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The symptoms and treatment of bronchitis in children

Bronchitis and its symptoms in children are severe. The adult child often susceptible to diseases of the respiratory system, and there are several reasons.

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Types of bronchitis depending on their localization:

  • along with is bronchitis that develops in neonates and infants;
  • bronchitis is bronchitis that affects the trachea together with bronchi;
  • bronchitis is a disease, the localization of which is limited to the bronchi, without affecting adjacent organs.

In some cases, along with may develop on the background of allergies. Allergen entering the respiratory system of the child, it causes heavy inflammation with spasm and obstruction of the bronchi. In this case, the baby immediately need to take an antihistamine for the relief of asthma.

Symptoms broncholate

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The symptoms of bronchitis in infants pronounced: cough, accompanied by whistling sounds, heavy breathing and high temperature. Such signs can scare any parent, it is therefore urgent to start to treat the newborn. As a rule, the onset is characterized by unproductive, dry cough. The baby is restless and crying. Due to swelling of the Airways, the air emitted from the baby's chest hard, accompanied by characteristic sounds.

Along with usually develops on the background of viral infections that enter in the bronchi of the baby, so treatment should start with taking antivirals. Today there is a large variety of these medicines is necessary to thoroughly examine their contraindications, as infants can react to any component of the medication. To remove the swelling with the Airways by using anti-inflammatory drugs that must prescribe pediatrician. Swelling and spasm of the Airways can be very dangerous, especially for newborn children, so kids are better treated in a hospital under constant medical supervision.

All types of bronchitis involve inflammation, extending in the bronchi, the spread of the disease may vary in different cases. There is focal bronchitis when the disease is localized in one place of the bronchi, and diffuse when the affected all branches of the bronchi. The intensity and the place of its localization are divided into several types bronchitis.

Mucus accumulated in the bronchi, it is necessary to liquefy and withdraw with mucolytic and expectorants. In pharmacies, a large selection of these drugs for children, with pleasant taste and smell, so taking medicine is notwill be unpleasant and painful for the baby. If fever lasts about 3-4 days, then need a course of antibiotics to prevent the development of complications, such as pneumonia and others.

Symptoms of bronchitis in children

temperatura - simptom traheobronhitaAcute tracheobronchitis development the child may be provoked by many factors: different viral diseases, rickets, allergic reactions, diabetes, contact with a sick person. Improper treatment of this disease may develop a chronic form, then the treatment will be prolonged, and the disease can return in case of unfavorable factors.

The symptoms of the disease at the initial stage are similar to symptoms of colds: fever, increased body temperature and others, later joined by a cough. As the disease affects not only the bronchial tubes and the trachea of the child, there is pain in the chest, hoarseness and shortness of breath. When the disease progresses to full strength, the children feel very bad and are tormented by severe paroxysmal cough, fever, and profuse discharge from the nose.

When listening to the breathing of a sick child, the doctor hears wheezing. Prescribe treatment, the specialist may recommend a course of antibiotics, as a strong inflammatory process may be complicated and go to the lungs of the baby, and it is deadly. To relieve inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane of the trachea and bronchi, by using steam nebulizer and inhalation as well as medicinal drugs. Expectorants included in the course of treatment, withdraw the phlegm.

The symptoms of bronchitis in children

Children are restless for any disease, especially very young children. Bronchitis, the child you may observe the following symptoms: hoarse, dry cough, fever, hoarseness. The disease is characterized by viral causes of infection, if it enters harmful bacteria in the respiratory tract of the baby, but sometimes there are allergic reactions, manifesting in the form of bronchitis. Allergies can cause severe spasm of the breathing tubes or severe inflammation of the mucosa, then the breath is disturbed, until the asthma.

Treatment involves a course of mucolytic, bronchodilators, antiviral, and sometimes antibiotics. In the case of allergic process are added to the antihistamines. The following types of bronchitis:

  • catarrhal;
  • Muco-purulent;
  • purulent;
  • fibrinous;
  • hemorrhagic.

The usual symptoms of bronchitis is a cough with poor sputum of light color, when the situation becomes more complicated, and the inflammatory process is alreadyamong various bacteria, the color of the sputum changes from light to yellow-green. The cough becomes moist, the body temperature falls, but the treatment must continue to bring all the mucus accumulated in the bronchi in children.

In Muco-purulent bronchitis the child coughs. To resolve this symptom, you must first thin out, then bring the phlegm accumulated in the bronchi. Sometimes the treatment does not include antibiotics if the inflammation of the bronchi can join infection. The first signs of this form of disease are color discharge cough sputum. If it was green, then you need antibiotic treatment.

In the case of a running Muco-purulent bronchitis occurs the purulent form of the disease. Its symptoms are profuse purulent secretion from the bronchi during cough. Child needs to take antibiotics, appointed on the basis of the analysis of mucus, which will identify the pathogen and determine the type of antibiotic therapy to cope with this disease.

The fibrous form of bronchitis in children is very hard. A symptom of this malady is the blood, produced by coughing in a child. In the bronchi are formed by the convolution of fibrin, which depart when you cough with mucus and blood. Body temperature may reach large figures. Of the child, especially infants, in this disease it is better to put on treatment in the hospital. Must pass a range of tests to identify the entire clinical picture.

The hemorrhagic form of bronchitis is very rare. The reasons for this disease some of the disease, especially the flu. The walls of blood vessels weaken and become bleeding. The main symptom of this disease in children and adults are excessive bleeding when coughing. The danger of this condition is that blood clots may not fully emerge from the bronchi, this can lead to serious and even fatal complications. In the diagnosis of this form of bronchitis the child, he immediately sent for treatment in hospital.

Bronchitis is dangerous for children, its complications, treatment of children with bronchitis should be comprehensive.

If you let inflammation go, the consequences could be dire.