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Learn: bronchitis and its treatment of folk remedies at home

Many of you probably faced with this common disease, as bronchitis. Treatment of bronchitis folk remedies at home - the best way in most situations.

problema bronhita

Severe forms of bronchitis, such as asthma, obstructive bronchitis, of course, at home treatment cannot be.

This disease affects mostly older people. And bronchitis can be considered a disease of men, as they carry it more often than women 3 times.

We developed many methods of home treatment of bronchitis. Often, this therapy uses traditional methods, which include, for example, honey, black radish, inhalations with infusions of herbs. Some recipes will be discussed later.

Basic information and classification of diseases of the bronchi

Disease of respiratory organs, accompanied by inflammation of the bronchi is called bronchitis. Usually bronchitis is caused due to the destruction of bronchi infection, which is caused by viruses or bacteria and, accordingly, is treated by vaccines against viruses with antibiotics.

bronhit u vzroslyh

Bronchitis sometimes develops into a chronic out of the ordinary. The reason for this change is a result of complications or prolonged exposure to irritants. With the obstruction of bronchial mucus in bronchitis the obstruction appears, and the disease develops into obstructive. Chronic bronchitis in a state of neglect is very dangerous and often fatal.

When choosing medication and treatment methods always consider the root cause of bronchitis (provoking factor), form of bronchitis, and of course, the nature of his flow or individual characteristics.

Bronchitis is classified as follows:

  • acute bronchitis, accompanied by cough and expectoration of mucus;
  • chronic bronchitis, characterized by degradation, thus disrupted the function of bronchial tubes.

Duration of acute bronchitis may be up to a month, but with proper treatment it passes in a week. Bronchitis usually accompanies all colds, acute respiratory infections, including the flu.

hobl - hronicheskij obstruktivnyj bronhit legkihChronic bronchitis can be identified by a permanent cough with copious secretions of mucus from the bronchi. This form is characteristic of heavy smokers.

The following simple events are reliably protected from bronchitis:

  • first and foremost, strengthening the immune system, fresh air, moderate exercise, lots of vegetables and fruits in the diet;
  • to limit or fullyto give up Smoking and alcohol;
  • not to overload the body and avoid stressful situations;
  • the diet should be balanced and full, you should try to avoid eating junk food;
  • all unimportant at the first sight of illness, even a cold, needs to recover fully;
  • not long is the cold;
  • it is desirable to regularly perform breathing exercises to stimulate the activities of the bronchi.

The causes of the disease and its symptoms

Let us consider these two forms of the disease bronchitis. The main cause of acute bronchitis, as mentioned, viruses (mostly influenza) and bacteria - streptococci, pneumococci, and others. Among the causes may be allergic reactions, intoxication. In addition, lesions of the bronchi can be fungal in nature. The disease is transmitted through the air or by direct contact with the patient, for example, by kissing.

prichiny bronhialnoj astmyTo provoke or contribute to the development of bronchitis can the following factors:

  • in the first place always put the Smoking;
  • genetic factors heredity;
  • environmental conditions, that is, living in cities with harmful emissions, especially dangerous in this respect is considered to be the metallurgical and chemical production.

The causes of the second plan can be attributed alcoholism, Smoking family, poor living conditions. After all, with the continuous irritation of the bronchi ailment comes very quickly. The climate also plays a role, for example, many people are contraindicated humid climate or frequent changes in weather conditions.

The symptoms of bronchitis are surely known to all, so it is quickly possible to recognize, without the help of professionals. Runny nose, cough and headache - this is the first of his signs. Of course, they are very similar to the flu or colds. Bronchitis can be recognized by a pesky cough, which is very difficult to calm down.

For acute bronchitis characterized by a dry cough and high body temperature that can reach 39-40°C. are heard wheezing in the chest when breathing.

vidy mokrotyIf improper care of patients with acute bronchitis will pass in the chronic, it can be noticed if the cough persists for a long time. Rhonchi in the bronchi accompanied by a hiss or a whistle.

But if not treated and chronic bronchitis, there is a risk of its transition into a purulent form, characterized by the fact that together with mucus from the bronchi pus. Purulent bronchitis may indicate weak immunity. This form of bronchitis is already resulting in breathing difficulty, pain in chest, weakness and shortness of breath. In addition, purulent bronchitis, and characterizes highsweating. This disease, left unattended, goes into pneumonia.

In the case of bronchitis caused by allergies, added the following features:

  • lack of appetite;
  • shortness of breath;
  • burning in the chest;
  • often lost his voice.

Folk medicine - methods and tools

bolshoe kolichestvo mineralnoj vody pri obstruktivnom bronhiteHerbal teas, badger and goose fat, garlic, onions are a popular folk remedy for bronchitis. Of course, recipes of traditional medicine can be used in parallel with conventional medicine.

Even a simple mineral water is a good folk remedy for bronchitis. With such water it is possible to do inhalations, which are well thin and clear phlegm. In the solution is useful to add the baking soda or just use, for example, “Narzan”, “Essentuki” and “Borjomi”.

The main indication for bronchitis is drinking plenty of warm liquids. Tea with honey or lime, tea with raspberry jam, milk with soda - it's all good eases the discomfort. Herbs such as thyme, celandine and horsetail is also useful to brew and drink warm.

As antiviral agents applied bow. You can eat it fresh or drink the juice, make the onion broth. Helps warming the breast with the application of ointments or use mustard applied iodine mesh.

A variety of inhalation, even a simple inhalation with balm “Asterisk” brings quick tangible effect. Not to mention the inhalation grass-collecting - and nice and helpful.

What are the most popular tools offers a traditional medicine for the treatment of bronchitis? Consider a few of the recipes - onion tincture, black radish, propolis, inhalation.

The most popular folk recipes

Methods of treatment are very diverse.

Apply vegetables and fruits, and animal products, and herbs.

lukovyj nastoj pri bronhiteTo choose a certain method difficult, so often use the advice of friends and acquaintances. Of course, taken into account and symptoms of bronchitis.

Onion infusion prepared according to the following recipe. Half a kilo of chopped onion turnip, 50 g honey, 400 g sugar and one liter of water mixed, and cook three hours on low heat. Decoction is taken in the form of heat to five times a day about a tablespoon. For long-term storage of the broth using a glass container placed in the refrigerator.

Black radish - a good remedy for lingering bronchitis. Shredded radish sprinkle with sugar and twohours is placed in the oven at a low temperature. The result is a syrup that is warm take a teaspoon after meals. Store it also need in the fridge. The application of this prescription relieves from bronchitis in less than two weeks.

The most popular inhalation - breathe over a saucepan of just boiled potatoes, the top covered with a blanket. Very useful for cough relief breath of propolis added to a pot of hot water.

These recipes do not carry any harm and are suitable for the treatment of asthmatic bronchitis, for which there is another very effective folk recipe. Probably everyone knows that honey with bronchitis is a very effective tool. One teaspoon of honey and butter is heated in an enamel pot. As reheating it is necessary to bring the mixture to obtain a homogeneous mass, then let it cool down. Apply the resulting ointment to the chest, covering it with gauze and a piece of cellophane. Leave the poultice on all night. To achieve the result this procedure should be repeated daily for one month. The first results can be felt within a week.

The following recipe describes the preparation of medicinal composition from bronchitis, which is suitable for the treatment of both children and adults. In the prepared pan is placed one Cup of beeswax, flower honey, sunflower oil and pine resin. Bring to a homogeneous mass, warming on the stove, but do not boil. Received a liter of the mixture will cure. It must be stored in the refrigerator. Drink a teaspoon with half a glass of warm milk. The course of treatment is completed, when it will be consumed all the mixture.

Traditional methods based on herbs and plants

All recipes are designed for cooking at home and aim to drink patients a greater amount of fluid delivered to the body's healing substances, siberiawas in plants.

chaj iz steblej vishni dlya lecheniya bronhitaTea from the stems of cherries. The stems are dried and milled. A teaspoon of the dried stems to brew 200 ml of boiling water. Drink a glass several times a day.

Has diaphoretic and expectorant action the following recipe. Linden flowers and elderberry, raspberries and dried raspberry leaves, sage mixed in equal parts. One teaspoon per Cup of boiling water. To insist one hour. To drink before going to sleep warm.

A decoction of raisins is prepared as follows: 100 g of raisins grind in a coffee grinder. Boil, Bay glass of water for ten minutes. Drain, squeeze and take several times a day one tablespoon between meals.

A glass of milk and a tablespoon ofsage enamelware is heated to boiling. Allow to cool and then strain. Boil one more time after straining. The decoction is drunk hot at night.

One liter of water bring to boil and pour in 400 g of bran. Bran boil ten minutes, then we chill and prorezyvatsja. To be taken several times a day warm.

Honey 300 g, water 100 g, and the pre-cut aloe leaf mix and boil on low heat for two hours. Mix thoroughly after cooling. Take one tablespoon three times a day. This recipe from bronchitis is very well suited to sick children.