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Learn: obstructive bronchitis in adults and children

In medicine there are two types of bronchitis - normal and obstructive. Obstructive bronchitis is the most common disease in adults and children. Often suffering from obstructive bronchitis. For the disease characterized by spasms and constriction of the Airways. These symptoms bring great discomfort to the patient, as they are accompanied by a severe persistent cough. For kids acute obstructive bronchitis is dangerous in view of the fact that it can become chronic and at the slightest provoking factor that cause severe illness - bronchitis of the lungs.

problema obstruktivnogo bronhita

As the disease in adults

Despite the fact that obstructive bronchitis usually appears in childhood, they suffer and adults. The bronchitis in this category of patients is characterized by the development of inflammation and damage of the bronchial mucosa. As a result of disrupted normal process of ventilation. Spasm and narrowing of bronchi, preventing normal expectoration, the main signs of the disease. The disease can develop as an independent disease, but may occur as a complication of viral diseases or as a result of exposure to harmful factors.

The causes that provoke the emergence of bronchitis in an adult:

kurenie - prichina poyavleniya obstruktivnogo bronhita

  1. A bad habit a lot of smoke. As a result of years of experience of the smoker begins to develop chronic bronchitis. An important factor that can cause this type of disease is passive Smoking - the constant presence in a smoky room.
  2. Professional activities. If a person works in hazardous work and breathing vapors of ammonia, chlorine, coal dust and other harmful substances, it can ill obstructive bronchitis.
  3. Low ecological status of the environment.
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle and alcohol abuse.

In adult patients the disease has characteristic symptoms:

  • long persistent cough;
  • shortness of breath even with little physical exertion;
  • fatigue;
  • the increase in body temperature in the acute phase of the disease.

Very often its symptoms this kind of bronchitis is similar to allergic bronchitis. Especially for people with hypersensitivity of the organism, working in hazardous industries.

odyshka - simptom obstruktivnogo bronhitaBelowthe disease did not cause side effects in the form of pneumonia or asthma and is not passed into the chronic form, its treatment should be taken seriously. Before prescribing effective drugs, the doctor performs a diagnosis, which allows you to confirm or reject the presence of obstructive bronchitis. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient is prescribed bed rest for several days.

If the cause of this diseases are factors such as dirty environment, chemical and cosmetic products that cause allergic reaction, it is necessary to exclude contact with them. Getting rid of the habit of Smoking is one of the first steps in the treatment of bronchitis.

An important condition is the maintenance of the protective properties of the body, so treatment includes a special diet. From the diet completely exclude fried, spicy, sour, and other products that provide aggressive action on the body. Suitable soups with chicken broth, porridge without butter, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, which will help to support the body during illness without overwhelming it.

Therapy for bronchitis in adults

ambroksol dlya vyvedeniya mokrotyIn appointing the drug therapy, the doctors pursue the main goal - to reduce the rate of progression of the disease, so to treat bronchitis of the lungs with symptoms of obstruction (spasm) suggest using the following drugs:

  1. Adrenergic receptors, dilates the bronchi - Terbutaline, Salbutamol.
  2. Expectorants, mucolytic agent is Ambroxol, ACC, the herbal remedies, which are based include thyme.
  3. Antibacterial drugs, broad-spectrum antibiotics. This kind of drugs use only if diagnosed with acute bronchitis and the therapy does not give positive results.
  4. Effective believe drugs are the macrolides - Erythromycin, Azithromycin.
  5. Good result show drugs group protected penicillins the Amoxicillin with clavulanic acid.

Doctors prescribe drugs for ingestion, injection and inhalation. Effective addition in the treatment is the use of inhalation. They can have medicinal and vegetable-based. Often use essential oils and decoctions from medicinal herbs.

The development of children's bronchitis

priem antibiotikov pri obstruktivnom bronhiteChild obstructive bronchitis is of particular clinical picture. It is not linked to any causal factor that provoke normal bronchitis - viruses, bacteria, etc Bronchitis with obstruction represents,in which air can not pass into the lungs and back. Normally inhibit this process in children following factors:

  • accumulating against SARS allergic reactions or phlegm that accumulates in the bronchi;
  • if the cause of the bronchitis was allergic swelling of the bronchial walls;
  • there is a strong spasm of the muscle of the bronchi;
  • pressure on the bronchi inside the development of a tumor or other pathologies.

A complex of symptoms that demonstrate the violation of patency of air in the bronchi due to constriction of the respiratory tract with further increase in their resistance to inhaled air flow, called obstructive syndrome. The baby against SARS obstructive syndrome may be an isolated phenomenon. But there are times when, after a catarrhal inflammation of the baby have difficulty breathing. In this case, bronchitis with obstruction is an indication of increased sensitivity of children's respiratory system is one of the manifestations of such diseases as allergic bronchitis.

The danger of this disease is the lack of oxygen. Symptoms - wheezing when you breathe, and frequent shortness of breath, a failed attempt to cough well. When this baby begins to choke. It is a signal for immediate hospitalization of the child and providing emergency care in a hospital. The most common complication of this disease in children is pneumonia.

Treatment of obstructive bronchitis in a child

azitromicin dlya lecheniya obstruktivnogo bronhitaIf you are observed not severe symptoms of the disease - coughing, loss of appetite, the kid complains of tightness in chest, wheezing when breathing, to treat it at home. But only after medical examination and consultation by a pediatrician. The basis for medical therapy is mandatory:

  • bed rest;
  • drink plenty of liquids;
  • receiving prescribed medicines.

Treatment should begin with the elimination of symptoms that are signs of an underlying disease - viral infections, allergies, SARS, etc. If the baby started choking because of allergies, he needs antihistamine therapy and elimination of the allergen is the causative agent.

The first priority in the treatment of children is to reduce the amount of mucus that has accumulated in the bronchi, with subsequent removal. To do this, doctors prescribe drinking plenty of fluids, which helps remove mucus and thins the blood. This is an important factor influencing and density of mucus. Fluid changes the viscosity of the blood and facilitates the child's condition, giving him the ability to cough the mucus loose. A large amount of fluid makes the mucus of the chance to settle onthe walls of the bronchi.

The reason of obstructive bronchitis in most cases, allergic reactions and acute respiratory viral infections, so antibiotics for its treatment is not appropriate.

amoksicillin dlya lecheniya obstruktivnogo bronhitaOnly in the case of pneumonia, the doctor prescribes antibiotic therapy with antibiotics.

Great value in the treatment of disease plays and climate control in the house. The more humid the air, the easier it is to breathe for the baby. The best indicator of the air in the room where the baby is 21 degrees. In severe shortage of respiratory doctors prescribe to children receiving drugs with bronchodilatory properties, for example, Salbutamol aerosol. If there is a strong nasal congestion, doctors recommend the use of vasoconstrictor drops.

Well help children with special massages, which are included in the complex of physiotherapeutic events. Tapping percussion massage helps to bring down the accumulating mucus in the bronchi and make breathing easier for the baby. Carry out massage in the following way:

  1. The child is placed on her knees face down so that the head was lower than feet. The slope helps to accelerate the process of release of mucus.
  2. With fingertips vigorously, but without a strong push, a knock on the back in the blades. The movement should go from the waist to the head.
  3. After the procedure, it is necessary to sit on the knees of the baby and give him the opportunity to vegasstyle.
  4. This massage 2-3 times one after the other.
  5. It is impossible to conduct such a massage if the baby has fever.

In children with obstructive bronchitis should not be carried out inhalation, if the child has difficulty breathing. After the procedure, the child's condition may deteriorate. A baby can choke on the phlegm, which not in forces was to cough up. In no case can not bathe in a warm bath. Warm vapor, getting into the bronchi, increases the production of phlegm. With heavy breath the child is not allowed to give mucolytics. Expectorants at home contraindicated use, especially to children of the first two years of life. This can lead to death.

massazh pri obstruktivnom bronhiteContraindicated for small children and adjuvants, which trigger increased production of mucus. With obstructive bronchitis if the condition is not exacerbated by temperature, heat and fatigue, he doesn't have to constantly be in bed. The vertical position helps strengthen the cough impulse and faster to withdraw mucus. Even if the child has a slight fever, but the symptoms of bronchitis are evident, in anycase it is impossible to keep him in a stuffy room. Better to walk with him, good ventilation helps to cope with the disease.

Observing all recommendations of the attending physician, with this disease, you can cope for a week, at least, 10 days. If after treatment symptoms of obstructive syndrome, it is necessary to show the child the doctor. The disease can give complication in the form of asthma.

Traditional methods of treatment

Internal taking homeopathic medicines, as well as compresses made of medicinal components of plant origin help to cope with obstructive bronchitis much faster than the process of simple medical treatment.

Traditional medicine has a rich Arsenal of healing remedies for bronchitis. These include treatment using honey. To prepare an effective basis for a poultice, you need to take in equal amounts of honey and butter. Mix it all together. Daily a compress with the mixture applied to the chest and back. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Adults to overcome this type of bronchitis helps the active gymnastics, through which bronchi is easier to carry out the process of purification of the mucus, improving lung ventilation.

Kalina in 2 tea spoons of honey 4 teaspoons and half a Cup water grind well. The mixture to boil. Give to stand and give the child 1 teaspoon in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime.

To enhance the effect of the treatment, it is necessary along with taking herbal remedies to help the body strengthen the immune system. For this you need to eat more foods rich in vitamin C - lemons, grapefruit, oranges. Bronchitis strengthen the protective properties of the body and to resist disease helps vitamin E, which give the child in the form of fortified complexes. Besides, its a lot of vegetable oils.

Do not forget about prevention - vaccination and the hardening of the body.