man when walking, and any physical exertion. In the later stages shortness of breath the person will appear, even if it is at rest. In the end the person will find it difficult to breathe. If you do not treat the disease, then soon develops obstructive pulmonary disease in the chronic form.

Other symptoms may distinguish weakness and slight discomfort. People can be either lethargic or irritable. His immune system weakens. The patient has no signs of infection. This is the differencedisease from other diseases of the respiratory system.

The Smoking has severe consequences. Gradually the shortness of breath and cough are hurting people every day. General health gradually deteriorates. The Airways become more narrow, so that breathing will be difficult. As a result, air cannot flow into the lungs. When congestion of the lungs develops bronhoobstrukcia. Because of this, blood gas composition is gradually changing not for the better.

The treatment of bronchitis of the smoker

analiz mokrotyTo treat the disease as soon as possible. And it is best to begin treatment when the patient is still having shortness of breath or any other complications. If in the morning the patient has sputum, it is necessary to conduct a survey. To accurately determine the disease, you need to pass mucus and blood and do chest x-rays.

First and foremost, the patient should stop Smoking. It is not only difficult to do psychologically. The body also need to get used to new conditions. By the way, because of this, patients often worsen symptoms after they stopped Smoking. In a few weeks, becomes much easier.

If you do not go yourself to give up bad habits, the doctor may prescribe medications that have a slight content of nicotine, so that cigarette will be easier to give up. The withdrawal will take place more gently. In addition, such medicines helps remove mucus and phlegm from the respiratory system.

Sometimes, the doctor may recommend the use drugs which affect the blood vessels, widening them. Many people in the treatment of chronic bronchitis in need of antidepressants. Inflammation need drugs that eliminate the inflammation. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed.

In addition to medications, the doctor prescribes physiotherapy. You need to adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, follow the diet and exercise. In General, the treatment is simple, but you have to follow the rules.

Bronchitis treatment in smokers is to begin immediately and first of all it is necessary to abandon the Smoking.

Otherwise, treatments will not give any positive effect. As soon as people abandon bad habits, cilia on the inner walls of the bronchi will start to recover gradually. But if a person smokes too long, coarse connective fibers in the bronchi will not be able back to be transformed into ciliated epithelium. Treatment should be immediate if the first symptoms of the disease. Of course, chronic bronchitis, smokers cannot be cured, however, it is possible to prevent aggravationdisease.