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Treatment of dyspnea bronchitis

Shortness of breath bronchitis is one of the symptoms of the inflammatory process occurring in the lungs and bronchi, which begin to experience a lack of oxygen. Shortness of breath is manifested at low loads, in acute bronchitis, in its acute, obstructive form. In chronic bronchitis shortness of breath is constant, manifested in increasing, can progress.

problema odyshki pri bronhiteThis phenomenon is often found in bronchitis in children. The kids start to act up, refuse to eat. Constantly tormented by cough, stuffy nose, the voice becomes hoarse, the child breathes with difficulty.

Treatment of dyspnea is aimed at the elimination of cough, easier breathing through the appointment of inhalation, medicinal herbs, steam baths. With obstructive bronchitis the bronchial tissue is subject to alteration, which affects the immune system. His support at this stage of inflammation is indispensable.

Why develop bronchitis

bronhitBronchitis is an infectious disease caused by pneumococci, streptococci, staphylococci. Develops because of lesions in his lungs viral or atypical bacterial flora. Atypical causative agents of bronchitis is considered to be chlamydia whose life cycle takes place inside cells, densely populated by bacteria. Sometimes, but less often, bronchitis is the result of a fungal infection in the body.

Often different kinds of pathogens are present together, as it falls inside the virus creates a fertile environment for bacteria. The immune system is not susceptible to various infectious diseases, reduces its activity, inflammation starts to progress. People after 50 years, smokers, alcohol drinkers, working in hazardous industries are most susceptible to develop these infections: weakened immune system simply ceases to deal with them.

How to recognize bronchitis

vidy mokrotyThe main symptoms - cough, dry, wet expectoration of sputum, shortness of breath when lifting weights. Sputum bronchitis often leaves of green, which tells about the origin of bacterial bronchitis. For atypical viral infection characterized by a dry, irritating cough throat.

In acute bronchitis the cough is manifested by seizures, often headache, high fever, chills, increased sweating. The patient gets tired quickly, decreasing performance. Breathing becomes hard, focused, with rattling when listening, with moderate and severe disease occurs shortness of breath, pain when coughing sternum. Acute bronchitis occurs up to 14 days, and then whenuntreated becomes chronic, the symptoms can continue for quite a long time.

In the form of chronic sputum discharge is scant, but shortness of breath after minor physical activity constant. Then comes remission, then in the offseason when hypothermia symptoms appear again. Periods of exacerbation and increasing shortness of breath, cough, amount of sputum, fever.

How does someone get bronchitis in children and during pregnancy

problema bronhita u detejThe symptoms are similar: cough, shortness of breath, intoxication. If the child has shortness of breath, you should immediately see a doctor, there is suspicion of asthma. If obstructive bronchitis a year occurs more than once, should see an allergist to carry out the necessary examination on the subject of allergies.

To treat bronchitis in children good inhalation, drugs for expectoration and enlargement of the bronchial tubes. Inhalation is performed with the addition of antibacterial drugs dioksidina, furatsilina of 0.5 %, furatsilina of 0.02%. These funds are recommended for children, they have no side effects, quick spasms, make breathing easier, eliminate bouts of shortness of breath.

The symptoms are the same but the treatment is different, many drugs during pregnancy is contraindicated. Cannot be taken by pregnant tetracycline, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, aminophylline. Can be taken as directed by a doctor and in moderate doses vilprafen, it is more safe, quite antibacterial. Better pregnant bronchitis inhalations, injury to fruit they will bring.

How to treat bronchitis

fluorografiya pri bronhiteFirst, it seems to sputum, is determined by the color of the stroke. By Cytology cellular elements are counted. If the illness became prolonged or chronic, additionally taken a sputum culture test to determine sensitivity to some antibiotics.

External breathing through the spirograph is investigated for obstructive bronchitis. With shortness of breath, difficulty breathing are appointed by bronchodilators (flomax, ventolin, salbutamol). In chronic bronchitis it is possible to conduct bronchoscopy, concomitant diseases in the lungs.

In case of recurrent bronchitis is assigned to the x-ray, fluoroscopy, radiography, CT.

Treatment for bronchitis is prescribed only by a doctor. Because bronchitis often masked other, more serious diseases. Assigned to anti-infective drugs, drugs based on penicillin, macrolides, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, vitamins to enhance immunity. If bronchitis is not severe, then medications are used in the formtablets may treatment at home.

In severe form of the disease can not do without the injection, the methods can be combined as directed by a physician. If the bronchitis is caused by viruses, antiviral drugs are appointed (Cyprien, genferon®, Viferon). The course is 10 days.

teotard pri bronhiteAlso need expectorant drugs (ACC, Bromhexine, mukaltin, Ambroxol, Mucosolvan, fluimucil, fludity). It is recommended that all patients, particularly children under 1 year is not bad. It is well and quickly relieves inflammation, increases sputum production.

When shortness of breath is indispensable bronchodilators (teotard, theopek, aminophylline). Sold in tablets and inhalations, aerosols: berotek, salbutamol, berodual.

How to deal with shortness of breath pneumonia at home? Bronchitis should be drinking more fluids, alkaline fruit drinks, hot milk, Borjomi. In food should be included proteins, vitamins. Ease breathing will help nebulizers. Inhalation is carried out 5-10 days with the addition of ringer solution, mineral water. After these procedures, the mucus moves faster, relieves inflammation, shortness of breath.

It is important during this period to adjust your lifestyle to infectious disease has not gone further into the respiratory tract. If necessary, hazardous industry need to change to a more clean place.

About your health you should consider and smokers.

Treatment of folk remedies

lechenie narodnymi sredstvamiHow to get rid of shortness of breath the popular ways

  1. Herbal. Collect the collection of plantain, mother and stepmother, lime, marjoram, licorice, thyme and prepare a decoction. Pour 1 tbsp. boiling water 0.5 liter, insist 2-3 hours, take half a Cup 3-4 times a day.
  2. Steam inhalation. You can breathe over hot boiled potatoes, but use often method is not necessary: you can burn the mucous membranes and aggravate already severe course of the disease.
  3. Goat's milk, Mare's milk. Good to drink 1 Cup several times a day for a long time.
  4. Onions with honey (1x1) to pass through a meat grinder, take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day to 2 weeks. Good to use if there are no problems with the stomach. To enhance immunity, you can use the antioxidants, which include only natural ingredients.

Outbreaks of bronchitis can be avoided if to observe rules of personal hygiene, timely immunization.

All the time, especially in the offseason, you need to maintain, to fuel your immune system. To protect against hypothermia, to conduct hardening of the body and breathing exercises. Be healthy!