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Signs and treatment of bronchitis

What is bronchitis, signs, treatment, the symptoms of this disease are the main topics of interest, any person who is faced with such a diagnosis. How to quickly alleviate the unpleasant symptoms? Is it dangerous? What are the complications? In order to answer these questions, you need to understand what this disease.

problema traheobronhita

Tracheobronchitis is inflammation that occur on the mucous membrane of the bronchi, bronchioles, trachea.

The main causes of disease

The main causes of bronchitis are viral respiratory infections, flu. If carried out the wrong treatment of these diseases or during its course weakens the immune system, inflammatory processes in the bronchi and trachea develop very quickly. In some cases, the cause of getting the allergen. Most often this is in patients who have diagnosed allergies. In rare cases, bronchitis develops as a distinct disease.

Given that the disease has several types, and course, treatment, the symptoms of bronchitis will differ from each other.

Allergic tracheobronchitis

The cause of development of this type are dust particles that enter the respiratory tract and mucous membrane of the throat. Basically it is the dust of a social nature. Activation of the inflammatory process may occur after abrupt hypothermia, stress.

konsultaciya vrachaSymptoms of allergic bronchitis include:

  1. At the initial stage the patient has a dry cough, which is accompanied by a slight discharge of mucus. If you do not begin to respond quickly to a cough, for a short period of time he develops into a productive, with discharge of mucus with pus.
  2. The cough is paroxysmal in character, worse at night and in the morning, some patients are coughing causes vomiting. By the way, the temperature in allergic tracheobronchitis rises slightly to 37.5 degrees. When the degeneration of the sputum and the appearance of pus the temperature can rise to 39 degrees.
  3. When listening to the chest of the patient clearly audible wheezing.
  4. Running form accompanied by shortness of breath, heavy breathing, pain in the chest.
  5. Patients on the doctor indicate General weakness, increased perspiration, rapid pulse.
  6. Due to the fact that the cough is constantly irritating the larynx, some patients indicate a hoarse voice.

In the treatment assigned to teas with honey and lemon, which help reduce mucus, inhalation onherbal, oxygen therapy, intravenous and intramuscular injections to improve blood circulation and respiration. Doctors strongly recommend to get rid of bad habits: Smoking and alcohol. To determine the atypical pathogens the type of Mycoplasma or chlamydia are conducting research sputum cultures on the microflora, are allergic tests. Basically it is recommended to undergo treatment in a hospital, as this form requires special attention from physicians.

progulki na svezhem vozduhe dlya profilaktiki zabolevaniyaThe treatment of the allergic form should begin with the diagnosis, only proper identification of the allergen enables you to assign the necessary medicines and to determine the tactics of treatment. First assigned to blood and sputum to determine their nature and modifications. For accurate diagnosis it is better to undergo an x-ray to rule out the occurrence of pneumonia, because many of the symptoms of these diseases are the same.

Some experts strongly recommend to laryngotracheotomy, where with the help of a special mirror examines the Airways and throat. As medical treatment are assigned to drugs that stop the action of the allergen as the cause of the disease. Expectorants are appointed for the removal of sputum. When the body temperature is normalized, appointed physiotherapy: diathermy, inhalation, massage. If the allergic bronchitis caused by tobacco smoke, adults are urged to quit Smoking.

Acute tracheobronchitis

In the acute form of the disease are recorded diffuse changes of mucosa of the trachea and bronchi. The main cause of the disease is a weakened immune system when the body completely loses its ability to resist and to resist respiratory diseases. Most often when the diagnosis and examination of the sputum, the blood, the causes are the bacteria Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, pneumococcus. Aggravating factors are: hypothermia, Smoking, alcohol, deformity of the chest and nasal cavity.

medikamentoznoe lechenieSymptoms of the acute form are:

  • strong, paroxysmal cough;
  • hard breathing, wheezing in the chest;
  • with minimal physical exertion patients complain of dyspnea;
  • severe pain in the muscles of the chest;
  • if the disease becomes severe, the sputum may be with pus;
  • body temperature rises to a high level, and keeps for several daysdifficult to capture.

Treatment of the acute form is with the use of antibacterial and antiviral therapy. Appointed mucolytic and expectorants, which helps to translate dry in wet cough and sputum output. Mandatory treatment includes restorative treatments: massage, hot compress, inhalation. If no temperature is recommended, Russian baths with aromatic oils.

Proved efficiency and methods of folk medicine. The conduct of inhalation plantain leaves, grass succession, mother and stepmother, marjoram, rosemary, lavender help to relieve inflammatory processes in the bronchi and trachea, to restore the normal functioning of these organs of the respiratory system.

In most cases, complications causes of acute form of the disease.

Chronic bronchitis

This form is typical for people that have solid experience of the smoker, or for employees of enterprises with strong chemical reagents. In most cases this disease occurs as an independent, and is accompanied by chronic diseases of the nose, kidneys, heart.

mozhzhevelnik dlya lecheniya zabolevaniyaSymptoms of chronic form are as follows:

  • strong, paroxysmal cough with purulent sputum;
  • chest pain that worsens during coughing;
  • body temperature is mostly normal, in rare cases can rise to 37.5 degrees.

If you do not start timely treatment, chronic tracheobronchitis in a short period of time develops into a form of chronic bronchitis. Also documented cases of complications in the chronic form and the emergence of diseases such as bronchopneumonia, bronhoektaza, the increase in size of the heart muscle and death from suffocation.

Folk remedy to tracheobronchitis

A good expectorant is a decoction of juniper white dead-nettle, red clover. One tablespoon of herb collection pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for hours. Take 3 times a day half a Cup. As a hot compress, you can use boiled potatoes. Enough to boil a few potatoes and them mash these by adding a few drops of sunflower oil. Warm tortillas put on the area of the trachea and bronchi for 1 hour.

Today there is no single vaccine that could protect against this complex and serious disease, so experts recommend preventive measures. It is necessary to conduct regular wet cleaning and airing the apartment, to use the minimum numberhousehold chemicals.

If a person smokes or consumes large amounts of alcohol, it is necessary to get rid of these bad habits. At the first symptoms of SARS, acute respiratory infections, flu, you must consult with your doctor about treatment and taking certain medications, as most cases of tracheobronchitis caused by improper or untimely treatment. Walks in the fresh air, a healthy and active lifestyle contribute to the formation of a strong immune system of the body. Remember! Any disease is easier to prevent than to deal with it and its consequences.