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Signs and treatment of bronchitis in children

Often in children of bronchitis occur on the background of complications of acute respiratory infections, flu or simple cold. This disease causes the majority of parents anxiety and worries. And no wonder, because bronchitis is a disease which, if incorrect, inappropriate approach in treatment can lead to pneumonia, even death. However, you should know that this disease is today very widespread among children of various ages and found quite a lot of cases when the bronchitis does not require any special treatment. Surprisingly, this fact.

problema bronhita u detej

Bronchitis - a disease that will not tolerate complacency, and "excessive treatment" here, too, should be careful. The first and most important, what should be done if it is detected that all the signs of bronchitis in child is to contact a knowledgeable, experienced and highly qualified doctor-pediatrician.

But in order for the parent not to make mistakes and not to take for bronchitis usual catarrhal disease should inform him about what it is, what are its initial symptoms and what to do for successful treatment.

Bronchitis is serious

Bronchitis is a disease which is very frequently encountered by young children. This phenomenon is due primarily to the fact that children's bodies are still not strong enough, and his immune system is not perfect and is very vulnerable to diseases of this kind. In this disease the mucous membrane of the lower respiratory tract is inflamed and this inflammation, in turn, is accompanied by phlegm or mucus.

obilnoe pite dlya lecheniya bronhitaMany experts note a number of factors that can easily cause bronchitis in children. This:

  • wet or very cold air;
  • not fully cured of the infection of the nasopharynx;
  • chronic disease of the nasal cavity;
  • impaired breathing through the nose;
  • passive Smoking.

There are two forms of course of bronchitis. This:

  • acute bronchitis;
  • chronic bronchitis.

Which form takes the baby can be determined only by the doctor.

The main causes of

priznaki bronhitaCauses of bronchitis in children several. We will review them all, but it is worth noting that the main cause of bronchitis is viral infection. The route of infection is quite simple: the virus enters the child's body through the nose and settles on the mucosa. Here he begins his active life, during which hedamages the bronchi. Thus creating the most favorable conditions for penetration of the virus into the body.

One of the most common causes of bronchitis is a bacterial infection. However, such infection is most likely to infect children under the age of one year old. Also at risk premature infants and children whose immune system is very weak. This type of bronchitis is a very serious disease, because it is a defeat not only of the bronchial mucosa, bacterial infection can "walk" and the deep tissues of the respiratory tract. And to get such infection in the organism of the child together with a foreign object. It is known that infants learn about the world by sample all on taste. They dragged in the mouth of any items, toys, trying to try, to bite. That way the bacteria found on them, enter the body of children.

Found bronchitis fungal nature, which also damaged deep tissues of the bronchi. Statistically, doctors are increasingly diagnosing bronchitis in children allergic nature. If the child is very sensitive to such substances as dust, pollen or other allergens, on the basis of an allergic reaction can occur and irritation of the bronchial mucosa. So there is a bronchitis.

shema bronhitaVery often the cause of bronchitis it may be so-called mixed cause, that is, in the respiratory system of a child organism can penetrate initial viral infection and then a bacterial. Precipitating factors in the emergence of such diseases as bronchitis may become chemical substances by breathing them in, for example, tobacco smoke, ammonia, chlorine fumes. For example, if the child has inhaled gasoline fumes, they can cause irritation of the bronchial mucosa, as a result, there bronchitis.

Speaking of symptoms, parents should be wary when the child begins a dry cough, especially if the cough of a child during the day. If the child begins to complain of pain in the chest, this symptom clearly indicates bronchitis.

Bronchitis and its symptoms

The most common mistake of parents is that for many of them cold their child is not a reason for concern. And they begin to find a way in "skarmlivanii my kid on pills, potions, and some stop at people's methods. Although all parents should be aware that often the initial symptoms of bronchitis are very similar to the beginning of the common cold. That is, the child first begins to cough, he has a runny nose. The child becomes very weak, andafter a while he rises and temperature. Few days, there is hoarseness, cough with discharge of sputum. Here parents should be especially wary, because the appearance of the sputum to determine the type of bronchitis. If sputum is transparent, this suggests that the child has acute bronchitis. If sputum purulent character, it indicates the presence of chronic bronchitis.

Special anxiety should be hit when the development of bronchitis is observed in infants. Bronchitis in infants can occur at age 2 to 6 months. The peak incidence in newborns is in the fall or spring. What is the main cause of the disease in these children? They are as follows:

  • if any of family members smoke in the presence of the child;
  • accommodation in poor sanitary and living conditions;
  • the transition from breastfeeding to artificial.

Children under one year of age urgently hospitalitynet in the case of very high temperature, and in that case, if he has difficulty breathing.

Treatment method

What you need to know parents whose children are sick? First, it should be recalled that bronchitis is a disease where self-treatment is eliminated. The success and effectiveness of the treatment depends on how timely the parents went to the hospital for help. Even if the treatment process is carried out at home, it is impossible to do without the attention and supervision of a physician.

All parents should remember that the main thing in the treatment of childhood bronchitis is providing the child fluids. Acute bronchitis are treated with traditional techniques, such as antipyretics. Another major and indispensable condition in the treatment is strict adherence to bed rest.

After the child's body temperature returned to normal, it is possible to apply mustard plasters, inhalations, rubbing in the chest area and warming foot baths. If right and true approach to the treatment of bronchitis, as a rule, the disease gets better in 2 weeks. If the disease was delayed and lasted for more than 2 weeks, it should be alerted.

Antibiotics should be taken strictly on prescription. Children under 2 years are strictly forbidden to give expectorants. A means "to cough", not recommended for children of this age for the reason that the baby the chest muscles are still very weak, so "cough up" the accumulated slime they are simply not capable of. And it may even happen the opposite effect, in other words, the mucus will stagnate in the lungs.

Bronchitis - a disease that requires optimal and adequate treatment, especially when ittalking about children's health.

If you start treatment, the acute form of bronchitis can easily develop into chronic and cause additional suffering and anguish for the baby.