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Get acquainted: it's bronchitis

In the cold season a lot of people just come in choking cough. Maybe it's bronchitis. Disease takes the first place among other diseases of the respiratory system in both adults and children. Most often this disease affects smokers, people working on the drafts, with weakened immune systems. Bronchitis is most common in people living in countries with cold and humid climate.

problema bronhita

What is a disease?

Bronchitis is an infectious disease occurring in the upper respiratory tract, accompanied by inflammation of the bronchi. Bronchitis partially damaged mucous membrane of the bronchi, which gives such strength cough. Often acute respiratory infection can pass into bronchitis. If you run the disease since childhood, throughout her life, she would periodically manifest itself in an acute form.

When the mucous membrane of the bronchi is inflamed, there is a plentiful discharge of mucus into the cavity of the bronchi, causing obstruction, the so-called syndrome of obstruction. The bronchus starts to produce spastic movements, trying to push the mucus out, to purify themselves and to fulfill their function of transporting oxygen from the trachea to the alveoli of the lungs. This provokes coughing. Mainly bronchitis are a result of colds, medicine called acute respiratory viral infections, but sometimes they arise because of the presence of pathogenic bacterial flora.

Types and symptoms of bronchitis

If you are diagnosed with bronchitis, and what it is for a disease you don't know please note that this disease is subdivided according to the mechanisms of emergence of primary and secondary; according to the complexity of the inflammatory process, the atrophic, catarrhal and purulent; in the course of the illness - acute, chronic and recurrent; severity - mild, moderate or severe.

shema bronhitaSymptoms at onset of disease very obvious even to the layman:

  • a sharp dry cough, gaining strength and dry towards evening;
  • feeling of stuffiness in the throat and desire to cough;
  • sore throat;
  • sometimes high body temperature;
  • hoarseness, loss of voice;
  • weakness;
  • aching joints;
  • copious phlegm in the morning after sleep;
  • pain in the chest.

The bouts of bronchitis can cause irritants such as smoke, chemicals, trapped in the air, pollen, dust, vehicle exhaust gases.

When listening to the patient, the doctor usually detects hard breathing, wheezing; blood may increase the level of white blood cells; urinalysis shows trace protein; an x-ray will showthe expansion of the boundaries of the roots of the lungs.

The risk of recurrent bronchitis is caused by Smoking, malnutrition, asthmatic component, heart disease.

vysokaya temperatura pri bronhiteEspecially hard to bear bronchitis people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Suffocating cough, especially at night, can cause severe pulmonary edema, which can lead the patient to death, if not in time to help. In such cases, loved ones need to call the pulmonologist that will drain the fluid from his lungs. Since the lungs have no nerve endings, the patient does not feel the symptoms of pain and endures to the end. You need to pay attention to severe shortness of breath, sweating, increased blood pressure of the patient.

The chronic form of bronchitis usually develops when the patient ignores the acute form, carrying her on her feet all day, or having frequent recurrence of acute bronchitis. Don't forget that untreated bronchitis will remind myself with each new cold in a more complex form, and in a few years it can lead to heart failure and emphysema (abnormal enlargement of the air spaces (bronchi).

Treatment of bronchitis

To treat bronchitis is not so difficult. Online pharmacies offer the widest range of drugs available are sufficient and effective for different segments of the population. Well established Ayurvedic preparations: Syrup cook", "Sringa Basma", "Godanti Basma", "Herbal antipyretic composition No. 7".

poloskanie gorla pri bronhiteSuch diseases as bronchitis caused by viral form and should not take antibiotics as they are useless against viruses, and the patient will have only a depressing effect, killing flora.

Very effective herbal medicine for bronchitis. This is usually the most effective ways to get rid of the disease without side effects and complications. Both children and adults are recommended a simple regimen:

  • gargling;
  • dry heat in the chest;
  • the taking herbal teas;
  • rubbing the sternum.

For bronchitis use teas that can easily be done at home by yourself, for example, expectorant tea. To prepare it you'll need creeping thyme, lime color, flowers mother and stepmother, color elderberry. All the ingredients are taken in equal proportions, are crushed, are mixed, the mixture is sealed in a water bath for 1 tablespoon per Cup of water for 15 minutes. When the broth is ready, strain it and drink warm unhurried SIPS. It is not recommended to leave the broth in the refrigerator, and thenheat or add boiling water, as the medicinal properties are lost.

fitochaj pri bronhiteRecognized folk remedy for bronchitis is syrup of black radish with honey and aloe juice. To cook the radish, wash, cut the base of the root, is ground in a meat grinder, add 40 g of honey, 20 g of aloe juice three years. Give the mixture to infuse at room temperature for one day. A day later, wring out the juice. The juice is taken every 4 hours 1 tbsp.

A very effective tea with added cocoa butter, it will soften the inflamed mucous cough.

Even in ancient times, Avicenna himself I cough juice of plantain. And today in pharmacies can find a "cough Syrup Dr. tice with plantain".

We should not exclude frequent gargling with bronchitis. After severe coughing severely affected mucosa of the nasopharynx. Rinsing should not hot and well warm broths. Rinse well suited decoction of the flowers of yarrow, sage, chamomile flowers and marigold flowers. In equal proportions mix the crushed parts of plants, boil in a water bath for 10-15 minutes, drain, let cool, proceed to the application.

We should not exclude inhalation for bronchitis. Special effects have been observed in inhalation of phytoncides, essential oils, dissolved in hot water. For inhalation use of eucalyptus essential oil, fir, juniper, pine, rosemary, spearmint.

When the cough begins to soften, it is not necessary to stop treatment, as the bronchi in the course of the month after the acute phase of the illness will be depressed, and do not exclude the recurrence undertreated bronchitis.

Mode for bronchitis

aloe pri bronhiteEach patient should be clear that the regime for bronchitis plays a fundamental role in speedy relief from the disease and avoiding complications. In the beginning of the disease is recommended bed rest, hot plentiful drink, a warm bed, the drafts should be deleted, but the fresh air should be mandatory. The patient needs plenty of sleep, if the bed is wet from sweat, it must be replaced.

Usually bronchitis is commonly treated on an outpatient basis, ie at home, but in critical cases, some patients should be under constant supervision of a doctor that provides stay only in a hospital.

It is necessary to reduce the time spent on the street, especially in cold weather and dress warmly, if still there is a need to stay on the street. Bronchitis is not recommended to bathe in the bath or even take a really hot shower, it negatively affects the work of the heart and lungs during the period of illness.

In conclusion, a fewwords

Bronchitis in adults is a common phenomenon that occurs as a result of acute respiratory infections and are protracted. In any case, you cannot ignore the first symptoms of a cold. Dry heat, rinse with phytorestore nasopharynx, copious hot drink usually give good results at the beginning of the disease, preventing rebirth in severe forms of the disease.

Children's bronchitis could be avoided if the time to pay attention to the symptoms of incipient sickness, and to bring it to the acute form.