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Is it possible to put the banks in the treatment of bronchitis?

Is it possible to put banks with bronchitis and not whether it will cause degradation? Banks glass vessels, the volume of which is 30 to 70 mm. they burned the air, creating negative pressure. Then the Bank leans to the back and it sticks, drawing a part of the skin. The result of this action burst the small capillaries, blood spills into the subcutaneous fat.

effektivnost lecheniya bronhita bankami

Slight superficial bruising can be observed visually during the inspection of the back. The primary mechanism of action of cans is autohemotherapy, that is, the treatment of their own blood. The use of modern drugs much more effectively and safely than the Soviet methods. Currently, the competent doctors will not prescribe this procedure, because the potential harm from more than use.

When not to use banks?

shema bronhitaTreatment of banks is obsolete and is equivalent to the popular methods of folk medicine. You cannot apply banks if bronchitis sick elderly person, pregnant woman or child under 5 years of age. To get expert help, you need to visit the clinic, and in extreme cases even to go to the er. Banks are dangerous to put in the following situations:

  • if a person has a fever;
  • during the day after the temperature dropped;
  • during lactation;
  • if you have TB of the spine or the lungs;
  • if the victim has seizures or a tendency thereto;
  • if you have skin diseases, e.g. psoriasis or eczema;
  • if the skin is injured, there are foci of purulent inflammation;
  • if there are diseases of the cardiovascular system (for example, thrombosis, valvular heart disease);
  • if the bronchitis is accompanied by severe exhaustion and sleep disorders.

Unfortunately, the parents that put banks on the advice of grandmothers, cause deterioration of the child. The result is acute bronchitis is delayed, the recovery takes more time, and the disease may be accompanied by complications. If in the framework of complex treatment of the relatives had an irresistible desire to apply banks, this can only be done at the stage of recovery when the condition of the person is not in danger, and the patient is recovering steadily. Applied to banks it is strictly forbidden:

vysokaya temperatura - protivopokazanie k postanovke banok

  • in acute bronchitis with increasing temperature above 38°C;
  • pneumonia;
  • in acute tracheitis andlaryngitis.

The destruction of the walls of the blood vessels can not end well in the upper respiratory tract there is an active inflammation. The infection will enter the bloodstream to spread to the lungs, can trigger pathological process elsewhere. Complications of bronchitis, like any other infectious disease can potentially cause death from sepsis or respiratory failure. Banks for bronchitis can be applied only to adults, people recovering steadily, after consultation with the attending physician. Most professionals recognize this method of therapy is futile and does not assign it as a primary treatment. In the Soviet Union, banks have been extremely popular for the reason that there was no effective medications, but cans - abound.

If during the procedure, the person experiences a pronounced discomfort, discontinue use of banktree and to seek the assistance of pharmacology.

How to put the banks?

priznaki bronhitaTo cause a person minimal damage, you need to choose the most fleshy part of the back where the thickness of muscle and fat maximum. Suitable for this purpose:

  • the area under the shoulder blades;
  • the loin closer to the spine;
  • the blades, if there is no bony protrusions.

From the chest you can apply banks in the area below the clavicles. It is impossible to affect the heart and its projection on the back. In total the number of cans depends on the area where you performed the procedure and volume of cans. Most often used 5 cans on each location, in total no more than 15. What is the sequence of actions?

  • banks, sanitized, completely dried;
  • wipe the back of the victim with alcohol or vodka;
  • lubricate the back of vaseline or baby cream;
  • tight to wind the wool on a long forceps or a clamp, cotton wool must be securely fixed and not sliding;
  • to wet the cotton with alcohol, squeeze out the water did not flow down on the hands and tweezers;
  • to set fire to the wool, to make sure that the fire did not spread to foreign objects;
  • take a jar in his right hand, to introduce into it a burning cotton swab for 1-2 seconds so that all the oxygen is burned;
  • attach the jar to the back of the victim, the skin should be absorbed into the banks.

problema bronhitaIf Vata is unstable, after ignition, it may fall with a pair of tweezers. Improper burning of oxygen in the Bank, its edges will overheat, and when applying to the back of the victim in addition to bronchitis will get a burn. The color of the skin, which is tightened in the jar changes from a pinkishat a purple as the destruction of blood vessels. If the procedure is performed efficiently, the pain should not be. For heat preservation of a man covered with a blanket. Proponents of the use of the cans say that the best effect is achieved with regular repeat treatments every 2 days. During the first installation of banks should not hold more than 5 minutes, and then increase the time, gradually reaching 20 minutes. After the time is up, it is important to remove the jar from the man, not to hurt him. The Bank rejects to one side, and skin taut, and pressed to form a passage for the air. After that, the Bank must be easily separated.

As a result, on the back of human remains multiple bruising round shape, the color of which varies from bright red to crimson and purple.

The victim needs to lie down for hours to return to a calm state.

Pneumatic banks

There is a version, adapted to the needs of the population. Despite the fact that in developed countries pneumatic banks be used as a device for cosmetic massage, in Russia they sell including as medicine. Pneumatic cans can be purchased in beauty salons and pharmacies. To use them do not need anything to burn, and the person cannot get burned. Banks are made of flexible polymer material and are exactly on the same principle as the classic. To put these banks, you need to:

pravila postanovki banok

  • disinfect utensils;
  • treating back skin with alcohol to avoid an infection in the injured blood vessels;
  • lubricate the back of vaseline or baby cream, which will facilitate the adhesion and subsequent removal of banks;
  • compress the jar to its walls almost in contact;
  • tightly attached to the skin of the back;
  • due to the expansion of the volume of banks it formed negative pressure, the skin is sucked inside;
  • let go to the Bank dealt;
  • leave the person for 15-20 minutes under a blanket;
  • remove the cans by running them under the air.

When using cans of polymeric materials it is necessary to observe the rules of care, which are described in the instructions. Some products cannot be heated, while others can be washed only with lukewarm water.

Causes of bronchitis

Banks with bronchitis can be only an optional measure to help mandatory treatment should choose a doctor. To the use of drugs led to recovery, you need to know what microorganisms caused the inflammatory process in the bronchi. Agents of bronchitis are:

  • viruses (adenovirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza virus andothers);
  • bacteria (pneumococci, staphylococci, streptococci, Haemophilus influenzae, Bacillus etc);
  • fungal infections.

The most common cause of bronchitis is viral infection which elimination requires the intake of antiviral medications. The sooner treatment starts, the less can be complications in the victim. If using the traditional medicine bronchitis can become chronic, creating a stable source of inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.