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Used as expectorants in bronchitis?

Expectorants bronchitis are an integral part of complex therapy used for the treatment of this disease. Without these means to cure the bronchitis is not possible. Expectoration means removing phlegm (mucus) accumulated in the bronchi due to an inflammatory process. During the disease, the mucus produced in the respiratory tract in greater quantities than usual, and excreted from the body along with a cough.

problema bronhita

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease characterized by lesions of the mucous membranes of the bronchi. Cough is the main symptom of the disease. In the acute phase it is mostly dry, then becomes wet with lots of phlegm. In the chronic form of the disease there is often an intense cough with phlegm yellow or greenish colour, sometimes containing pus. The excretion of phlegm from bronchi promotes more rapid cleansing of the mucous membranes from the inside, leads to normal breathing, reduces the intensity of cough. To mucus from the bronchi departed is lighter and faster are assigned expectorant drugs.

What should the expulsion of phlegm and how to do it right

In healthy bronchi mucus is always present in small quantities. Its function is to protect the respiratory organs from dust, harmful microorganisms and other unwanted substances. During the inflammatory process, mucus is produced more intensively in a few times, in addition, it becomes viscous, thick and almost can not be displayed independently.

The mucus excreted from the respiratory organs during the coughing. The cough reflexes and stimulate it popping bronchi.

In order to make the sputum easier departed, it is necessary to thin with the help of medicines.

mehanizm obstrukcii bronhovActivate the excretion of mucus can such methods:

  • warm and drink plenty of water (promotes the discharge of mucus);
  • humidification of the air (lack of humidity leads to the thickening and drying of sputum);
  • inhalations (to stimulate the self-cleansing of the bronchi, reduce inflammation);
  • welcome expectorants and mucolytic agents;
  • special exercises that promotes the removal of mucus.

Pay attention to the removal of sputum should immediately the appearance of productive cough, otherwise mucus may accumulate in very large numbers, it appears the admixture of pus, and this will lead to General intoxication.

The types of expectorants

All expectorants bronchitis are divided into two types: direct action and reflex. Drugs direct exposure to liquefy phlegm andat the same time affect the bronchial tubes, reducing inflammation. Such funds are available in the form of tablets, syrups, soluble powders (rest, ACC, Bromhexine).

ingalyaciya pri bronhiteMeans of a reflex action consist of natural ingredients capable of getting inside to cause the cough reflex. Getting into the stomach and esophagus, they irritate the mucous membrane and the epithelium of the bronchi, that causes cough and promotes the discharge of mucus. Are produced in the form of syrups, extracts and herbs (marshmallow root, licorice, plantain).

Also there are drugs combined effects. They have several actions: expectorant, mucolytic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. This means more powerful, as it immediately relieves inflammation, inhibits microbial flora, dilutes and removes phlegm. These remedies are used in the chronic form of the disease. They do have side effects, so take them only on prescription.

The most effective drugs

There are a number of drugs that have a more powerful therapeutic effect, and even have some contraindications. Faster and better excretion of sputum such funds:

priznaki bronhita

  1. ACC. Drug based on acetylsalicylic acid, has a strong thinning effect. Assigned in the acute period of the disease. Available in the form of a soluble powder. Has many contraindications: liver diseases and kidney, bronchial asthma, stomach ulcer, pregnancy, children's age. May cause such side effects as decreased blood pressure, bronchospasm, bleeding in the lungs, tachycardia, tinnitus, and headache.
  2. Bromhexine. Has a strong expectorant and mucolytic action, effectively reduces the viscosity of sputum. Appointed in the chronic form of the disease. Available in the form of syrup, is a separate syrup. Contraindicated in pregnancy, children under three years old, with ulcerative disease of the digestive system.
  3. Ambroxol. The drug is in the form of syrup, facilitates the detachment of mucus and reduces the intensity of cough. Prescribed for acute and chronic form of the disease. The remedy is contraindicated in pregnancy, can cause allergies.
  4. Mucosolvan. Considered the best treatment for cough as it is possible to apply to both adults and children in the form of inhalation. Has expectorant and thinning properties. Available in tablets and liquid for inhalation. Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, kidney disease.

Herbal and folk remedies

Using natural basis are not as fast assynthetic drugs, but they are completely harmless, they can be used during pregnancy and for treating children.

konsultaciya vracha pri bronhite

  1. The licorice root. The syrup has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties.
  2. Geelix. Herbal syrup based on the extract of ivy. Has a strong expectorant effect. For children comes in syrup form for adults drops.
  3. Marshmallow extract. Well stimulates coughing up, reduces sputum viscosity and facilitates its excretion. In addition, the plant contains many useful components that can be used for children up to two years.
  4. Doctor mom. The drug consisting of 11 herbs. Relieves swelling, reduces cough. Produced in the form of syrup and lozenges for sucking.
  5. The propolis. The best remedy for the treatment of many diseases. Is considered a natural antibiotic, exhibits good antimicrobial and expectorant properties. If not suitable alcoholate, you can simply chew a piece of propolis.
  6. Pine buds. To prepare the broth needed tablespoon of buds pour a glass of boiling water and insist 4 hours. Can be taken every two hours.
  7. Onions with honey. Big onion chop and add two spoons of honey. Infuse for two hours while let the juice out. To take before eating two teaspoons.

The accumulation of mucus leads to breathing problems and spread of bacteria inside the bronchi, which further exacerbates the bronchitis. Therefore, the excretion of phlegm is the main task in the treatment of disease.

Remedies for children

All parents need to know what drugs to thin the mucus children under two years of age, was not appointed. This is due to possible adverse events. If the child suffers from a strong cough, we recommend the use of expectorants on a natural basis, which are easy to prepare at home.

medikamentoznoe lechenie pri bronhiteUsually very young children are taking any syrup, even bitter, as not to distinguish the taste. But what to do with older children that are unpalatable medicine to take do not want? In this case, you can cook banana balm that well brings phlegm, has a shielding property, and also very tasty. For its preparation you will need two of fruit, two tablespoons of sugar and a glass of water. Peeled and chopped the bananas need to add water and sugar, and then the mixture bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Allow to cool to room temperature and taken after meals for several days.

Many children with pleasure drink raspberry tea and warm milk with butter and honey.Both tools are a good help to expectorate phlegm (recommended to take before bedtime). Since olden times people cough tincture from honey and black radish. By itself, this vegetable has quite a sharp taste, but with honey it is quite possible to give the child. For making money will need a black radish and honey. In washed and dry vegetable need to make a hole with a sharp knife and then pour one spoon of honey. After some time in the recess formed juice. This expectorant is recommended when a wet cough with lots of phlegm. Tincture should be taken 1-2 teaspoons.

Of pharmaceuticals for children is better to choose herbal syrups. They do not contain preservatives, coloring substances and alcohol. Many of them are very sweet and delicious, they are all made of herbs that not only stimulate the expectoration, but also increase the immunity of the child. Some drugs have a complex effect: at the same time contribute to sputum production and reduce inflammation in the glands of the bronchi.

Effective enough for the expectoration of sputum in children are considered to be inhalation. Such procedures do older children. Inhalation easy to make at home. The grass Linden, chamomile, licorice is filled with water and bring to a boil. Breathe over the steam for no more than ten minutes. Also in boiling water, you can put a few drops of drugstore tincture of eucalyptus. Inhalation with baking soda contribute to liquefaction of sputum, the steam from boiled potatoes clears the respiratory tract, reduces the intensity of cough. It is important to remember that any colds and inflammation of the body needs large amounts of vitamin C, and regular use is an excellent prevention of diseases.