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How is it treated if diagnosed obstructive bronchitis

If you conduct proper and timely treatment, obstructive bronchitis will recede and will not leave any complications. Obstruction is, in simple terms, a spasm. When simple bronchitis lasts for a long time or is not carried out the necessary treatment, the bronchial walls begin to change. They thicken and swell. They accumulate mucus. She can't go outside, so the patient noted a persistent cough. From the chest came the whooshing noise is the air trying to get through a short spasm of the bronchioles. The patient becomes hard to breathe, especially to do exhale. Treatment of obstructive bronchitis is to remove this spasm, reducing the viscosity of the mucus, remove it from the body.

problema obstruktivnogo bronhita

The disease is:

  • sharp;
  • chronic.

The first more common in children, and the second, mainly the elderly. A very serious symptom is shortness of breath. It starts during any exertion, manifested in the complicated exhalation. Then apply to the rest. In severe cases will progress to respiratory failure.

Diagnosis of the disease

mehanizm obstrukcii legkihIt is important to make the correct diagnosis. It is necessary to exclude similar manifestations of the disease (asthma, bacterial pneumonia). To do this, carry out the following tests:

  • laboratory analysis of sputum, blood, urine;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • chest x-ray;
  • the study of external respiratory function (spirometry).

The acute form of the disease - treatment

The main goal is to improve the airway. This is widely used for massages, including vibration. Good results are obtained by postural drainage. Effective and simple methods like hot foot bath and drink plenty of liquids. Relieve swelling of the mucous membrane by aerosol inhalation. And to thin mucus use of medicines and tinctures. There are special means - mucolytic drugs. They break down the structure of mucus, alter it's consistency, it becomes easier to cough up. Drugs that suppress coughing, can not accept, because it is the saving action that expels the disease out.

posturalnyj drenazhDrugs, thinning mucus, it is necessary to drink about 2-3 days, then start receiving funds, to help you better cough, accumulated secretions. In addition to the tablets, it can be herbal. For example, infusion of violet tricolor, tea of clover with honey, decoction of elecampane root. To use such a decoction is necessary every 2-3hours in large numbers, until the nausea. This is an indication that the fluid begins to act.

Still need to learn how to cough, how to do positional drainage. Lie down sideways on the edge of the bed, as if hanging down, his hand on top of it. This posture "search sneakers" in such a situation it is necessary to cough.

If the sputum becomes purulent, greenish view, then was joined by a bacterial infection. In this case, the use of antibiotics.

Chronic form - it is necessary to find the cause

hobl - hronicheskij obstruktivnyj bronhit legkihTreatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis of the lungs (COPD) involves finding and eliminating the causes of the disease. Need to do a full examination of the patient. And assign therapy based on the data of diagnosis, given the age, other chronic diseases, conditions of work and residence of the patient. Because the obstruction of the bronchi in chronic form often develops on the background of prolonged exposure to allergens. Also appointed agents for changing the viscosity of sputum and its removal. But the preference in this case will be given drugs artificial origin, because herbal preparations can provoke a relapse of the disease.

Most COPD affects long-term smokers, employees of hazardous industries with a high dust content in the inhaled air. Treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults implies an active desire to heal the patient. Smokers should quit their bad habit. Otherwise the whole effect of the treatment will be reduced to zero, will not bring results, because the cause is not resolved. Dangerous nicotine exposed and family members of the smoker. Passive Smoking is equivalent to ordinary Smoking. Children in such families suffer from bronchitis often and longer.

Great importance is the contamination of inhaled air. In large cities with strong fumes bronchitis is becoming a more common diagnosis. Prone to bronchitis, the production workers with the presence of flour, coal, cotton and cement dust. Patients have to change jobs, as it is necessary to exclude an irritant.

If the causes of deterioration are identified, it is necessary to consult a doctor-otolaryngologist. Sometimes, the breathing process is disturbed due to various distortions in the structure of the nasopharynx. There is no normal air purification - this leads to progressive disease. Today there is the ability to correct even difficult pathologies of this kind.

It's only getting worse

To cure this disease is not easy. Prolonged illness may lead to serious consequences. Causes that leadto prolonged illness:

zagryaznenie vozduha - opasnost dlya legkih

  • Smoking;
  • poor working conditions (smoke, high dust content);
  • environmental pollution (the presence of a large number of allergens);
  • frequent infections;
  • immunity is reduced.

Over time, the shortness of breath starts to manifest itself more and more. With the result that exhaled air is less than wohnoase. The surplus remains in the lungs. Their performance begins to suffer, swell in some places could be emphysema. Over the years, these patients will become disabled, because, apart from breathing, develops and heart failure. The air accumulated in the lungs increases the pressure in blood vessels, they no longer can pump blood. The patient swells, the face becomes cyanotic hue.

Peculiarities of disease in childhood

Care should be given to the health of children. They cannot tell about their illness, difficult to describe symptoms. Often the disease begins at 2-3 days after exposure or infection. And babies up to one year, with reduced immunity, diseases of the liver or kidneys, the symptoms appear in the first day.

The temperature rises, starts irritating cough which in infants goes to regurgitation. Joins rhinitis, including allergic.

obrashenie k specialistu pri obstruktivnom bronhiteThe reasons for the outbreak of bronchitis:

  1. Bacterial infection. Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, coli.
  2. Viruses. Diseases affecting the respiratory organs (tonsillitis, influenza, tonsillitis).
  3. Foreign body. It is removed from the respiratory tract, but the infection it leaves behind.
  4. Allergies. Not treated for allergic cough enters the stage of obstructive.
  5. Malformations of the respiratory system.
  6. Parasitic infection.
  7. Pollution of the environment. Smoke, exhaust gases.

Treat kids at home, but with suspected respiratory failure transferred to hospital. The treatment plan prescribed by a doctor, the task of parents is to create conditions for recovery: compliance with the bed rest, the obligatory implementation of the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctor. Under the symptoms of acute obstructive bronchitis can masquerade as asthma. It is manifested by attacks of breathlessness. If a child frequently hurts it obstructive bronchitis, it is necessary to pass the examination to exclude asthma.

Features of treatment of folk remedies

It should be understood that self-medication can have unpredictable consequences. How and what to treat, should be determined by the specialist.Expert advice will not be superfluous in this case. Popular recipes aimed at reducing the viscosity of sputum and improve expectoration.

Well liquefies phlegm bow.

luk s medom pri obstruktivnom bronhiteIt should mince in the ratio of 1:1 mix with honey. Eat 1 tablespoon three times a day.

If Intrusive cough take carrot juice mixed with honey in equal proportions.

To facilitate expectoration drink radish juice. Black radish cut out the heart, put a teaspoon of honey. Put the radish into a glass. After a few hours there will begin to drip juice. That's it, and drink 1 teaspoon four times a day.

Needles perfectly removes inflammation. To do this, use an infusion of pine buds. Five tablespoons of kidney is placed in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water. Let stand one day. Then strain the broth, pour into a glass dish. Strictly keep in the fridge, otherwise the healing properties will be lost. A third of a glass of drink in the morning every day on an empty stomach. For taste you can add one teaspoon each of natural honey. Continue treatment for at least two weeks.

Well help inhalation. During the tests, the impact occurs directly on the sore spot, and it speeds up the healing process.

Inhalation are:

  1. Steam. Stimulate blood circulation, reduce mucous membrane irritation.
  2. Wet. Occurs injection bronchodilator drug aerosol.
  3. Heat and humidity. The medicinal effect is due to the high temperature and steam. Add decoctions, salts, antibiotics.
  4. Oil. The purpose of the application is the formation of a protective film on the mucous membrane.

At home it is convenient to use a nebulizer for carrying out of inhalation. Apply it is good if the cause of the disease is Allergy. It is useful to use soda, mineral water or bronchodilators.