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What is acute bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis is one of the most common diseases in which the mucosa is inflamed. While the bronchial secretion is increased and exceeds the limits. As a result, sputum production, and provokes cough. If the affected bronchial tubes, may cause shortness of breath. Many have a misconception about what is acute bronchitis. It's not a cough, which manifests a little stronger than usual.

problema ostrogo bronhita

Ignoring this problem can lead to serious consequences, the development of related diseases. For example, the acute form of bronchitis can give a boost to the development of heart failure.

The symptoms for acute bronchitis

In case of acute inflamed bronchi, or rather their inner shell. It is this reason affects the development of the disease. Manifestation of symptoms depends on exposure to infection or virus which affects the respiratory tract.

shema ostrogo bronhitaThe treatment of this disease should begin only after defining all of the characteristics of the organism and the stage of the disease. Especially important to the proper purpose for the elderly and children. To go to the doctor it is necessary at the first symptoms, the sooner to start the healing process, the less it will cost you to do this, both in terms of resources and time. If the treatment is carried out at an early stage, it can last up to 2 weeks, which is too short period for the development of more serious diseases.

To diagnose the disease, you need to pay more attention to the body. Deterioration, fever, cough, intoxication and shortness of breath can signal the development of acute bronchitis. But in children, the disease is a little bit different. If it is diagnosed in the baby is a year old, that is, the probability that there will be a blockage.

In many cases, acute bronchitis can be confused with other disease. All the symptoms are very similar to the catarrhal manifestations, especially if the stage early. Often these two diseases are in parallel to each other.

If symptoms occur less than 2 weeks, then the treatment will be simple and help can medicines that do not need a prescription. If the body temperature reaches 40 degrees, otharkivajushche mucus becomes more thick, along with a cough there are small blood clots, and breathing becomes heavier. Under such manifestations of the disease call a doctor just need.

Causes of acute bronchitis

lung acute bronchitis">the development of the disease can be caused by a number of factors. When a person is in a room with polluted air, that is, small particles of dust and smoke, chemicals or allergens that may develop pathology. This affects hypothermia.

The most common reason responsible for the progression of the organism of acute bronchitis is the impact of viruses.

They cause the flu, colds, in which there is worsening, causing more acute forms. In the absence of proper treatment the acute form can become chronic, develop reasons for other complications, including in the treatment. On the development of the chronic form of the disease affects the wrong treatment and bad habits.

The lungs and respiratory tract voloskovye covered entities, which in medicine are called cilia. They are responsible for protecting the lung against various bacteria and their subsequent withdrawal.

To paralyze the cilia can tobacco smoke, and prolonged Smoking, cilia and disappear entirely. The risk of developing respiratory diseases increases.

prostuda - prichina ostrogo bronhitaAcute simple bronchitis can be caused by not only Smoking, but also a permanent human presence in space, where the accumulated a lot of dust. Accordingly, the most exposed to this disease cleaners, librarians, archivists, etc. lung dust is in the same way as tobacco smoke. Begins the inflammatory process that produces mucus, subsequently appear breathing problems.

With the development of chronic forms of bronchitis, the body is more susceptible to the effects of other stimuli, causing different diseases. In addition, the body loses its usual ability to saturate all of the tissues with oxygen, and this point is the main influencing the emergence of problems in the heart.

Treatment of acute bronchitis

First of all, we should realize the seriousness of the disease, so treatment tightening is not necessary. Appointments should be made only under expert supervision, self-treatment will aggravate the situation.

diagnostika ostrogo bronhita na rentgeneIf there is a suspicion that began to develop acute bronchitis, the patient is mandatory rents to the analysis of blood and urine, and doing an x-ray. In severe form of the disease may need more rigorous testing of blood and sputum. In order to facilitate the course of disease and to remove symptoms, used antipyretic and anti-inflammatorymedications antihistamines. In the case if bronchitis is cold, it is recommended to use drops that constrict the blood vessels and removes nasal congestion.

Recommended during the entire course of treatment to drink plenty of fluids, best diuretic. Prevention of the disease also includes drinking plenty of fluids. Therefore, the phlegm comes out faster, and the healing process is considerably accelerated. In addition to the drugs recommended to consume honey mixed with lemon juice. Even with treatment folk methods all recipes should only be used in agreement with the doctor.

Folk remedies

Treatment of acute bronchitis may combine the intake of drugs with folk recipes. The most common mixture involves the use of 15 g of aloe juice, 100 g of lard, 100 grams of pure honey and 100 g of butter. In order to enhance the taste, you can add cocoa. The finished product should be taken 2 times a day by the spoonful, washed down with hot milk.

narodnye sredstva dlya lecheniya ostrogo bronhitaNo less an effective remedy made from onion and honey. To do this, take 500 g onions, grind, mix it with 50 g of honey 400 g of sugar and a liter of water. The whole mixture is cooked for 3 hours on low heat. After it is cooled and strained, you can begin treatment. Was adopted on 6 times a day.

To cure acute bronchitis in adults, you need to boil 250 ml of milk and, while it is on the fire, add the chopped sage. Next, the broth is filtered and again put on fire. Used the tool before you go to bed.

Potatoes are a fairly common culture, which is used for the manufacture of many drugs. It can be boiled, crushed and cooked to the desired medium. The resulting mass is added 3 drops of iodine solution and about a tablespoon of sunflower oil. All thoroughly mixed and applied as a compress to the throat and chest. For best results it is recommended to put on top of something warming. Best suited wool scarf. Compress is recommended leave for the night.

Also, in order to get rid of acute bronchitis, you can make a poultice from bread dough. It mixing using homegrown yeast, wine, sunflower oil and vinegar. The prepared dough is put to the breast. To relieve the symptoms of the disease, quite a few sessions.

Preventive measures

First of all, to prevent disease, it is necessary to pay attention to the immune system.

If he's demoted, you need to pick it up. Besides, it is recommended to carry out hardening, but it should be done only under expert guidance.

Do not delay treatment of tonsillitis, sinusitis or rhinitis, if one of these diseases diagnosed. In addition, the rejection of bad habits, namely Smoking, will keep the lashes that will give the necessary protection easy. It is not recommended to prevent hypothermia of the body and inhalation of dust.

It is important to exclude from their midst the elements that can be responsible for irritation. Thus, when you perform any preventive measures, the risk of disease is minimal.