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What types of inhalation help with bronchitis

Inhalation bronchitis are considered an effective treatment. Klassificeret this disease:

  • according to the type of inflammation;
  • for its distribution;
  • localization;
  • and duration.

problema bronhita

In addition to medical treatment inhalation is used for dilution and subsequent removal of sputum. Be carried out the procedure as in hospital and at home with the use of medicines, herbs or aromatherapy oils. In the treatment of inhalation method has several advantages: the drug is faster in the respiratory tract, the drug is concentrated in the inflammation, the drugs fall into the bronchi, without affecting the liver.

Emit steam and aerosol inhalation.

Steam inhalation

This is the easiest way of treatment of such diseases. Enough to bring water to a boil, add prepared in advance the herbs or essential oil and breathe the steam in through the twisted up paper or covered with a towel. There are many herbal mixtures intended for the treatment of bronchitis. Especially popular are the following people's recipes fees:

  • grass mother and stepmother, sage and dried raspberry leaves;
  • the flowers of the elderberry and oregano;
  • peppermint and sage.

mat-i-macheha dlya ingalyacij pri bronhiteThe main thing to consider when choosing herbal is the absence of allergies to its components. Otherwise, the inhalation of not only not help, but will cause coughing, to the same can cause complications. Especially dangerous allergic reaction to folk remedies during inhalation for bronchitis in children. Also most doctors suggest to use in turn herbal inhalation, steam inhalation on the basis of soda and salt. Session duration inhalation bronchitis should be not less than five and not more than ten minutes. In any case you cannot use medicines when carrying out steam inhalation.

If the bronchitis is accompanied by fever, then do not use steam inhalation covering the head with a blanket or towel. In this case, it will help cold inhalations, the essence of which consists in inhalation of phytoncides of onion, horseradish, garlic and radish. The beneficial impact of a visit to the salt caves.

Aerosol inhalation

From such inhalation, the effect is no less significant. While spraying the medication, the particles acquire acceleration, quickly get on the wall of the upper respiratory tract, those that are less involved with simultaneously air get into the lower path. Thus, the drugfalls on the small alveoli and bronchi.

The next question relates to preparations that can be applied using inhalers. You need to pay attention to the fact that children spend inhalations of the same medication, only in a different dosage, which is established exclusively by the attending physician, and in chronic bronchitis the treatment is carried out during an exacerbation, and remission.

shalfej dlya ingalyacij pri bronhiteSo, medications that are used in investegation:

  1. Bronchodilators, medications that contribute to the expansion of the bronchi. These drugs hold the inhalation for obstructive bronchitis, as they reduce the likelihood of asthma attacks. Have virtually no side effects on the human body.
  2. Mucolytics and sekretolitiki. Thin and clear phlegm. It is important before applying them to consult a doctor because these drugs can not be taken with antibiotics, as part of antitussive drugs.
  3. Anti-inflammatory medication. The best known are extracts of propolis and eucalyptus.
  4. Hormonal anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic medicines. For example, dexamethasone.
  5. Antibiotics.
  6. The immunomodulators.
  7. Medication, constricts blood vessels.
  8. Antitussives.

To tag the ear of each medicine is specified, the type of bronchitis you should use them.

Inhalation nebulizer for bronchitis

Most often when carrying out medical procedures in the hospital use nebulizer, and ultrasonic or pressure. Useful this device will be and those who are ill with such chronic diseases as bronchitis, laryngitis and tracheobronchitis. When working with a nebulizer used specialized medical solutions.

cvetki buziny dlya ingalyacij pri bronhiteIt is important to know that when you use these inhalers, you cannot apply herbal and aromatherapy products, including essential oils. Inhalation using a nebulizer is more effective than steam inhalation procedures as a nebulizer turns the solution into aerosol. In addition, the nebulizer can be applied to both adults and children.

The drug solution was poured into a special Cup then, in the case of young children, it is joined by the mask, and in the case of adult patients the mouthpiece.

It is important that when using such devices it is impossible to burn the mucous membranes, since aerosols impact the ferry, and directly medicinal solutions.
It is also necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the nebulizer,otherwise it will be a vector of bacteria, not a helper in the struggle with him.

Therapeutic solutions for the treatment nebulizer

As mentioned above, in the treatment of nebulizer is used solely medications. If you buy a ready-made preparation, in the form of a solution, then difficulties will not arise. Just pour the medium in the nebulizer and start the procedure. In that case, if you need mixing multiple drugs or adding saline solution, then be sure to follow strict proportions. Dosed medications, in the latter case with the help of pipettes or syringes.

atrovent pri bronhiteIn the treatment of bronchitis inhalations use such drugs:

  1. "Atrovent" is bronchodilators, nicely separates sputum, helps to alleviate the condition for 3-4 hours.
  2. "Giansalvatore" - dilutes and removes mucus. Presented in pharmacies this drug in the form of a ready solution.
  3. "Berotek", this drug is used for acute bronchitis. Also distributed in the form of a solution, the frequency of application depends on the condition of the patient.
  4. "The drug" - the drug is alcohol based, dilute with saline. Inhalation of the drug are three to four times per day.
  5. "Magnesium sulfate - reliever medication. You also want to mix with the saline.
  6. "Mucosolvan" - liquefies phlegm, makes a good expectorant effect. Sold in the form of a ready solution. Apply one to three times a day.
  7. "Fluimucil" - a drug used in the strong viscosity of sputum. It is prohibited to use for dry cough. The procedure is performed two to three times a day.

Types of inhalers

The above described drugs that can be used for inhalation aerosols. Now you need to understand the types of inhalers.

lazolvan pri bronhiteThe first is pocket powder inhalers. Most often used during the ordinary form of bronchitis. Due to the lack of freon is considered the most secure. The medicine in these inhalers is used in powder form and is served a La carte. The disadvantages include the fact that the drug is only in the upper respiratory tract.

The second type is liquid pocket inhalers. The aerosol is formed due to the flow of the freon, at a time produced a specific dose of medication. Often used in the obstructive bronchitis, so the effect on inflammatory edema and bronchospasm.

The third type of ultrasonic inhalers. To produce an aerosol when exposed to ultrasonic vibrations, is supplied through a mask. Not suitable for immunomodulators and corticosteroids, as these drugdestroyed by ultrasonic vibrations.

The last type compressor nebulizers. Help to introduce drugs into the body without additives and freon. The drug gets into the respiratory tract at high dose. In recent times play an important role in respiratory therapy.

The rules of procedure of inhalation

There are 7 basic rules when inhaled the treatment of bronchitis. They should pay special attention.

perechnaya myata pri bronhiteFull compliance with these recommendations will help speed up the healing process of the bronchitis.

  1. Inhalation can be carried out only a half hour after eating. After the procedure it is undesirable to talk, eat and leave the premises for another hour.
  2. During inhalation must be smooth and deep breathing. Inhale atomized medicine by mouth and exhale by nose.
  3. It is necessary to observe the proportions in the preparation of the drug solution.
  4. Ready solution can be stored in the fridge if necessary, but not longer than 24 hours. The cooled solution before the inhalation is necessary to bring to room temperature.
  5. In the event that the doctor prescribed to carry out several types of inhalation, it is necessary to follow the order of their application. Taken bronchodilator first, then thinning phlegm means at intervals of a quarter of an hour. And only after will depart sputum should apply anti-bacterial agents and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  6. The nebulizers are prohibited to use substances based on oil, among them are aromatherapy products.
  7. The course of treatment averages 5-10 days.

The main Board is the phrase from television advertising: "Self-medication can be dangerous to your health".

Before reception of those or other medicinal or folk remedies, consult your doctor, especially if sick small child.