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Breathing exercises for patients with bronchitis

Whether breathing exercises bronchitis? This question interests today patients.

problema bronhitaBronchitis is a disease of the upper respiratory tract, which is accompanied by large amounts of sputum in the bronchi and liberotica mucosa. Positive treatment outcome is the transition of dry cough in the wet. When this begins to stand out mucus accumulated in the bronchi and making breathing difficult patient. Sputum contains pus, so it is very difficult undergoes excretion from the body. Of course, to treat bronchitis need medicines. But there are affordable and effective methods through which you can facilitate the patient's condition and speed up recovery. This way including is breathing exercises.

With proper breathing facilitates the removal of secretions, in consequence of which the cough becomes productive, which leads to recovery. Breathing exercises bronchitis has a number of advantages over other auxiliary methods of treatment of this disease. First, its implementation required nothing more than the desire of the patient. Secondly, exercises breathing exercises can be done anywhere, including the house and any other place where sufficient air. Thirdly, if performed correctly, exercise can achieve excellent results in the treatment of bronchitis, comparable to the success in the treatment of antibacterial agents.

Treatment method

shema bronhitaBreathing exercises for bronchitis is simple, to learn how to comply with them can even a child, not to mention an adult. Acute bronchitis develops long, for a couple of months, during which the cough bother mostly at night. If the patient suffers from chronic bronchitis, the cough is almost constant, with brief interruptions. Under any circumstances it is recommended to do the exercises, not only when a person is sick, but also as a prevention, this is especially effective for chronic bronchitis. If the disease has an acute course, gymnastics is best to start doing after a couple of days after starting treatment with antibiotics, and mucolytics.

In the treatment of children gymnastics needs especially as shortness of breath interferes with sleep. Thanks to the exercises in the lungs gradually liquefies the secret of sputum and appears along with cough. With obstructive bronchitis the patient's condition deteriorates, there is suffocation due to liberotica of the bronchial mucosa. Such complications occur more often if there is an allergic component. With obstructive bronchitis generally suffer from allergies and people who are inclined toallergies. And no matter what form of Allergy is present in the patient.

The inability to sleep and breathe normally leads the patient to a painful condition in which the healing process is very slow. Persistent cough prevents to live normally, here is the lifesaver can be breathing exercises along with physical therapy and traditional treatment. Treatment of illness in acute bronchitis the most productively and efficiently since the symptoms least pronounced, edema of mucous and phlegm is much less than in chronic obstructive bronchitis and.

Exercises of respiratory gymnastics

uprazhneniya dyhatelnoj gimnastiki protiv brohitaWhen correctly diagnosed, you can begin treatment of the disease. In addition to medical appointments, a competent doctor must prescribe a set of exercises to facilitate nasal breathing. One of the most effective exercises is the breathing exercises Strelnikova. When the breath is correct, the bronchial tubes are working normally, as if the person is not sick. The exercises are simple and performed in a short amount of time, but on a regular basis.

For better memorization and proper breathing, you can beat the rhythm of the score himself, then the motion will be the same and correct. As with any gymnastics for health improvement, breathing exercise consists of three periods: warm-up, main, or base, and the final, in which breathing is back to normal. You must first learn to breathe correctly. For this purpose, the air to be inhaled either through the nose or through the mouth. If the inhale is through the nose, one short energetic movement with sufficient force. If the movement of air through the mouth, the breath should not be deep, as this will promote a strong cough.

You need to breathe gently, almost inaudibly. The exhalation should be through the mouth. The air will come out smoothly, slowly and won't cause a cough. Learning to breathe correctly, you can proceed to the basic exercises of respiratory gymnastics. There are several, and not so hard to remember to do. If there is no time or possibility to perform a large set of exercises, there are Express exercises, which when executed daily will be very effective in the treatment of the disease.

konsultaciya vracha pri bronhiteFor best effect, you can alternate exercises breathing exercises with physical therapy. The most effective exercises are the "Hands", "Hug shoulders" and "Pump". When performing exercises need concentration and the right approach. Achingacute bronchitis, the patient each exercise should be performed at least five times, every day increasing the amount. Of the many exercises you can choose the most comfortable and suitable to do them with pleasure. In chronic bronchitis the main role in treatment is played by the regular practice of breathing exercises.

Each exercise should be performed 15-20 times twice a day. The treatment lasts at least a month. The first results can be felt after a couple of weeks. Coupled with the exercises an excellent effect in the treatment of bronchitis gives physiotherapy. Thanks to physical therapy improves the condition of the entire body, increases vitality, blood circulation comes back to normal, which promotes better expectoration of sputum.

The body becomes more sensitive to medicines, the patient feels much better.

But the main function of physiotherapy and breathing exercises for bronchitis, especially chronic, is the appearance of complications almost zero. With proper implementation of all recommendations of the doctor and all the exercises of stagnation of phlegm in the bronchi does not happen, and so other diseases of the upper respiratory tract will not develop and be transformed.

The importance of treatment

Breathing exercises has established itself well in the fight against various diseases, including bronchitis and all types. Treatment of any disease process is needed and quite heavy, but if you run the disease, the bronchitis will turn into asthma, a disease far more terrible. Bronchial asthma is very hard and long treated. Better not to bring the condition of his body to severe consequences. Therefore, if you feel unwell, showed the symptoms of bronchitis, no need to hesitate better call the doctor.

The doctor will properly assess the situation, make a correct diagnosis will make the appointment. Bronchitis accompanied by sputum, hoarse voice because of the inability to completely clear his throat. Breathing heavy, accompanied by a soft whistling and wheezing. But if you take medication, do breathing exercises and physical therapy always in a good mood, realizing the importance of the process, the result will certainly please you. If you lead a healthy life, go for long walks in the fresh air, you can comprehend the secret to a healthy and proper breathing. In a short time about the disease, we can forget and live a full life.