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Tips: how and where to correctly put the mustard plaster for bronchitis

Mustard bronchitis are mainly used for the treatment of children, but due to its otharkivajushchim, distraction and other therapeutic effects of this method of therapy has taken its place as a simple and accessible method for the treatment of people of all ages. Using mustard can be treated not only bronchitis, but also pneumonia, pleurisy, myositis, radiculitis, intercostal neuralgia.

gorchichniki dlya lecheniya bronhita

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the disease, which is based on inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bronchial tree.

The majority of the disease occurs in children and the elderly, but Mature, too, there is a risk. Contribute to the emergence of exogenous and endogenous factors that affect the mucous membranes.

Types of bronchitis:

kategorii bronhita

  • acute - develops as a result of diffuse inflammation in bronchial mucosa, manifested by hypersecretion that causes cough and phlegm;
  • chronic - develops as a result of diffuse progressive inflammation in the bronchial tree, there is a rearrangement of the secretory mechanisms of the mucous membranes of the bronchi, increased sputum, disruption of protective mechanisms.

The disease can cause viral and bacterial factors, fungi and allergic agents also play a role. The disease begins with a dry cough, often occurring at night and often his character is fairly intense. Then begins to move away sputum, appears hyperthermia, General intoxication syndrome. The disease duration from one to two weeks.

Properties of mustard

In the last years of the twentieth century in the composition of the included mustard flour, mustard and water. This mixture was applied in a thin balloon on poorly permeable fabric was applied to the skin surface of a certain area of the body. At the present time it is possible to buy mustard with a ready mix, located between the two sheets of paper, and apply them according to the instructions - put on some time in the water, then put in the correct place.

As a result of chemical reactions that occur on the skin of the patient, recipes irritated skin, increases blood circulation of the body, accelerate metabolism, occur protective and repair mechanisms that contribute to the fight against the disease.

A more detailed and stepwise mechanism of action:

contraindication to the use of mustard plasters">

  • at the site of contact of mustard mixture with the skin occurs, increasing blood circulation;
  • from inflamed and irritated skin receptors momentum going in the sympathetic nervous system, it increases its functioning;
  • is released into the bloodstream a greater amount of adrenaline and activation of the immune system;
  • increase the defense mechanisms;
  • is the dilation of blood vessels, the expectoration becomes more intense, there is a cleansing of the lumen of the bronchi of excess mucus.

How to put mustard?

How to put mustard right is a question which interests many people. It is necessary to pour a small amount of warm water for ten minutes. To place mustard plasters on the chest, in the chest or back, trying not to fall into the projection of the heart. A mustard plaster for bronchitis in children can injure the skin and cause burns, to protect your child should use a protective material like gauze with an extra layer of thick paper. After a few minutes the patient will feel warmth in the area of application of the mustard, but you need to remove them after about ten minutes. Remove the mustard with the appearance of hyperemia in the horse-drawn covers. You cannot use them in places where the skin is damaged, or there is inflammation of it, it could trigger the progression of disease.

Very young children recommended mustard wraps instead of the production of mustard. This fabric is soaked in mustard solution, drained and placed on desired body area, and then on top of that is fixed by another layer of warm fabric. After these manipulations it is necessary to remove the remains of mustard from the skin, this moist warm towel wiped the place of imposition of mustard plasters.

mesta prikladyvaniya gorchichnikovContraindications to the use of mustard plasters:

  • an increase in temperature of the body, the presence of acute inflammatory process;
  • violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • any disease of the skin;
  • allergic reactions to substances included in the toothpaste;
  • suspected tuberculosis or cancer pathology;
  • cardiovascular diseases in decompensation, cardiac valve diseases of the heart;
  • the age of the child up to three years.

A mustard plaster for bronchitis in children

The use of this procedure for patients of a young age has its own characteristics. Children can hardly stand the irritation and heat of the skin under the mustard, they resist in the formulation,make a fuss. But even if the child safely tolerate this kind of treatment, you should follow some rules in the formulation of the toothpaste at this age. First you need to use only high-quality product - the mustard with the normal expiration date, the integrity of which is not broken. If in some place the yellow card is damaged, and its contents will sleep on the skin of the child may develop a burn. On the chest of a child is enough to put only one shot on target. No need to impose tight skin several mustard. In the abdomen and ribs, they will not exert their therapeutic effect in the region of the heart, their use is contraindicated.

The overlap of mustard in children less than adults. A baby's skin is specific, it is more sensitive and susceptible to damaging factors, which may be too long duration of this procedure. Before applying mustard plasters it is recommended to treat children's skin greasy ointment.

Where to put a mustard plaster for bronchitis?

zabolevaniya kozhi - protivopokazanie k primeneniu gorchichnikovWhere to put the mustard that the treatment was effective? As bronchitis develops in the upper respiratory tract formulation of the toothpaste is recommended for upper back, near the alleged site of pathology.

The best places for the production of mustard is recognized as the interscapular region, and upper part of the chest.

When exposed to these areas there is activation of metabolic and regenerative processes in the correct location. As noted above, mustard can not be put on the heart area and the projection area of kidneys and mammary glands.

Cooking mustard at home

If you still prefer not to trust manufacturers of medical products can take a short journey through time and themselves to make a mustard plaster by an old recipe.

For this you need to take two teaspoons flour, two tablespoons of mustard and warm water to Mix mustard with water until a homogeneous mass, then cover and leave for about two hours. Next, add in the flour and stir. Then apply it on a prepared heavy paper or cloth. Top cover with another layer of fabric.

The use of mustard during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a state of the female body, in which even minor irritants can lead to serious consequences, so the production of mustard, a pregnant woman should be treated with caution. In Generalnot recommended warming procedures during pregnancy.

This may be a provoking factor in the development of spontaneous abortion or early preterm birth. Because in place of the mustard increases blood circulation, increase blood flow, the outflow of blood from the uterus, the result of which will be short-term oxygen starvation of the fetus.

You should know that substances contained in mustard can, in themselves, provoke an abortion. Conclusion: mustard bronchitis to pregnant women is contraindicated.

Given the above arguments one should always be aware of the appropriateness of this procedure and before self-treatment need to consult a specialist.