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Specifics of diet for bronchitis

Today, for many it is important to know what is the diet for bronchitis. Itself the disease is characterized by shortness of breath, provoked by a viral inflammation of the bronchi. It is not enough to go to the doctor for a checkup, take medicine. You also need to adhere to certain rules of nutrition, completely eliminating some foods from home diet and, conversely, by increasing the consumption of others.

zabolevanie legkih

Nutrition for bronchitis adult

If the family is sick with bronchitis a few people, some of whom are children, you cannot combine their diet into one. The fact that most products recommended for any age. But since the body and the immune system of kids is still weak, some food, offered to adults, can harm them.

Everyone who is undergoing treatment for this unpleasant and very dangerous disease at any stage must constantly sweating. Significantly increase sweating helps to drink plenty of herbal teas. Clearly, collecting herbs have no time to do, so it is better to buy tea:

polza chaya pri bronhite

  • mint;
  • chamomile;
  • fake;
  • sage;
  • elderberry.

Brew herbs is very simple: a Cup of boiling water thrown small portion of grass, covered with a lid. After 15-20 minutes, the tea you can drink. Restrictions like drinking there. Decoctions are used until the patient feels recovering.

Meals with bronchitis provides sufficiently frequent meals at least 4-5 times a day in small portions. The body may weaken, digesting large amounts of food, but must obtain the necessary calories to have the strength to fight viral "aggressor". It is important that the menu had a lot of foods that are high in protein. Protein deficiency typical of all viral diseases accompanied by discharge of mucus, phlegm from cough.

Ignoring this rule can lead to a significant weakening of the body, even if you follow all the medical recommendations and to include the patient in verstelling conditions. Normal cells will be broken, hurt heart, nervous system, blood circulation, weakened muscles, reduced immunity and, in fact, the resistance of the whole organism. Eating protein-rich eggs, pastries, regular bread, fish, meat, you can avoid such problems.

The next component that is necessary to ensure that the patient is carbs. The daily diet can not do without barley, brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, corn. Again, none of the patients will not abandon delicious muffins, bagels. Treatment can beeven pleasant. Fruits and berries, which should always be in a vase near the bed adult patient is:

polza fruktov pri bronhite

  • grapes;
  • Fig;
  • watermelon;
  • strawberry;
  • apricots;
  • pear;
  • oranges;
  • apples.

You can afford to indulge in the pineapple, but not too much because it breaks down fats, and during treatment it is impossible to allow additional factors which the body can weaken. Consumption of these vegetables ensures that the body will receive the vitamins, without which recovery is impossible.

Recovery with products

You can't count eating a full, if daily food does not contain beans, peas, lentils, carrots, potatoes - inexpensive, but such irreplaceable products. They greatly improve digestion, eliminate the shortage of blood sugar, difficulty with chair. Systematic evacuation cannot be underestimated, because it allows toxins, bacteria cannot self-poisoning.

Nutrition in chronic bronchitis must include easily digestible dairy product.

legkie kislomolochnye produkty dlya uluchsheniya pishevareniyaThese products are inexpensive, but very important, as further prevent the possibility of formation of intestinal putrefaction. These products include cottage cheese, yogurt, fruit yogurt, milk with a minimum fat content.

The greatest amount of vitamins necessary to the patient, is in the cabbage, fresh and juicy onions, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower. No need to torture the patient, forcing him to eat only onions. You can just make the salad, flavored yogurt or fat-free sour cream, and serve it with potatoes and marine fish. Salads are important not only because of the replenish the body with valuable substances, vitamins and opportunities to improve the activity of the digestive tract. They also help get rid of phlegm, impeding respiration, bringing with it harmful bacteria.

Not prohibited adult patients and chicken broth, but only lean. This kind of food becomes an excellent source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and protein, of which chicken meat is much more even than in beef or familiar to many pork. The broth can be enriched with greens, fillet of which it is welded.

Very important in the treatment of bronchitis, eat foods that are rich in zinc such as pumpkin seeds. Lock and treatment of the disease process into reverse is impossible without a marine fish oil-rich. Good and cheap in thisplan sardines and flounder, which is desired to be steamed, and served with onion rings and celery, tomatoes, again, with a dish of low-fat sour cream. In very advanced cases of bronchitis with the same purpose, doctors recommend to consume fish oil. If the region of residence to purchase these varieties of fish is problematic, you can dispense with a daily intake of fish oil. The main thing that the patient received the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Diet for bronchitis in children

Treatment of children with any type of disease is quite an important and complicated process. Bronchitis in children is no exception. Due to the fact that some medications provoke disorder of the digestive system, young patients may become loose, to be capricious about some products they simply do not like. The diet should appoint a doctor, based on the degree of development of bronchitis, age and physical condition of the child. But there are products that parents are not only bold, but also have to cook the children, making a menu, and there are those which should be deleted. It is important to remember that the child's bed should always be the drink: open a bottle of mineral water (to be evaporated gas, which will irritate the throat and provoke a cough), rich in vitamin C broth hips, chamomile tea.

Can not buy the children in this time of citrus fruits, as they contain large amounts of acids. The child's immune system could not provide good resistance to viruses and bacteria that will develop rapidly in such an acid environment. If a taboo is violated, it is necessary to give the baby plenty of drink mineral alkaline water, which quickly neutralizes the effects of citrus.

As if the child is not asked, do not give him during treatment sweets - for learning the body will spend too much energy. Better to wait when the disease will pass, and make a child's holiday candy. As long as you can do with dried apricots, watermelon, raisins are not only sweet, but also rich in various vitamins products.

If adults are dairy products, milk and nuts are desirable, their children can not be given. Mucus and expectoration may weaken the baby, complicating the healing process. For the same reason, and also because of the long digestion children forbidden to give raw vegetables or fruits. Just cooked and then steamed, no fat, or stewed. For example, rarely a child will refuse baked apples, plums.

The healing properties of honey cannot be denied. Give it to kids as possible, but only adding to the tea. In its purest form will become a kind of irritant to the mucous membrane, and cough of the baby will become even stronger. The rest of the feeding habits of toddlers and the formulation of the diet forbronchitis for children similar to the terms of the menu for sick adults.