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Characteristic symptoms and treatment of allergic pharyngitis

Allergic pharyngitis, symptoms, treatment of which is complex, rather unpleasant disease. The mouth is one of the most important organs in the respiratory system. It is a gateway, through which from outside the body enter various substances. Allergic pharyngitis as a consequence of the penetration of the allergen directly into the oral cavity.

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Allergic respiratory disease now widely prevalent and are often observed in medical practice. They arise due to the adverse effects of certain internal and external factors on the person.

Allergic pharyngitis: the reasons of development and symptoms

This disease is an inflammation of the mucous in the throat region. Occurs as an independent disease and as an incidental symptom of other allergic reactions of the mucous.

Allergic pharyngitis suffer equally adults and children. In children the disease is also due to a genetic predisposition.

Determining the causes of allergic pharyngitis. These include:

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  • unfavorable environmental conditions;
  • inhalation of harmful air;
  • the subjects of chemistry;
  • the use of specific drugs;
  • insect bites;
  • pet hair;
  • pollen;
  • mold, dust.

The disease can be also triggered by such reasons as the presence of rhinitis, sinusitis, inflammatory processes and diseases in other organs, weak immune system; poor blood circulation and metabolism, Smoking.

Distinctive signs of an allergic pharyngitis: sudden severe pain in the throat accompanied by dry cough. These symptoms are the result of significant swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx, of the tongue.

The patient feels sore, pain, especially after a night waking. The voice becomes hoarse, changing his tone, the nose is laid. This happens when you hit the irritating allergen in the throat.

In addition to these signs, the patient is troubled by the feeling of burning and intense heat in the throat, discomfort when swallowing, the feeling of presence in the throat of a foreign body, which wants to cough up. Occurrence of the disease usually occurs without fever.

Diagnosis and treatment of allergic pharyngitis

osmotr u vrachaTo establish a correct diagnosis it is necessary to passexamination by experts. The doctor makes the examination of the patient by the method of pharyngoscope with the help of special instruments and collects information from words of the patient. If necessary, you will need to take a blood test and analysis to identify the provoker of allergies.

The treatment of this disease is complex, combines the methods of traditional medicine and folk ways. Selected for each patient their individual approach and course of treatment all depends on the source and reasons for the outbreak of allergies.

The main goal of therapy: cleansing of the body, getting rid of the reasons that provoked to increased Allergy attacks. In addition, treatment aimed at the reduction or complete disappearance of heightened sensitivity of the organism to the pathogen.

Drug treatment of the disease involves antibiotics. They allow you to quickly and successfully get rid of allergies. In medical practice normally apply antibiotics several cephalosporins, macrolides, and Amoxicillin, Bitsillin.

Perhaps the use of antihistamines, which allows to remove puffiness and irritation in the mucous areas. Shown to use use of chelators.

Greater are the benefits of so-called herbal medicine. With its help the body is anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. The use of herbal medicine has no side effects and does not affect other organs.

To herbal medicine include:

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  1. Collection of herbs-mint, St. John's wort, raspberry for internal use.
  2. Inhalation of the components of herbs: calendula, eucalyptus, chamomile, sage. This collection also can gargle.
  3. Inhalation from the cones of pine and hops.
  4. Inhalation and gargling of the tincture of propolis.
  5. A decoction of oak bark, viburnum, willow.
  6. A decoction of lemon balm, birch leaves.
  7. Blackberries, blueberries.

Be sure to rinse the throat in order to cleanse the throat from allergic of irritating plaque. As a gargle, in addition to the herbs, use the usual solution of baking soda. Some patients helps rinse warm milk.

Regardless of the source of allergies, in the treatment of pharyngitis need to strictly adhere to a certain diet, a special diet. It depends on the success and quality of treatment.

polza pravilnogo pitaniya pri farigiteAll food taken should be warm, soft, gentle, not aggravating the already sore throat. Diet strictly excludes the use of the following products: mushroomssmoked, canned, spicy, salty, acidic food, dairy and marine products, cereals, chocolate, red fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, honey, eggs, and beans.

You should try to drink during the day as much liquid as possible. It very efficiently flushes the body of harmful toxins and promotes General cleansing.

In any case it is impossible to take alcoholic drinks and Smoking. In the living room, where the patient, it is desirable to maintain a constant temperature, to provide a clean moist air.

Complication of allergic pharyngitis

Huge and crucial role in the treatment of diseases have a quickness and efficiency. Otherwise there is a risk of developing various complications of allergies.

If you postpone visit to the doctor, not to take any therapeutic measures allergic pharyngitis begins to exert stress on the heart.

Subsequently increase, and sore lymph nodes, allergies descends into the respiratory organs. Abscesses develop. The further development and spread of the disease provokes inflammation of the kidneys. May cause rheumatic fever which affects the heart and joints.

Prevention of the disease

To prevent the development of allergic pharyngitis, it is necessary to observe certain precautions:

  1. Promptly treat any disease of the respiratory organs, especially runny nose or rhinitis.
  2. You need to be able or to learn how to breathe only a nose.
  3. You need to temper your body.
  4. You need to properly and in a balanced way to eat.
  5. It is necessary to abandon bad habits, first of all it concerns Smoking.
  6. Need to strengthen the body's immunity, improve its protective function.

Allergic pharyngitis - not just a disease that causes discomfort. It is dangerous for its complications. Therefore, early treatment is a must.