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How to be a massage bronchitis?

Therapeutic massage for bronchitis should be performed when the disease is in the stage of convalescence, when the patient has no fever, but cough is most strong. If the treatment of bronchitis occurred any complications, the chest massage can not be done.

massazh pri zabolevanii bronhitom

Before exercise, doctors recommend to sit for a while in the hot tub. Massage should be done 5 days. There are 5 different methods of massage in this disease:

  1. You need to go to the surface of the stomach down and massage the back. Continue to turn and massage the breast. On the inhale it is necessary to make movements from the chest to the spine, as you exhale, to his chest, slightly gripping his chest. These movements normalize natural breath.
  2. With obstructive bronchitis it is recommended to do massaging the lower extremities. In addition, you should humidify the air and breathing it for about 10 minutes.
  3. In order to better otharkiwati sputum, it is recommended to massage and warm up the chest, the head should be raised.
  4. You should stroke your back towards your shoulders.
  5. In the supine position on the abdomen is necessary to do the intercostal massage. The head should be lowered, and the legs slightly raised. Next, you should warm up and stretch your back to better sputum was separated from the lungs and bronchi.

Huge benefits drainage massage for bronchitis - this massage relieves the negative symptoms of the disease and contributes to the strengthening treatment.

During this procedure, it is recommended to start the massage from the sides, gradually passing to the muscles of the trapezoid and ending with the neck. Good to stretch their joints. After the drainage massage is recommended to relax a bit, lie down, wrapped in a warm blanket.

Types of massage, contraindications

kashel pri zabolevanii bronhitomBronchitis is a serious disease and must be treated with antibiotics. However, massage bronchitis brings a positive effect in treatment. After the massage significantly improves the condition of the patient, well sputum departs, and recovery occurs much faster. Doctors today practice massage appointment as soon as the patient's condition is stable and normal body temperature. Why is it necessary to do massage with bronchitis? The answer is simple, because in the process of massaging going on:

  • increased blood circulation;
  • improvement of muscle contraction in the walls of the bronchi;
  • improving the movement of the bronchial epithelium.

The procedure contributes to the rapid outflow of a sputum - it helps to cough. As sputum departs,intoxication decreases, and sick people recover faster. Massage can be done even the smallest patients. Older people, he appointed no less than everyone else. However, massage for babies should be gentle, more gentle and soft. Adults becomes more intense procedure. Doctors prescribing such procedures for the baby, show the sequence of movements of the mother, but there are some types of massage that alone is very difficult to do, and do they have specialist. For example, cupping or acupressure is better to only trust an experienced massage therapist.

banochnyj massazh dlya lecheniya bronhitaMassage bronchitis can be:

  1. Vibration. The basis of this massage is tapped on the back. These manipulations help to separate sputum. This type of massage is recommended even for small children. It is as follows: you need to gently tap on the patient's back without touching the spine. If the child is very small, you need not to tap on the back, and in his hand, so the vibration is gentle.
  2. Drainage. A very effective form of massage, which has been discussed above. Helps in the treatment of diseases, removes mucus and speeds up the healing process.
  3. Cupping. During this procedure the positive effect of having a vacuum that is formed in a special massage jar. Through this massage increases the flow of blood, lymph, contributes to the nutrition of tissues and accelerates the healing process. Massage cupping stimulates the respiratory and immune systems.
  4. Point. The basis of this species - the impact on certain points on the body of the patient. For treatment of bronchitis massaged the points that are located behind the ears, in the neck, shoulder blades, legs and hands. Acupressure for chronic bronchitis differs from the procedure during the acute forms of the disease, so it should be done only by a professional massage therapist.
  5. Honey. This view is very useful after a heavy bronchitis. In the honey contains many minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Before applying honey is a warming massage, and then the therapist massages the breast area with special movements, the so-called otlipanie hands. As soon as the massage becomes unpleasant, stop it. This kind of must also do a professional. For the honey massage is applied only high-quality honey. The best effect after treatment can be achieved if half an hour before the procedure to drink expectorant. You can't do the procedure, if the body temperature is not normal, if the acute stage of the disease, or diagnosed cancer, hypertension.

The sample exercisesbronchitis

fizicheskie uprazhneniya dlya raboty legkihIn medicine developed exercises that will benefit both adults and kids:

  1. “Embrace”. You must stand up straight and breath dissolve hands in the parties, and then very sharply, exhale and hug yourself with your hands. Hands must be put on the hips: the left - on the right thigh and the right hand on the left.
  2. “Skier”. Starting position - standing, arms along the body. On the inhale lift up the hands, and then, heavily exhaling, lower them bent. On the exhale requires a little squat and like to wield ski poles.
  3. “Chop firewood”. You must get up, straighten up and put your feet shoulder width apart. Hands close brushes, though in the cotton. On the inhale, without opening the hands, you must raise them behind your head. A sharp exhale, you should bend and hard to give up.
  4. “Squeezing the air”. This exercise should be done with assistant. The helper must put one hand under the chest of the patient, and the second on his back, on the area between the shoulder blades. While standing, the patient should gather a full breast of air and to breathe out while you exhale the assistant should dramatically gripping hands.

All exercises should be done 3 times daily. The air we need to inhale and exhale only by your mouth.

Massage for young children

massazh dlya rebenka pri bronhiteBronchitis in a young child great help massage, doctor prescribed as adjuvant treatment. It speeds up the healing process. Baby massage can be done independently. The method consists in the careful massaging of the back of the child. Massage is done for about 5 days. You cannot perform the procedure if the child's temperature. Before the procedure, the child needs to be given expectorant.

To distract him from his tedious massage favorite toy or cartoon. With the baby to talk to during the massage, which will help create positive vibrations. The baby should be belly down on my knees mother's.

The head should hang down below the level of the back. The stomach can put a pillow. Then you should stroke the back.

After warming up it is necessary to fold the arm in the form of pumps and lightly tap on the back. We must not forget that during the procedure, the second hand should continually support me. Useful just stroking the baby, his chest, back and lower leg. After the massage, the baby needs to be wrapped in a warm blanket and let rest for about half an hour.