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How effective is massage for bronchitis in children?

SARS may go into bronchitis, in this case, additional treatment will serve as a massage for bronchitis in children. The respiratory system of the child formed only 12 years, which is why it hurts adults more often. Sputum stagnates in the lungs, for its elimination it is necessary to take a combination of medicines. Massage is an auxiliary method of treatment of bronchitis, it is used in combination with medication prescribed by your doctor.

problema bronhita u detej

Massage promotes expectoration, improves the health of the child. Accelerates the process of blood circulation, which leads to increased muscle tension in the bronchial walls. The result is accumulated mucus expectorated easier. As there is no primary source of infection, the child recovers much faster.

Modalities of therapeutic massage

It should be noted that improper procedure can not only relieve symptoms but worsen the condition of the child. The services market is a lot of courses teaching various types of therapeutic massage.

osmotr u vracha pri bronhiteLimitation - the age of the child up to six months. Massage is not performed at an elevated temperature, inflammation of the trachea and larynx, as well as individual contraindications.

You need to prepare the room for the procedure: the temperature should be no higher than 25°C, humidity indicator should start from 65%. To humidify the air in the room, covering the battery with a damp towel.

Prepare your child for the procedure, this let him during the day drugs that promote the expectoration of sputum and warm drinks. Massage can be done an hour before meals and bedtime or two hours after.

Talk to the child, the vibration of the pronunciation of words have a positive effect on the bronchi. Watch the mood of the ward, do massage, only if the child is in a good mood. The baby calmly behaved and not twisting and turning, turn on his cartoons or tell a story. Customize your child's recovery. Depending on the health of the patient, the procedure can be performed 2-3 times a day. The average duration of a single session of 20-30 minutes.

Drainage massage

Drainage massage - the most common way to warm up the bronchi. To start, lay the baby on his stomach, under which place a pillow or cushion, the pelvis should be above your head. Thus, the sputum from the lower divisions of the bronchi will go up.

drenazhnyj massazh pri bronhite

  1. In a few minutes use the back of a baby massagemovements.
  2. Starting from the waist and toward the neck, gently postukivanie fingers and edges of the palms intercostal space back.
  3. Find the base of the diaphragm and stroking the area from the bottom up, pressing lightly with your fingers.
  4. Line massage should be directed from the bottom up. Drainage massage can cause an attack of severe coughing. In this case, let the child sit down and cough, after a short rest, continue with the procedure.
  5. End the massage by stroking the palm.

The entire massage should take 5-7 minutes. Carry out the procedure within 5 days.

Vibration and massage cupping

Vibrating massage is shown to children from six months, the duration of its execution in just 2 minutes. Lay the baby on his stomach on a pillow gently and rhythmically prostukivanie fist area light, child, while not affecting the spine. Children under one year is best done vibrating massage using your hand or a light tap of the fingers.

To conduct cupping massage use only medical banks.

Coat the back of a baby massage oil, vaseline or cream, you can also use olive oil.

banochnyj massazh pri bronhite

  1. Take a cotton swab, dip it in rubbing alcohol, light it, heat the jar for a minute. Remove the swab, place the jar on the back of the child in the area between the spine and scapula. Repeat with the next jar of the same thing and put it on another part of the back. Depending on the age and size your baby can use up to 4 cans.
  2. Banks without taking away from skin and move in the following directions: from bottom to top straight, spiral, zigzag, drawing a “figure eight” from center back to shoulders (not touching the spine). Continue around the semicircle from the middle of the neck to the shoulders, ending in a circular motion around the edge of the seventh vertebra.
  3. Finish the procedure, put on child pajamas made of natural fabrics, wrap up in warm blanket, place to sleep.

Features of honey massage

Honey is proven remedy for many diseases, including bronchitis, used both internally and for external use. Honey massage can be performed only if the child is not allergic to this product.

Everything is done according to the old scheme: the child lies on his stomach on the pillow. A little squeeze back a little patient and heat it, then apply a thin layer of honey on the area of the bronchi. Perform a patting motion until until the hand no longer stick to the skin. Honey, after the massage, wipe, cover the infant dry with a warm towel on top of the blanket. Now the child needs to rest.

Chest compressions for kids

title="the chest compressions for kids" alt="the chest compressions for kids">massage with good special herbal balms that can be purchased at the pharmacy. If you are doing chest compressions to a newborn, make sure he's comfortable. If the crumbs do not like the procedure, stop and continue only after the kid will calm down.

  1. Put the child on the back, RUB the chest, excluding the heart area, herbal balm.
  2. Perform a stroking motion with your fingers from top to bottom.
  3. Lift one handle up and down. Repeat the same with the other hand.
  4. Cross your hands on your chest, give him a little lie in this position (no more than a minute).
  5. Complete the circular movements of the fingers from the base of the baby's chest up.
  6. The final stage is mild stroking the chest of the crumbs with his hand.
  7. Heat put the baby.

To carry out this procedure every day until complete recovery.


Has a high broncho relaxing effect. This massage should be conducted by a specialist, as the impact should be provided at certain points on the body of the child. It may be vibrating or circular, but not necessarily continuous movement. The greater the impact, so it is shorter in time.

tochechnyj massazh dlya detejFor people without special skills available to use acupressure technique:

  1. Shallow or heavy pressure.
  2. Touch and stroking.

Points affected:

  1. The hole under the base of the seventh cervical vertebra. She is well detectable when tilting the head.
  2. Jugular notch of the breast: the impact on the center over the bone.
  3. The point between the thumb and index finger on the inner side of the palm.

To affect these points very carefully. Don't spend acupressure by yourself, with no experience.

After the massage, you can perform breathing exercises, this will encourage your child to imagine before him a hot lunch, which should be cool. Let the baby blow on it. Then child stands up straight, takes a deep breath, spreading the arms out to the sides, and then exhaled sharply, clasping his hands. These simple manipulation will improve the ventilation of the air in the lungs and facilitate expectoration of sputum.

Doctors suggest massage for bronchitis in children as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of. Correctly performed procedure will reduce the risk of complications of the disease and lead to speedy recovery of the child. For massage as additional medicines you can use balms and rubbing withwarming up effect, except increased temperature of the baby.

Any type of massage, except honey, use a massage oil to warm up the back. After the massage, always wipe dry the back of the baby with a clean warm towel or diaper.

Avoid targeting the heart and kidneys, it is not necessary to massage the spine.

After a little patient is better put to sleep or at least rest. Let the kid spends less time on his feet.

Remember that massage is not just a physical treatment of the body, but also a positive psychological impact. It is also a time when a parent pays their child the maximum attention and care.